Dropbox Issue

About:   Having issues with Dropbox links. Will be addressing this tonight and tomorrow to see what the issue is.

Back from Europe

About: For the past three weeks I have been traveling around Europe for work. I was in Czech Republic, Poland and Germany during this time. I took time away to enjoy my time in Europe. I will be getting back to emails and comments this weekend. Additionally we are still looking for some volunteers to […]

MacOS 10.13

About:   Yesterday Apple announced and released a BETA for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. We will be updating the Install DMG with a USB creation script for those who wish to test the new OS however we will not be providing support when doing so. We will however assist with Post Installation issues as needed. In regards […]

Rampage Dev Forum

About:   We have created a sub-forum on OSXLatitude. There you can post any issues and or corrections that should be addressed on the various DMG’s here on Rampage Dev. You can find the sub-fourm here. Looking forward to capturing more issues and solutions together! Rampage Dev Team

Intel x299

About:   As many of you have seen and read Intel will be releasing a new enthusiast grade socket and chipset later this year. At Computex several Motherboards are being shown which gives us a small glimpse into what Motherboard options we will have. For those like myself who have been using LGA 2011/x79 based systems for […]

Read Me Release Notes Updates

About:  Every month we will be posting the changes made to boot the Install DMG and the Post Install DMG Read Me files. This will allow users to be aware of minor changes that we may not always post about. Install DMG Release Notes: Change Date Description 1 04/02/17 Install Guide Updated 2 04/02/17 Install […]

Install and Post Install DMG’s Read Me Feedback

About:   Now that the new Install and Post Install DMG’s Read Me and structure has been out we would like to reach out for some feedback on how everyone is liking the changes and what improvements can still be made. That said please let us know what else you would like to see in […]


About:   Apple has released macOS 10.12.5 and can be downloaded here. There are no known issues at this time. Please repatch Audio after updating as well as install any AICPM.kexts that you may be using for Power Management (x79 and Dual CPU users). Last I am back after taking care of a few things […]

Reddit Troll

About:   Apparently someone is Trolling as me on Reddit. As much as I appreciate the sentiment I ask for who ever is doing this to stop and deactivate your account. I am not a member of Reddit but due to this will be creating a account so people know if it is me or […]


About: Thank you everyone for your testing and feedback in regards to our 1151 DMG, new DMG Read Me and Installation Guide. We want to prefect everything that we do so please continue to provide feedback​ and recommendations. And always remember this is not our job, we do this for fun and to help others […]