Today we are releasing a LGA 1151 DMG that fully supports Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors. Additionally we will be updating the Installation DMG to reflect this change in support. For the time being we have only generic SSDT’s on the DMG but wish to work with users in adding custom SSDT’s for all motherboards.

Furthermore we also have simplified the Installation Guide here on the site. You can review these changes here.

12 Comments on "1151 DMG Released"

  1. Amazing guide!
    Strong instalations return.

  2. found it =)

  3. Maximus Hero VIII
    i7 6700K @45 1.27v
    Sapphire AMD 280X
    32GB RAM xmp 3200Mhz

    Works perfect with the guide on Sierra 10.12.3
    Some obervations:
    – In each step you have to allow apps in System Preference, Security and Privacy (not in the guide).
    – Audio Patch only works applied in the second boot. Not the first where terminal indicates an error. So, you have to reboot and mount Efi again when Config.sys es read it.
    – SSD disk needs sudo trimforce enable on terminal. I did it in the end of the instalation and second boot.
    – Sleep not work: black screen on AMD. I set in System Preferences, Energy Saver, Prevent Computer from sleeping.
    – USB 3 front works (incredible!)
    – I tested Cinebench and temps ok (scoring: 142 fps GPU – 996 CPU)
    – I tested Final Cut X – 1 hour project – 3 TB. Works amaizing.

    Questions Andrew:
    – should I apple Smbios 17.1 for better speedstep?
    – not tested updates yet. I think I should reapply kext from guide?

    Great job master!

  4. Perfect Andrew.
    I think if someone follow exactly the guide, it´s a susessfull installation.

    Now we need someone with Nvidia!


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