New Year and New Goal

About:   I would like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Years. This past year has been very busy and difficult for myself and I have not have much time to work on the site let alone major developments.  Next year, for now, looks like my life will return to a normal schedule. For all of […]

December: Q & A SESSION

About:   The past few months have been very busy for myself and have fallen behind on a few things here on the site. This is not my full time job nor do I put this before my job and personal life so please keep this in mind as that would be appreciated. If there […]

Installation and MacOS 10.12 Road Map

About:   Hope everyone has had a great summer leading up to Apples new MacOS 10.12. Today we have released the Clover USB installation script. The following is the plan for the weekend: Complete Legacy Clover Guide. Clean up guides as needed for MacOS 10.12. Update Clover Screen Shots on the guides as well as […]

MacOS 10.12 Released

About:   Today Apple has released MacOS 10.12. At this time there are some open issues regarding USB 3.0 Support and some minor networking issues. We will be releasing updates throughout the site this weekend once these mirror issues are resolved. As for direct upgrade using Clover we recommend installing Clover to a USB and […]

Mac OS X 10.12 Trouble Shooting Sessions

About:   As stated in the September Q & A we will be hosting two events to go over Mac OS X 10.12 issues as well as any other open issue with our DMG and Guides. We will help with both group and individual issues. They will be held on Skype on the following dates […]

September: Q & A SESSION

About:   Mac OS X 10.12 is almost upon us. We will be setting aside 2 date and times to have a group session so we can work on any open issues that people may be experiencing under Mac OS X 10.12 GM. You must install GM on your own as we will only be […]

Dual CPU DMG Release

About:   Today we are releasing the Dual CPU DMG. I wish to thank all of who donated towards this project. For those wonder which generation this DMG supports that would be C602, C604 and C606 Chipsets. This does not support the latest Gen from Intel for the time being. So what should you know […]


About: If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see. I have been very busy with my current day job and have had to neglect responding to E-mails and Comments alike. I will be […]

Mac OS X 10.11.5 Released

About: Today Apple has released Mac OS X 10.11.5. There is no know issues under this update for Hackintoshes. The update can be downloaded here. X79 users will have to install the patched AICPM.Kext found on the x79 DMG (As needed) and patch AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.Kext (under Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6 set Config1 to None). Boot with: nv_disable=1 to boot into the system […]