The past few months have been very busy for myself and have fallen behind on a few things here on the site. This is not my full time job nor do I put this before my job and personal life so please keep this in mind as that would be appreciated.

If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

19 Comments on "December: Q & A SESSION"

  1. Regarding number 4 in your last post.
    > 4. Complete upgrade guide using Clover.

    Is it safe to upgrade on a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH?
    First backup everything, next upgrade clover first, then upgrade OS, finally fix the Nvidia driver. Is there anything else that I am forgetting?

    PS The mathematic captcha on this comment is pretty neat.

  2. Usb guide for Sierra?

  3. With USB 3.0 I have to disconnect then reconnect for it to work.

    Running on Sierra with a 3930k R IV E. Used all your files to setup, it’s the only thing I have an issue with.

    • Same here. Tested several kexts with some working when first connected however when un-plugged and re-plugged in the devices would not reconnect so for the time being we have left the kext on the DMG.

  4. Any update on sound card project?

    • Have 3 different sound cards right now. The HT Omega only has optical working still. One is a No-Name card with ALC 889 and works well with everything but inputs (detects when plugged in but not sound is recorded) and the other is a Asus add on card with ALC892 which nothing works but mapping is correct (could be the same issue that MSI motherboards had back with LGA 775 that they needed a resistor added to the Audio Circuit to make it work under Mac OS X.)

  5. Is the current DMG working with sierra? I am running Asus X79-Deluxe.

  6. Hello, I have an X79-UD5 Gigabyte board running no DSDT, Just SSDT on 10.12.1; every thing works. I only had on issue with USB ports, not sure if it was 3.0 or not. One of them just stopped working while I was operating the computer. Been running for a month now or longer.

    Found some post running a similar board on 10.12 I followed. Mainly it was his SSDT I used, Just had to Follow your Graphics section for nvidia, added a few more lines to use 3-4 displays on my GTX 760 and that was it. Do you want to take a look in case there’s something you can use ?

    • Not understanding what issues you are/could have with the SSDT for your board from the DMG. From what I think I am understating is you did NOT have our SSDT ever installed as the code you think you added is in the SSDT already and you don’t have to do anything.

  7. What about external GPU support??

  8. Hello, I have Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P motherboard, 16GB DDR4 Ram, I7 6800k (Broadwell-E), 4GB GTX 980.
    I have followed your guide, but my pc restarts when i select drive where mac os will be installed, Mac os setup never starts, I am stuck at clover bootloader, i have tried various boot args, but nothing helps.
    I have another pc which has i7 930, mac os works without any issues on it. Thanks a lot in advance


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