AMD has finally released there highly anticipated AMD Fury X. The GPU may have not met all expectations that were building up for the past few months leading up to the release but the card is still an amazing GPU.


As many Mac AMD GPU users know is that Mac OS X has not been kind for the past 3 Generations of AMD Graphic Cards. Here at Rampage Dev we are looking to changing this. What we would like to do is raise funds to purchase a AMD Fury X Graphics Card or at the least borrow a card in an attempt to bring support for this GPU within months instead of a year such as the AMD 290 and 290X has taken. With a private donation and personal funds we have $200 already put aside for the GPU and would need another $500 to be able to purchase this card. Are team would kindly as for your donations for this endeavor and if you do wish to donate you can do so here:

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Thank you in advance from all of us here at Rampage Dev for your donations and at the least for following us and our work.

Funds Raised:


6 Comments on "AMD Fury X and Proposal for Mac OS X Support"

  1. Donated to the cause! Would love to use this card (or a pair) with Resolve.

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  3. $50 donation for helping me the other day.

  4. Hi. I have a question: if you get this gpu, would it also be possible to add support for the future Radeon Fury Nano?


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