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  1. i want to dump my VBios ROM, for AMD Radeon HD 7650M !

  2. Hi, thanks for your amazing site. First, i’m as nooby as you can get in hackintoshing. I’ve been trying to succeed in installing Yosemite 10.10.2 in my pc (intel 4790k + GTx 970 + Ga z97x ud5h) strictely following your guide. Could you explain a little bit more how to input the boot flags. My problem is that I’m seeing the progress bar when i first boot from the USB, and then the process stops and then reboots into clover. Reading the comments i suppose the problem is: not setting the boot flags you recommend, but i don’t know how. Thanks in advance for your support.

    • In the Clover menu you will find boot args. Look around Clover and learn all the options in the menu.

    • I had trouble with this too. When you have the Clover boot screen with the drives all lined up.If you right click the drive you want to boot from, you will get to a new screen, find the line where it says “kext dev mode=1”, click there and you will be able to add more manually.

    • You can also edit line 118 (or thereabouts, depending on your system) of the config.plist file on the EFI partition located in the EFI>CLOVER folder. This will relieve you of the hassle of editing the flags or Clover Options every time you (re-)boot. Launch Terminal (in Applications>Utilities) and find the disk that has the EFI partition you are booting from (it should be the same as the main boot volume) by typing “diskutil list”. The EFI partition should be /dev/disk_s1, where the underscore is the MacOSX-assigned disk number for your main boot volume (find the name in the diskutil list). The EFI partition is typically the first disk or ‘0’ (zero), if you have just one main drive. Mount the partition by typing “diskutil mount /dev/disk_s1” in Terminal. Once the EFI partition is mounted on the desktop (make sure you changed the Finder General preferences to show “Hard disks” under the General tab), navigate to the config.plist file and open it in TextEdit (or BBedit, TextWrangler (free), or SublimeText (still the best)). If you double left-click it, it will probably open in TextEdit unless you have another app set to open .plist files or text files). Locate line 118 (TextEdit doesn’t number lines like the others, so you can do a ‘find’ on ‘kext-dev-mode’ to locate it quickly), and add the extra boot flag(s) between the xml tags, being careful to leave spaces between all the different flags. So to force verbose mode, you would add ” -v” after the last flag but before the closing ‘’, for example. When finished editing, save (make sure you tell TextEdit not to add a “.txt” suffix and leave it as “.plist” (you can change this in TextEdit’s preferences, btw). Word to the wise: don’t mess with the rest of the config.plist unless you are very sure you know what you are doing. You do not need to be admin or root to do this, so no “sudo” command required. Also, after you are finished, unmount the EFI partition to avoid mishaps by dragging it to the trash, or right-clicking and ejecting from Finder, or hitting the “eject button” next to the EFI icon if in column display, or simply type “diskutil unmount /dev/disk_s1” in Terminal.

      Andrew explains much of this in the Install OS X tutorial (i.e., mounting the EFI partition if it doesn’t mount during the install process). However, the config.plist installed as part of the default process does not have the “-v” verbose mode flag set by default, for example.

      • Bah, humbug.

        I had included the actual tags you will see on line 118:
        (less-than)string(greater-than) and
        but they were stripped out. If you see something missing from my post above or single quotes with nothing in between, that’s what is missing.

      • Also, you should duplicate the original config.plist and keep one copy in place as an original backup before editing. Always a good practice when editing any system or boot files, in case you weren’t aware of this already.

  3. Thanxx andrew for that amazing website.
    It’s so helpful !

    what about the tutorial videos announced for January ?


  4. Not sure if this was special to my case or not but it did take the entire weekend to troubleshoot and get a fully functional post install. Maybe include a troubleshooting section in your guide. You do mention already any issues with booting nvidia to use the flag nv_disable=1, but that was not enough in my case with your newest DSDT v1.2. I had to remove the hardware and use the internal Intel graphics card to do the rest of the post installation then re-insert the nvidia card.

  5. Is there a guide on how to insert the ACPI source into the ssdt for our discreet graphics card in my case GTX 770? Does this information come from both the DSDT and Ioreg? As an example, my laptop has the GTX 770m and I see a section in my ssdt for this graphics card and an EFI string injected into the device section of clover. This EFI string serves to enable both the HDMI underscan slider bar in System Preferences Display and to get the Apple logo animation during boot. The developer who shared this information said that the underscan property could not be inserted into the ssdt. Thanks


  6. ASUS X99 Deluxe/latest BIOS/5960X/GTX Titan Black

    Could you do a walkthrough on getting the ASUS TB EX II card working with Mavericks & Yosemite on this board? (or any ASUS X99).

    Additionally, have you gotten TB RAID arrays to be detected?

  7. Finally made it!! I have a functional system with all its parts recognized. Thanks to you and the helpful comunity that is building up round this site.
    Right now i’m trying to find out how to improve my display resolution. Its full optimised when Yosemite loaded up completely, but during the load up and clover interface it`s very low. I don’t know if thats a normal behavior. So if you find the time it’ll be amazing to clarify that kind of things in your graphic guide. Thanks again and donation coming.

  8. Hello. I have a problem with two completely identical systems.

    They’re a core i7 950, Asus p6x58d-e, 6gb ram and a gtx 550ti 1.5gb.

    They are both running osx, and they have the exact same config as they’re cloned. Here’s the problem. One of them is running 10.10.2 beautifully using the dreaded Fermi freezefix workaround. No crashes no problems.

    One of them is stuck on 10.10 because if I update to 10.10.2 I start getting windowserver crashes. And getting the dreaded 0xd graphics engine error in the console logs. The thing is, I’m 100% certain is not the GPU that has the problem because I’ve tried swapping the GPUs and doing benchmarks and what not, but it keeps on crashing on one of the systems. Both are on the same revision of the BIOS. Both systems are 100% identical.

    I’d appreciate it if you could help me with this one since these systems are used in an office environment and they’re a very big headache to me.

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. Hi Andrew,
    Is 10.10.2 install-able for X99 users with GTX 9xx using the installation guide?

  10. Motherboard GA-x58a-ud3r
    BIOS Version2.0
    CPU i970
    GPU nvidia quadro k5000

    Upgrading from 10.9.2 to Yosemite.
    which dmg do you suggest?

  11. Hey Andrew, I’m interested in compiling SSDTs by myself in order to replace dsdt.aml. Would you point me in some direction in order to learn how to?

  12. Hey Andrew, thanks again for your work. I’m running the RIVB on bios 0801 with a 4930k and a gtx 770.
    As discussed earlier, all is running perfectly. The only issue I have found (which may be a Yosemite issue) is that while running dual/triple monitors, the login stays in mirrored mode at the lowest resolution specified by the lowest res’d monitor. It then double cursors once logged in. One cursor only will change if hovered over links etc. The other trails behind as an arrow.
    I can bypass this by either leaving all monitors except primary off until logged on, or booting into my cloned drive (which is not an ssd) which I back up each fresh install. If I format and reclone the issue still persists (which makes me think it’s a timing issue regarding initialising the monitors upon system start)
    I’d love to know your thoughts (as I find it very bizarre!)

    Secondly, just wondering how you went with the IRQ conflict fixes in the SSDT? 🙂 Love to get rid of this dsdt!

    Thanks again for your work – you own the community!

    • Might Need the Primary Display Edit added to the SSDT.

      Just got my board back from RMA. Audio lasted 36 hours and died again… trying to get Asus to deal with this… so I have not had any time at all to try the Edits. And honestly there is nothing wrong with using the IRQ patched DSDT since we will most likey never see another BIOS update.

      • Good point, I’ll try put something together over the weekend. It’s pretty strange, if I enable root access and login with root – every reboot it stays correct at login and no mouse doubling.

        That’s not great with the audio, hopefully Asus sort it out. I hear their Customer Service isn’t great either, though (luckily) I haven’t had an issue yet.

        I think you’re right, 0801 will be the last bios update. If I get time, I’ll port over the fix to SSDT, otherwise the dsdt is working fine at the moment.

        Good luck with Asus mate!

        • Hey Andrew,

          Hope you went alright with Asus, and got the board RMA’d.

          Just a quick question. (with a long and convoluted reason, aha)

          I was going to install my old gtx 570 as a secondary card, along side my Gtx 770 primary card, allowing 2 ports on one card – 1 on the other.

          Looking to put together the SSDT edit this weekend. As one requires Nvidia = True and the other Nvidia = False for full acceleration, will this work?

          Let me know if you need more info – this has came up because of the Yosemite mirrored login/mission control spaces fiasco!

          Thanks again!

        • You Need injection for the 570 in the SSDT to make both of them work at the same time.

  13. [watchdog_daemon] @( wd_watchdog_open) – IOIteratorNext failed (kr=0)

    What do you think causes this? I saw this first when playing with 10.10. No such error on 10.9. Am running on R4E / 4930k / Clover. I read this was caused by older FakeSMC, but tried several versions, message still persists. Any ideas?

    • Any ideas? I examined this further and when running my test installation for a while, I also see more watchdog messages down the line, this time indicating that it is actually working:

      12.02.15 14:42:43,931 watchdogd[272]: [watchdog_daemon] @( wd_daemon_thread) – events buffer: 13r1993 2161s1993 (and more)

      So maybe this is only a cosmetic issue? Maybe the watchdog just starts a little bit late, and therefore the messages?

  14. Did someone got a GA-X99-UD4 build with one ore two 970 GTX to run ? I could not boot up the system with the clover guide. Same same issue on GA-X99-Gaming 5.

    Intel Core i7 6-Core 5820k w/Hyperthreading (Haswell-E)
    Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 (F11 Bios)
    32GB Crucial DDR4 RAM
    2x GTX 970 Gigabyte WindForce Cards
    Corsair 750 Case
    Corsair H105 Cooler
    Toshiba 256GB SSD
    LG Blueray

    • Will not work. See x99 DMG Page for more info.

      • You write……….. “…The Clover Config.Plist and Kext on the x99 DMG Must be used to be able to Boot the Mac OS X Installer….” In your list with supported boards i found also the Gigabyte boards that i own:

        GA-X99-Gaming 5

        So you mean this part:
        Section 4: Known Issues
        1. Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 will not boot Mac OS X using Dual Graphics Cards using Clover under Mac OS X…..
        Is this correct?

  15. Any response to the Thunderbolt 2 question for X99? Specifically Thunderbolt RAID.

  16. Hi RampageDev!

    I had successfully installed Yosemite with clover on a Pentium G3258 system.
    When I updated to 10.10.2, I forgot to change to boot argument to nv_disable=1,
    and when I boot, I get this:

    GeForceSensors (pci2): [Fatal] unknown chipset, 0x124020a1

    Any Ideas??

    System Specs:
    Zotac GTX 970 AMP Omega
    Intel Pentium G3258
    ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1
    Apple Wifi Card
    16GB Kingston Hyperx Beast
    Crucial 960GB SSD
    760 Watt PSU

  17. Hi Andrew,

    Any news on the X99-e ws?

    Thanks a lot,

  18. Hello Andrew. In December I had a problem in that the GPU does not rise in High Power State. That is why I could not get a good graphic and a good FPS. You said it would be updating the post on issue of AGPM.kext. Can you tell me if you still have interest in it updated or abandoned the project?

    Rampage IV Extreme
    Bios 4901
    Intel i7 3930K stock
    Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCU II Top

    Thanks for help! You a good man.

    • Very low on the to do list. Still have not had time to test with AMD GPUS.

      • Andrew, how are you?
        I spent a few days trying to solve the problem that the GPU does not load in full force, but I not get any results. I do not know what I can do. Do you have any tips that I can take to address this problem?

  19. Hi, while not a Hackintosh user in the traditional sense, I have plucked valuable snippets of information from your website in recent years because of my condition – my inability to not tinker with and modify my Macs all the time. So thank you for providing a valuable resource.
    I have a question regarding bootloaders and extras. I would like to use hex-core Westmere Xeons in a 2009 Xserve, as is possible in 2009 Mac Pros that have had their firmware updated to the 2010 MacPro5,1. Modifying the fd file inside the Xserve EFI update with the newer microcode I was able to extract from the Mac Pro breaks the installer, so I was wondering if it was possible to load updated Intel microcode with Clover to enable the newer CPUs, or would the boot process be stalled already by the time Clover is loading extras?

  20. I have a RIVE 3930k, 64gb ram and MSI 780ti. I have everything working so far, but shortly after logging in the fan on the graphics card ramps up to what seems like max and stays there. Things seem to work fine aside from this.

    Is there any sort of a fix for this behavior?

  21. Is there anyway to install Realtek ALC887 v100302 audio kext on clover? I use a Asus z97m-plus and can’t get sound on clover with toleda’s scripts from github.

  22. Hey Andrew, thanks alot for these guides and the work you guys do here. I only had experience with “other broken install method” (RD) before but found this site when trying to get my head around Clover and more modern approaches.

    I managed to get my new Hackintosh running yesterday by following the guide, with a GA-z97X-Gaming 5 (bios v5), 4790K and Asus GTX970. Only issue now is getting sleep to work, but there seems to be a power management guide in the works?

    Also, I wanted to support by making a donation, but the link on the DMG points to the old wordpress blog. Is that a problem?

    • Sleep and Powermanagement are unrelated in your case.

      In the SSDT everything that can be done for Sleep is already added. What happens when you put the System to sleep?

      You can use the same link from the old site or the one here in the menu. Thank you.

      • Donation sent!
        When I put the system to sleep from the menu the screen goes black, the fans spin down and the system sleeps. Then it instantly awakes again, but the screen stays black. Hitting the mouse or keyboard lights up the screen again.

        However, if I leave the machine for a while so that it sleeps by itself, everything works as expected.

  23. Hey Andrew,

    I set up a X99 workstation and everything works great besides that I sometimes get kernel cache errors during bootup which result in a halt of the boot process.

    It starts with OsxAptioFixDrv overriding the normal boot.efi, but then allocates an error:

    Error allocating 0x3374 pages at …. alloc type 2
    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)
    Boot failed,….


    Error allocating….
    Couldn’t allocate runtime area
    Boot failed,….

    Sometimes the system boots, sometimes it doesn’t.

    I tried various slide=x boot args, but that didn’t help.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help, and all the help you already gave with your guides!

    cheers, Ben

  24. Hi Andrew.

    My system specs:
    Asus P9X79 WS
    Xeon E5-1650
    GTX 980
    Highpoint RR 2720SGL
    10.10.1 / Clover / your post install X79 DMG

    I got a RAID5 data drive on the Highpoint controller running. It is working, but is shown as external drive (you can eject it).
    I want it to show as internal and found an older post about this issue: https://hackintoshhardware.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/rocketraid-2720sgl/

    Is there a current method to solve it?


    • My old post…

      Diffrent since then.

      • Alright and thanks – it’s just working…

        One more question:
        the OpenGL performance of my GTX980 seems a bit low.
        With Cinebench R15 I only get about 45fps, while on my Macbook Retina 2012 (GTX 650m) I get about 60fps.
        I’m using Clover boot loader injection with the latest web drivers.
        Any idea about that?
        Are there any performance advantages when using SSDT injection?

        • Please use the set Guidelines for your GPU model as listed on the Nvidia Support page found here on RampageDev. Do not enable any injection in the Clover menu or config list. Please disable VSync before doing any Benchmarks if you wish to get real/usefull data else the data will not be correct.

          SSDT injection is for HDMI Audio and has nothing to do with GPU function for your GPU model

          That should address your questions.

  25. I have an asus laptop with model: asus a42jc
    The cpu is i5-520m and the graphics: intel hd + gtx 310m
    I’d like to ask if the laptop is able to install os x on and if can, which version would be most suitable?

  26. My hackintosh currently runs normally
    But when I plug in a HDD to the system, it shows no partition of the drive and keeps asking me to format the drive due to no ESP.
    The HDD is ntfs formatted and I was using it with windows, so how can I resolve this without having to delete all the data from my HDD?

    • There must be something wrong with the Drive if the drive is not mounting. If the Drive was part of a RAID or Software RAID in Windows that would cause this issue. Back up the Date onto another drive and Format the Drive properly.

      • Do u have any kext so i can use my PS2 keyboard on this mobo?
        Asrock x79 extreme4
        Bios: newest (3.70)

        • See generic kexts for install. PS2 Drivers can be found here. Make sure to only install the PS2 Drivers. May or may not work depending on your boards open IRQ’s under Mac OS X.

        • Had no luck installing the generic kext, the keyboard still doesnt response.
          It’s a hp medion id:5207 btw

  27. Any news on the sound card project?

  28. Hi Andrew,
    a little confused. After downloading the Mavericks 10.9 dmg osx. u move on to creating a boot disk utility to install clover….on USB… what do u do with the OSX dmg? do u copy it to the Boot USB drive? how does clover see the Mavericks DMG to install the actual OS? sorry for the beginner question.

    Also, i intend to install Mavericks 10.9 on my X99 Deluxe. will that work? for your installing MAC osx section, before u get into steps, a nice overview of the big picture paragraph will be nice, grouping the various steps to build an overview picture. For example in the guide im lost as to what to do with the initial Mavericks osc dmg that i downloaded in step 1

  29. Hi Andrew,
    My hdmi audio stopped working today and I had no idea why
    It worked yesterday @@
    It’s plugged in my nvidia gtx 770
    And when I go check the nvidia preference panel, It says ECC not supported on this sony Tv
    I don’t know if that’s the reason
    Plz help me

  30. Andrew – I am just about ready to “build” the Z97 hackinosh.I would like to ask you advise of these issues:
    I am planning to use a 3TB hard drive with 4 partitions to load 3 different MacOS operating systems. I also am planning on using a Samsung EVO 500 SSD drive and making this a Fusion setup.
    My system consists of a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH motherboard, (not sure of the BIOS yet) an Intel 4790K CPU, an EVGA Invidia GTX-760,
    I understand that you also have a unit with the same motherboard.
    I understand that I must build the USB according to your instructions and use the Haswell DMG files you provide and would like to know if I have miscalculated anything with this plan.
    Thank You

    • I do not support multi boot HDD nor do I ever recomend doing so. When one goes wrong they can all go wrong. Also you can not do fusion if you want to have muti OS Versions. It will not be on the SSD. Only one system (the first one installed) the rest will be on the HDD.

      Buy 3 SSD’s.

      BIOS version does not matter. Non issue.

  31. Andrew – My thoughts about the multi boot are, if there are recovery partitions on each of the three OS’s. then I would be able to rebuild that OS. If the disk fails, then It’s time to rebuild everything with a copy from Carbon Copy cloner.
    And about the SSD for Fusion drive – can I not partition the SSD and assign a portion of it to each partition of that disk drive.
    Since I am rebuilding my Apple G5 into a PC, I am limited to two disk drives and one SSD disk. Just trying to work around those limitations.

  32. GA-Z77X-UP5 TH / bios 12 / i7 3770K / Nvidia Titan

    10.8.5 – I switched to Clover and my Thunderbolt ports have stopped working. Previously they worked, using an Areca Arc-8050 raid and a Blackmagic Ultrastudio video interface. Is this a DSDT issue and if so can you help me modify it? I am not familiar with DSDT editing as Chameleon was DSDT-free for this motherboard. I can send an ioreg output or an extracted dsdt if it helps.

  33. Hey Andrew,

    One simple question, just for understanding:

    When using clover:
    Does it make a difference, if I put a kext in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 or install it in S/L/E ?
    Or does it just not matter?


  34. Ga-z97x-ud5h-bk / 4790K / GTX 970 / Yosemite 10.10.2
    Hi RampageDev, I followed strictly your installation guide and my Hackintosh is running find, i´would say perfect but I´m having an issues:
    When I leave it sleeping for a few hours it goes to a hibernate mode and doesn’t wake up. It just goes black and i have to shut it off. Is there something that I can do to fix it? Sleep mode works perfect if I don’t let it go for too long.
    Another question:
    Could you explain a method to update Clover, that is supported from you? I don’t want to mess the original install that I made following your method.

    • I do not support sleep.

      You are on the latest OS version so updating to 10.11 will be months away. No need to talk about that now.

    • I don’t support sleep. As I have said count less times, the code is in the Ssdt to make it work. If it works it works if not nothing can be done.

      • Thanks for your reply. As for the update, I was referring to Clover boot loader not Mac OS X.
        Any way, I just read your clover boot loader guide so that´s my answer… thanks for your amazing site!

  35. Hey Andrew i would like to ask which board do you recommend for my next haswell build the Gigabyte GA-Z97X SLI or MSI Z97 gaming 3, my only concern is the LAN chip on MSI the killer 2205 i saw the Kext in the dmg but do they work stable, I’ve also heard that people have trouble disabling iGPU on MSI, and how difficult or not is the AMD hd6870 with Yosemite is it same deal as it was with Mavericks were kext had to be deleted from the instal usb in order to boot or not?

  36. Any advice about Security Update 2015-002 released today?

    It broke my 10.10.2 install – now the native OS X graphics drivers don’t work, and the latest nVidia web drivers are no longer “compatible with this OS.”

    Of course, I cloned before updating so I can go back to previous. Still, it would be nice to install the FREAK patch on Safari and update the CLTs.

    P9X79 Pro
    GTX 970

  37. In OS X 10.9.5 (13f34) after Security Update 2015-002 (becomes 10.9.5 13f1066!) nvidia web driver doesn’t work, only working OS X default graphics driver without openCL support, CUDA working ok… any suggestion? I think we have to wait for new release nvidia web drivers?

    i7 4930k
    GTX 780
    OS X 10.9.5

    • No known issues here.

      Reinstall the Retail Drivers.

      • Unable to reinstall retail driver (343.02.02f01 downloaded 31 Jan 15):

        “Mac OS X version is not compatible
        Mac OS X version 10.10.2 (14C1510) is not supported with this package. Please see NVIDIA’s website for further driver information.”

        FYI, the link for 10.10.2 on the Nvidia Graphics Guide page, Section 2, for 10.10.2 V3 links to the Nvidia drivers download site, which displays the following error:
        “System Message
        Please try again at a later time. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

        I could go back to the 10.10.2 V2 driver (343.02.02b04) but haven’t tried, as it seems just as undesirable as the alternate method below.

        I tried ntpeeter’s suggestion, editing the info.plist in Contents of NVDAStartup.kext in SLE, but since I have 10.10.2, I changed the key-value pair for NVDARequiredOS from 14C109 to 14C1510 and rebuilt the kext cache. all works now as before.

        However, I do agree with your point about this method – it is a “hack” and is not the way the system is designed to work. But until new retail drivers are published or there is another solution, the choice is either (1) not install the security update, or (2) use the hack, unless you have another solution. Besides. when new retail drivers are released, installing them should update/overwrite the NVDAStartup.kext, and all should return to normal.


  38. Problem solved, I found the solution on the web:
    “…You need to edit the info.plist in NVDAStartup.kext (S/L/E)…
    13F1066 ,
    Then save the kext and reinstall using kext helper or similar and reboot…”

    The problem appeared with “Security Update 2015-002”, which OSX 10.9.5 “update” from version 13f34 to version 13f1066! 😐

    Now the system is working ok …

    • Not all Versions of the Driver needed that to work hence why some People see this issue.

      • This is problem for people working on applications accelerated by opencl or cuda on nvidia cards… you right, not for all it’s problem 🙂 but it is bug in system update.

        • This is not a bug with the System update at all nor is this even Close to being a bug. Some Versions of the Nvidia Retail Driver has a caller for the OS Version to allow the Driver(s) to load. Change in System Build ID of the build will make the Driver(s) not load as the design of the Driver(s) intended. So stop calling this a bug. This is a non issue.

  39. nVidia just released a new driver package (343.02.02f03) that overwrites the NVDAStartup.kext and inserts the correct value for OS X 10.10.2 with Security Update 2015-002 (14C1510) into the info.plist (that is the ONLY change for this kext), so this should no longer be an issue. If you have the retail driver package installed, the driver manager should already have notified you of the update. You can also download from here:


  40. Hi

    The iMessage isn’t work anymore for me. I don’t know it’s just for me or for the others too.
    Have you some solution in your pocket?
    I became this message: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/150312/Untitled_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg
    Of course I have use your guide…your config.plist, SSDT etc.

  41. Andrew – I am assuming that the Fusion drive needs to be formatted before loading the MAC OS onto the SSD. That means I need to get my Mavericks Clover bootable drive fixed. After we last met online the last config.plist has caused my Mavericks to be very unstable.

  42. Sorry I forgot the specifics. Old system= EX58-ud5 with Geforce 9800 GTX+ video and i7-920 CPU

    New system is Z97X-UD7 TH with Geforce GTX-760 and i7-4790K CPU. This one has the SSD for making a Fusion drive.


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