Dual CPU Hackintosh Review

About: After a few days of testing the Dual CPU Hackintosh is complete. So lets talk about the system! I am not a professional reviewer but here we go. The Build: 2 x XEON E5-2670 8 CORE @2.60GHz SUPERMICRO MBD-X9DAi-O CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 CORSAIR 850 WATT PSU WD 1TB Sata III HDD GTX 780 […]

Dual CPU System Update

About:   The Dual CPU system is coming along very well. I am getting just under 35,000 Geekbench Score and 1815 in Cinebench. The open issues at this time are the following: 1. USB 3.0 Devices do not work with the USB 3.0 ports. Possible fix includes flashing the USB Chip Firmware. More research to be […]

April: Q & A SESSION

About:   If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

Dual CPU System Project (Updated)

About:   As of Mac OS X 10.11.3 Apple has removed the CPU core/thread limit. This has made building a Dual CPU system even more enticing. Since LGA 2011 systems have been released many people have tried to get a solid Dual CPU system built and configured to replace the now aging LGA 1366 SR-2 […]

Skylake DMG

About: We are looking to formally release a Skylake DMG and are gaging interest at this time. If you or someone you know has a Skylake system we would greatly appreciate if the ACPI Tables as well as a IOREG be extracted from the system and send to us at the following E-Mail Address: AKern@RampageDev.com Based on the […]

Mac OS X 10.11.5 BETA

About: Apple has released Mac OS X 10.11.5 BETA to Developers. There are no known issues with the BETA at this time in regards to Hackintosh’s. This may be the last update for Mac OS X 10.11 if Apple continues to follow what they have done historically for the past 5 years.


About: We are working on updates on several of are guides. Today we added updated Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11 Nvidia Driver links. A major update to the Install Guide is being worked on. We hope to have this completed by Sunday.

x79 DMG Updated

About: The x79 DMG has been updated with USB fixes for Mac OS X 10.11 including USB 3.0. If you need to use USB 3.0 in a production environment then we would strongly recommend using 3rd party card that is natively supported. We will be adding a section regarding USB in general soon where we […]

x79 USB SSDT Patch for Mac OS X 10.11

About: Now that we have released the SSDT fix for Haswell we are moving onto x79. We just need one more bit of information. Can someone please email us a IOREG (Using the IOREG App here on Rampage Dev and not from somewhere else) from a REAL Mac Pro 6,1 running Mac OS X 10.11. We […]


About: The Haswell DMG has been updated with a new BETA SSDT-1.aml to address USB issues under Mac OS X 10.11. We will be explaining how to modify the file as needed until we have a complete list and can add the code to all the SSDT’s. Users have reported Full USB 3.0 speed on […]