If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

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  1. I am a long time reader and I am still confused about power management and what processors are best to use with the modern chipsets.

    I have heard that new generations of CPUs are not fully supported!

    What is the best way to have a fully functional PC running OS X from that standpoint. If I have any misconceptions please fire away!

    • Any CPU socket that Apple supports there is no issues with PM at this time. Anyone who says other wise is misleading or lying to you.

      Best way is to use the Install method I provide and then use the correct DMG for the system. Then report any issues and we can help fix them.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’m happily running my GA-X79-UD3, 4930K, 10.9.5, Clover and GT610. Mainly photowork, Lightroom and a little bit of Photoshop, so no big stress on the graphics card. If possible, I would like to switch to a 4K screen but then I must also switch the graphics card, preferably something like a cheap, fanless GT 720. Is that possible with this config? I tried booting with this card once, but got stuck after a while because the card was not recognized. Is it possible to ‘fix’ this? Thanks for your help.

    • Lowest would be a GTX 960 and even then thats very low.

      • Hi Andrew,

        I checked out the GTX960 you suggested, but it’s not really fan-less, and quite power hungry when compared to the GT boards I have been using so far. Photoshop is really stupid, it hardly uses GPU performance (sometimes it’s even better without GPU support), so I’m happy with a low-end type of board like the (non 4K) GT610 I have now. Are the GT 730 and/or 740 options for a hackintosh (some of which support 4k)? Thanks.

        • Don’t foolishly spend your money. Either get a Gpu that can actualy drive 4k or don’t get into 4k.

        • 4K@60Hz is really not ready yet. Check your monitor first, you will need DisplayPort 1.2 above or HDMI 2.0 for 60Hz support. However, DisplayPort 1.2 with MST is really a pain. For example, you get 30Hz with Hackintosh.

          For the GTX 960, most are not fan-less, but the fan won’t start spinning util the graphics card reaches certain high temperature.

        • I run 4k@60hz just fine. You just need the proper power to drive the monitor.

        • So what ‘drives’ 4k? Is it just memory bandwidth, the ability to push out 8.3 Megapixel at 60 Hz? Or does it take more. Again, for me, it’s not about gaming, it’s just showing photos, and rapidly scrolling through pages of thumbnails in Ligthroom. I’m not a GPU expert, so I would like to learn what other features (beside bandwidth) of the graphics card make it able to drive 4k? My apologies, as this is diverging from my original question what card I could use in my hackintosh.

        • Yep. I understand this and my statements before still stand.

      • I’m using Asus GTX 960 with latest web driver, it shows the graphics model correctly. But still no luck with 60Hz.

        As I also use Windows, enabling MST will lock the resolution to 4K. This is not ideal for other full screen applications. (I know, Windows sucks.)

      • Hi Andrew,
        So I got myself a GTX 960, as it turned out that newer versions of PhotoShop are able to use the GPU through OpenGL, only to find out that your guide mentions 10.10 as a minimum, while I am still at 10.9.5… Is 10.1o a definitive requirement or is there some hope for me without having to upgrade to Yosemite?

        • Damn, Yosemite it will be then… In your opinion, what is the safest way for a ‘production’ system: upgrade the system disk (after backup of course) or clean install on a separate disk and then try to move over all applications?

        • If you have Clover already on the Disk and post install is complete you just Need to make a USB with Clover ONLY as per the install guide. Do not actualy make the installer. Then run the 10.10 app on the Hack and start the upgrade like a real mac. After reboot boot into the USB and the new installer Partition for 10.10.

          Post update apply the DMG again as you would do for a clean install. We have a Draft of a guide on this but it is not done at this time.

        • Thanks Andrew,
          If you want me to be a guinea pig on the draft guide, I’d be happy to give it a shot. I’m going to try the upgrade on a copy of my root drive, so I expect to be pretty safe here.

        • No need. Just needs to be finished. No testing at all needs to be done.

        • Hi Andrew,

          Nearly there. Upgraded to 10.10.3, then installed the GTX960, followed the Nvidia guide to install the latest web drivers, Cuda 7 and it worked… once. Funny thing was that the GTX 960 was recognized before I even edited the DSDT. When I then dd-ed the test disk back to the production disk, problems started. nvda_drv=1 hangs my system with an error, if I remove nvda_drv=1, I get low resolution and a sluggish system. I patched the DSDT with the 2nd method, and am now stuck at ‘GeForceSensors (pci2): [Error] unknown chipset, 0x126010a’. Suggestions?

        • Why are you editing the DSDT?

        • Well, I was trying to follow the steps from the Nvidia guide. Guess I could have done this on the SSDT as well?

          Anyway, the problems with the sluggish screen started before I edited the DSDT. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

        • The edit is for hdmi audio only and does nothing for the GPU for graphical functionality. You need to set clover up properly and install the retail drivers as needed. If you don’t do this it will never work. Hope that clears this up.

  3. Following up from March Q&A, you asked, “What is not clear” about the guide. In the install guide you state

    “12. Copy the Kexts into that folder.

    Note Generic Extensions to allow Booting Mac OS X can be found Here if needed”

    But you make no reference as to where these kexts come from. You do clarify somewhat in the comments later, but if you stated something like the following, it would be much more clear.

    “12. Download the DMG for your system here. Copy the Kexts provided in the specific DMG into that folder.

    Note Generic Extensions to allow Booting Mac OS X can be found Here if needed”

    As of right now one is left to guess what you are referring to. Also my suggestion to update the clover picture would make things more clear as well, as it no longer looks the way it did when you wrote the guide. You know best, just trying to help!

    • The kexts in the folder are just generic kexts. Not found on any DMG. Only for install.

      Then I say as needed if there are issues use the ones on the DMG for the said system.

      Thanks for the feed back.

  4. Andrew – I have tried to build my first UEFI based USB and I ran into some issues. I first tried to follow the steps on your web site and then connect them with the Haswell.DMG
    I tried using Kext Helper as instructed in the .dmg but as I was using a MacBook Pro to load the USB, it wrote the 4 kexts into S/L/E locations instead. I removed them from S/L/E and loaded the kexts into the Clover/Clover/kexts/10.9
    So I finally boot up the USB but couldn’t seem to chance the 10.10.10 to 10.09.01 in the Options of Clover. I added -v and booted up and it made it thru “{something like} unable to access the iTunes store…. and it stopped there.
    Having issues between the Haswell.dmg and the web site install of MacOS X.

    • Please follow the set instructions in the Install Guide and on the DMG.

      • Andrew – I rebuilt a USB exactly – step by step to old Mavericks on my GA-Z97X-UD7 TH with a 4790K CPU and an Invidia Geforce GTX-760 Video card. I still get this as the last entry in trying to get to loading the OS.
        DRMStatus: iTunes/AppleStore Content Access Problem
        Content playback may be disabled on this computer –
        Error code 8877652
        Clover v3193 has only FakeSMC and NullCPU PowerManagement.kext loaded in Kexts/10.9
        I have also loaded the config.plist that I downloaded.
        What else can you suggest?

  5. I have personalized the Ipomoea framebuffer for my ati radeon hd 6570 card. I’m using the DVI port. After the personalization I can finally boot without -x but my card isn’t recognized and the resolution is low. It’s a big step because before I couldn’t even boot if not using -x.
    Now which are the next steps I should do to get full qe/ci? Continue editing the framebuffer? Adding some boot flags?

  6. Hi Andrew !
    first of all thank you for what you are doing !

    Is there any way to run any OSX on a C612 motherboard?

    lets say 10.9.5 or yosemite on a system such as http://www.supermicro.com/products/system/4u/7048/sys-7048gr-tr.cfm

    • Chipset is supported. Has no effect. The board is unknown.

      • the motherboard is this one = http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X10DRG-Q.cfm

        so basically what you are saying is that C612 is supported by OSX , but it doesn’t mean OSX would Boot on this particular board?

        Now a day, processing power of CPU is no longer important, what we need is PCIE lanes…

        sorry to be so slow to understand, but with 2 700$ xeon E5 V3 , 80 PCIE 3.0 lane on 7 double width PCIE slot, 16 ram slot, and thunderbolt 2 header, if we can make this thing work we have the 2015 HackPro everybody is waiting for… at 1/2 price tag. 99% of the new software relie on GPU acceleration, Pcie SSD for scratch AND fast raid for data. with 2 GPU a pcie ssd and a raid card you are at 46 lanes so on a 40 lane PCIE setup one of your GPU will revert at 8x… and your system is dying …with a 80 lane Pcie,you can run one raid, one PCIE SSD, and 4 GPU ….
        Once again thank you for your time, and I hope not to be too annoying ! 😉

  7. Hi Andrew,

    I have an observation and a question that I would be very grateful for your input on.

    My x99 deluxe, 5960x, gtx980 system is running stable in 10.10.2 having followed your guide which is great.

    I then tried to overlock the system, but before I did, I wanted to look into what actual speed the CPU was currently running at.

    ‘About this Mac’ shows 3.5ghz , and in my BIOS the CPU is set to 3.5ghz too. (The XMP profile of the RAM is enabled which sets bus speed to 125mhz and the multiplier is 28).

    I wanted to check it was actually running at 3.5ghz in OS X so I ran Intel Power gadget (although it may not support this CPU) and it is showing a speed of 2.8ghz.

    I then ran CPU-X and it says it was running at 3.5ghz but at a multiplier of 35 and bus speed of 100mhz).

    It occurred to me that if a bus speed of 125mhz wasn’t compatible with OS X, and it was instead falling back to 100mhz, then my BIOS multiplier of 28 (which gives me 3.5ghz when multiplied by 125) could actually be giving me just 2.8ghz.

    My 3000mhz RAM is also being reported as 2933mhz RAM in ‘About this mac’ which could possibly be the result of a 100mhz bus speed.

    With the XMP profile enabled in the BIOS (giving me my 125mhz bus speed) any variation in multiplier above 28 gives me a PCI Configuration hang/restart even though sufficient voltage has been given to the CPU for the overclock

    To clarify, it would be great to know if 125 bus speed was being recognised in OS X, and also what the best way of overlocking this CPU is because I’m not having any luck getting past the PCI Configuration hang/restart.



  8. Ok, that puts me at ease that I’m at least getting the 3.5ghz without overclocking 🙂

    Still can’t seem to get past PCI Config begin on anything other than stock speeds though. Any clues at all what could be making OS X boot so temperamental? (the Windows overclcok works fine) or just a case of just wait for new BIOS etc to be released and try again?

    • Again, Bad OC. We are not talking about Windows here to please don’t compare. Example, I could say I have a 5.8 GHz OC on Lunix but can’t boot Windows… Does not compare.

    • Same here Ben, well almost. X99 Deluxe 5930k and gtx 970. Can’t get past the stock speed of 3.5GHz when booting OSX.

  9. Yep, its a pain. Tried loads of BIOS options but no luck.
    Andrew – have you got any advice for BIOS options for this? Its not just overclocks that will stop at PCI Config, its under clocks too. Has anyone else managed to get their X99 Deluxe to Overclock in OS X? If so how?

    • I can OC however I can’t get speedstep to work anymore(I had it working for a while). To get my clock speeds up to 4.2ghz I had to disable speed step. Then it is stuck at 4.2ghz. With speed step enabled it is stuck at 3.0ghz.


    • I have. Just sounds like a bad OC. Could be a bad board.

      Keep in mind bad hardware will show up in Mac before it does in Windows.

      • A bad board would suck – its way past being able to return it to the store. I’ll try and update the BIOS and play around with the speed step. Ill flick the EPU switch on mobo see if it does anything too. Thanks guys!

      • A bad board would be annoying – its way past being able to return it to the store. I’ll try and update the BIOS and play around with the speed step. Ill flick the EPU switch on mobo see if it does anything too. Thanks guys!

  10. How come my post was deleted ? I feel I was asking a valid question.

  11. Hi Andrew

    Do you have any recomandation for the Ozmosis bootloader?

  12. Hello – did your thunderbolt hot swap SSDT for the Z97x – ud7 TH ever get made available? Would love this functionality. Used your Haswell DMG and it all seems good so far.

  13. Hi – was your GAz97ud7TH ssdt hot swap edit ever made available? Saw it mentioned on your site – would love a copy.

  14. Andrew, my Timeout in Boot Clover not work. I configured 5 seconds, 2 seconds, but never initiate the system alone, without I hit Enter. You know what can it be?
    I have a Mac in FusionDrive, and Windows 8.1 UEFI in other HD.
    I read Clover Wiki, but not helpful for me.

  15. Hi Andrew, thank you for your work. I have replaced the motherboard to Asus Z97I-PLUS. Using the latest Haswell.dmg, I’ve installed 10.10 on the mobo successfully.

    However, there is one issue with sleep. Just like the Z97N-WIFI motherboard behaves, select sleep from the menu, the computer will go sleep first and I can hear the fans are silent, then it resumes from sleep.

    I’ve tried to enable AppleRTC, but that didn’t help.

    I also used ssdtPRGen.sh to generate the SSDT_1.aml and put the SSDT.aml from Haswell.dmg along with it.

    Would you please give some advices on this, thank you very much!

  16. Actually have you try to use the ancient (10.4 ) if remember correctly thunderbolt Kext. it was 1.1 or something.

    when I upgraded to 10.8 my promise raid stopped to work and the fix was to roll back the ancient Kext.

    the newer kext has something that prevent the initialization of some device such as thunderbolt PCIE bridge… the promise is actually a Pcie expender with a raid card in a box…

  17. The log said below:

    08/04/2015 21:44:16.000 kernel[0]: Wake reason: XHC
    08/04/2015 21:44:16.000 kernel[0]: The USB device USB2134B (Port 4 of Hub at 0x14000000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (2)
    08/04/2015 21:44:16.000 kernel[0]: The USB device USB5534B (Port 4 of Hub at 0x15000000) may have caused a wake by issuing a remote wakeup (2)
    08/04/2015 21:44:16.000 kernel[0]: The USB device USB3.0 Card Reader (Port 4 of Hub at 0x14400000) may have caused a wake by being disconnected
    08/04/2015 21:44:17.000 kernel[0]: ARPT: 143.019847: AirPort_Brcm43xx::powerChange: System Wake – Full Wake/ Dark Wake / Maintenance wake
    08/04/2015 21:44:26.000 kernel[0]: full wake request (reason 1) 10615 ms

  18. I will try this again – GA-Z97X-UD7 TH – F4 Bios – Intel 4790K CPU and an EVGA Invidia GeForce GTX-760

    John Foley
    April 6, 2015 at 11:22 pm
    Andrew – I rebuilt a USB exactly – step by step to load Mavericks on my GA-Z97X-UD7 TH with a 4790K CPU and an Invidia Geforce GTX-760 Video card. I still get this as the last entry in trying to get to loading the OS.
    DRMStatus: iTunes/AppleStore Content Access Problem
    Content playback may be disabled on this computer –
    Error code 8877652
    Clover v3193 has only FakeSMC and NullCPU PowerManagement.kext loaded in Kexts/10.9
    I have also loaded the config.plist that I downloaded.
    What else can you suggest?


    John Foley
    April 7, 2015 at 2:46 pm
    Andrew – I tried loading Yosemite today and it made it to “DSMOS has arrived”

    I built both USB loaders from your instructions and neither will successfully get to a point where I can load the Operating System. What doI need to do to make this work?

  19. Andrew,

    Apple just rolled out with 10.10.3. Is it alright to just update?

  20. Hello been using your guides on a x79 system with gtx 980 i updated my back up boot drive to test 10.10.3 with the new Nvidia web drivers but i get a blank screen any hints on how to fix this. system is working perfectly on 10.10.2 and if i boot with NV disable =1 it works but without any grafx acceleration.

  21. Andrew – I was able to install Mavericks after setting Intel graphics = false in the Clover config.plist. The install was completed but according to your MacOS Install web procedure, I would boot back into the Installer USB and choose the installed Mavericks disk to boot to, to complete the Haswell.dmg procedure and install Clover to the disk.
    When I tried that the newly installed OS did not come up.
    A I doing this incorrectly?

    • Sounds like something was missed.

      • Andrew – I have reviewed each step and can not discover what I have missed. I am pretty sure your instructions are as follows: Once the OS is loaded to a HDD, reboot with the installer USB and find the name of the HDD that you loaded and boot to it. In my case there are three choices. The USB the Mavericks titled disk and the recovery partition. I have chosen the Mavericks HDD and tried inserting not only -v but also nv_disable=1. Still the OS on the HDD will not come up to load on the screen to finish setting it up for use?

  22. Hi Andrew I need to disable HDCP on a Mac Pro Running Yosamite 10.10.3, do you know of any way to accomplish this??

    • Please review what HDCP is.

      • HDCP is the key encryption between source and display. The issue i am facing is that i wish to daisy chain 16 screens over Displayport and the HDCP is causing the screens to flick on and off.

        I know that if a mac detects an HDCP display it automatically switches it on but if the display isn’t compliante then it will just not display protected content.

        As the usage i have is never going to use protected content this wouldn’t be an issue for me but as the monitors are HDCP enabled i wish to turn of the key part on the Mac.

        After a bit of research some people are suggesting to delete the AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext file i am just not sure if this is the correct file and if it affects anything else on the Mac

  23. Dear Andrew,

    I’m sure you can help me, I’m struggling already two days trying to get HDMI-Audio enabled with Clover on my fathers hack. I’ve tried dozens of tutorials, but It seems that I’m just too stupid for that… 🙁

    Motherboard: GA-Z77-DS3H Rev. 1.1, Bios F9
    CPU: i7-3770k

    Here’s all the info about the configuration I collected:

    Thanks for your time and help in advance!


    • You don’t use Clover to enable HDMI Audio. Please follow my guide for what ever GPU you are using.

      • Only HD4000 graphics on that machine. I’ve already followed your guide but I’m not sure if my understanding about editing the code is right… Maybe the guide could need a bit more clarification for dumbasses like me *LOL*.

        Here’s the data: http://we.tl/CBJhaNyvz1

        Question 1: Are my thoughts/edits right?
        Question 2: Does it matter where to put the code in the SSDT?

        Thank you very much for your help!

        • You have failed to understand what you did. So lets get you back on track.

          Please read the guides you follow before doing them as you created a Power Management SSDT which is 1/20th of what SSDT’s do. You need to create either a stand alone SSDT or just edit the DSDT.

      • Now I’ve forgot to ask if the frame buffers/port numbers are somehow important for that SSDT edit?

      • Your SSDT guide only creates a SSDT for power management…

  24. Andrew, if you can give me a hand, I’m losing sleep trying to edit the AGPM.kext.
    My video card Asus AMD Radeon 7970 DirectCU II Top, not up to full power in games.
    I’m using SMBIOS MacPro6,1.
    -I tried to edit the AGPM, copying the values of Macbookpro8,3 (he uses AMD Radeon), I edited values to he up in total power when requested by 50%. But nothing happened.
    -I tried to create a Legacy AGPM that I found on the internet. The kext, injected the values for the cards from Nvidia rise up in full power. Same I put the Vendor ID and Dev ID, not work.
    -After several failed tests, I copied the original kext AGPM back to his place, using the installer. When restarted the PC he did not enter the Mac more.
    The flash drive that I keep with the installer Yosemite too did not work. I needed to create another USB Yosemite installer by Windows, I entered the terminal by installer, and remove the AGPM.

    Do you have a formula that I can test to try up my 7970 in full power?

  25. It would be great to have a guide for the new Intel Broadwell NUCs. The i7 version has quite similar specs to the new 12inch Macbook.

    • Buy us a Broadwell CPU. That said you should never write a stand alone guide as they are worthless and not helpful. There is 0 difference from a NUC install and a standard Desktop install and should not be treated differently.

  26. Hi Andrew,

    I managed to install Yosemite 10.10.3 into my H97i-Plus MB system. I also just updated the BIOS to the latest 2602 (2015/03/16). I can’t get to make the audio work even following your guides (replacing HDEF to HDAU). My first run of the script asks me about something AUDIO ID: 0 so I still typed Yes. After reboot still no audio. I rerun the script and now giving me NO IOREGs or something.

    Also I’ve installed Intel Power Management and the power always stays at 3.

    What did I miss? I’m pretty sure I followed everything.


    • Please send us a IOREG and verify that the SSDT is indeed installed. This board is not on are verified list so it could simply be a issue in the SSDT that needs to be corrected for this board. Send the file and we will correct this.

  27. Sorry, my wording was wrong. I didn’t mean the install process but providing a DMG with the necessary files like you do it with all the other motherboards. I’ll buy one of these machines and can provide an ioreg file.

    • Not needed. Its just a DIY PC in a box. Can be simply added to the existing structure. Would just be listed under the Manufacture. There are 0 kexts that are special about these units. Forget what they look like as that has nothing to do with function and installation.

  28. Hello I have a new problem in 10.10.3 system starts I have a black screen and I lists the command nv_disable = 1 system costs but no driver
    What to do ?
    Thank you

    GA-X79-UD5 F13W
    I7 -3930K
    EVGA GTX570 HD Superclocked 1280MB GDDR5

  29. Hey Andrew,
    appreciate your work and very happy with the help you gave me on my Asus Z97 Pro wifi AC. Since you were asking about guide requests: I have been fiddling with different methods to backup my data before installing an OS update or even before doing a fresh install because I did something wrong during installation. So maybe a small guide/recommendation on how to backup your data and recover it such that you don’t overwrite the changes you made during the fresh install (time capsule/superduper/carboncopycloner?).
    Thanks and best regards!

  30. Thinking of purchasing a couple Xeon 1st gen chips for P9X79 series boards I have. I know Apple supports several Xeon model numbers used in the MacPro, and also note that you have released several E-5 processor SSDT-1s to support them – thanks.

    Question: Would you be willing and have time to add an SSDT-1 for the E5-1650 (1st gen)? I didn’t see it on the DMG, but I am fairly sure Apple supports the v2.


  31. Thinking of purchasing a couple Xeon 1st gen chips for P9X79 series boards I have. I know Apple supports several Xeon model numbers used in the MacPro, and also note that you have released several E-5 processor SSDT-1s to support them – thanks.

    Question: Would you be willing and have time to add an SSDT-1 for the E5-1650 (1st gen)? I didn’t see it on the DMG, but I am fairly sure Apple uses the v2, and maybe both.


  32. Hey Andrew,
    Does Intel Speedstep work OOB for your method? I’ve notice my CPU always runs at around 3GHZ even doing nothing as compared before where my CPU freq is atleast at below 2GHZ and only spike up when doing something.

  33. Hello guys,

    Does anyone know why my Hackintosh system restarts everytime i turn off my LG 24″ monitor attached via HDMI?
    As soon as I turn off my monitor, the computer immediately restarts.

    I just clean installed Yosemite 10.10.3 using Andrew’s method, making sure I followed everything, and it works well except for the audio which I already emailed to Andrew. Thanks btw.

    Here’s my specs:
    MB: Asus H97i-Plus
    CPU: Intel i5-4590
    GPU: Intel HD 4600
    RAM: 1x8GB Corsair
    PSU: 450W Corsair
    SSD: 128GB Corsair

  34. Andrew – I am having troubles loading Yosemite and my copy of Mavericks got loaded, but I couldn’t boot to that partition with the USB loader. I have disabled the Intel = true in the config.plist and that allowed the build of the Maveicks HDD. But I can’t get any farther starting up the installer on Yosemite as the installer hans after DSMOS has arrived.
    What can you suggest?

    GA-Z97X-UD7 TH, F4 bios, 4790K Intel CPU and EVGA Invidia Geforce GTX-760 GPU

  35. Hi Andrew,

    Since I installed Yosemite and Clover I couldn’t make power management to work. I think I followed all SSDT instructions but temps and voltage are allways high.

    Also, all my USB connection (even via PCIE board) are working only sometimes, kinda random. To conect a USB drive I have to plug and unplug sometimes.

    I put kexts on S/L/E and not on the EFI partition, it’s ok?

    Here is my Ioreg. Any help will be appreciated.



  36. Hi Andrew,

    Recently i did an upgrade from 10.10.2 to .3 After upgrade (installed the kexts from X79.dmg again) I am facing kernel panic with IOBluetoothFamily.kext. Two things I am able to boot into safe mode with BT working! If remove the kext I am able to boot normally. Any suggestions? I am using CLOVER in EFI and on 4930K, X79-UD3. Original BCM4360 AirPort Extreme PCI-E CARD for wifi and BT. Many thanks a for your help!

  37. Andrew – I am finally able to say that I have Yosemite loaded on my Z97X-UD7. Internet and sound work due to your ingenious methodology . THANK YOU!
    I have a couple of more questions:
    1 – when I upgrade to 10.10.3 will I need to do anything other than rework the audio?
    2 – My next step is to create a Fusion drive. I intend to copy the contents of this HDD to the SSD after I sent up the SSD and another HHD for Fusion. Can I use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the contents of the Yosemite HDD to the SSD without doing a complete installation on the SSD?
    Thank you!

  38. Hi, I used your DMG and Clover to boot the SSD taken from my dead iMac. Only your guide helped me getting it to work, thus thank you very much. I followed the Fix iMessage guide on tonymacx86 to create the unique numbers form my hackintosh. After the fix bluetooth stopped working. The blued process keeps crushing as soon as it starts. What could be the culprit? What should I do? Thanks

  39. Andrew!
    You made my day!!! Many thanks for your support! I really appreciate it much!

  40. On 10.10.2 your audio patch scripts worked perfectly. I did a completely clean install of 10.10.3 and now audio will now patch. It says something about “No HDEF…Audio disable in Bios or ACPI problem…No files changed”. I followed your install and DMG guide to the T. Any ideas?

  41. Andrew, do you use Fusion/Parallels/Virtualbox etc.? As you know I went with 10.9.5 with my X99 Deluxe/5960x.

    My Windows 7 installs on Fusion 6 are extremely slow to load, if they are able to load at all. Any thoughts on what could be going on here?

  42. Andrew – I have started to create a Logical Volume group and before I start installing the OS again, I would like to ask: Since creating the Logical Volume Group, I can’t just install MacOS to one physical volume (like the SSD). My assumption is to load MacOS to the LVG after creation. I hope that will create a recovery partition as well.
    I did finally ind the Thunderbolt Menu on the BIOS and set Security to Legacy

  43. Hi, following your iMessage guide. Can I use Real Mac Data from my MacBook Pro if my Hack is emulating iMac? Thanks ahead of time!

    • Must be the same SMBIOS. Don’t mix and match and don’t change from a iMac. Time for a trip to the Apple Store…

      • I see what you did there. Totally unrelated, but I caught another big snag. Everything was working perfectly. I installed my firewire card (only variable, could be coincidence). Now I can’t boot and get the message:
        “OsxAptipFixDrv: Error – requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block”…with some additional info. I tried various boot flags to get back in with no luck. How do I fix this without starting all over? Is there a way to get back in to repair/change things or am I stuck? Please and thank you!

  44. Andrew – I am still looking for ways to get the Thunderbolt ports on my GA-Z97X-UD7 motherboard to come to life. I have compared things between my 2014 MacBook Pro and it’s operational TB ports and my Hack. All the same kexts are loaded on Mavericks and these setting are on my UD7.
    Intel Thunderbolt Technology -Enabled
    Security Level –Legacy
    Wake from TB devices – Enabled
    TB PCIe cash – line size – 32
    Ignore TB Option —-Enabled
    TBT Device IO resource Support – Disabled
    Reserved Memory per slot – 32
    Reserved Pmemory per slot – 32
    Extra Bus Reserved – 106
    Reserved Memory – Medium
    Reserved Memory Alignment – 26
    PreFetch Memory – Medium
    Prefetch memory Alignment – 26
    Reserved I/O – 00
    I managed to get both Mavericks and Yosemite loaded to two Fusion drives with your instructions and I would like to get the Thunderbolt ports working, if possible.

    Z97X-UD7TH, Intel 4790K CPU and Invidia GeForce GTX-769 GPU

    Thanks foe your thoughts.

  45. Hi Andrew,

    I’m planning to buy the Apple Thunderbolt Display but I have doubts if it will work on a hackintosh. I would love if the Facetime HD cam, mic and speaker will work as well.

    BTW, I’m running on an Asus H97i mobo with no thunderbolt display so was thinking of buying a thunderbold to hdmi converter.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts and recommendations about the Apple Thunderbolt Display.


  46. Hi, I did a clean installation of update 10.10.3 following your installation guide, but now my HDDs are displayed as external drives (yellow drives).

  47. Andrew – I have another issue that seems to affect every one of 2 Mavericks and 2 Yosemite installs. I have installed each one with your Haswell.dmg and every one seems to have the same issue.
    When I look at System Preferences/Sound I find that ever thing seems to indicate sound is working:
    Sound effects – Output and Input all seems to be populated with the right device but the Show volume in menu bar does not work at all. I used the Step 4 – audio_Realtek ALC-master – audio_realtekALC 100_v1 on Yousemite and audio_realtekALC=90 v2.0.4 on Mavericks as directed in your DMG. What could I be missing here.
    GA-Z97X-UD7 Bios 4 – 4790k CPU – invidia GTX-760 GPU

    • I have the same board and use my own DMG on it. This is not a issue at all. Seems like something was skipped creating all of these issues you are having. Slow down. Take your time and don’t make little mistakes that add up to bigger ones. Best advice that I can give.

  48. Why does Sound need to be such a pain-in -the-ass for MacOS X. I revisited your Haswell.dmg and reinstalled the original AppleHDA back into S/L/E.
    The result was that the sound would cycle on-off as long as I left the OS running. I then used your Step 4 for the audio-realtekALC-100_v1.command. When that finished, there was no sound.
    What did I do wrong?

  49. Hi Andrew. Been grappling with this issue now for almost 2 months. I gave up inbetween and then tried to get back to it this week.

    My hardware :
    X99 Deluxe
    Gtx 970
    OSX Yosemite from apstore 10.10.3

    Ive succesffully installed OSX gone through ALL the steps exactly to get a booting OSX install. apart from my main problem ive also noticed,

    1. when doing post install, copying DMG kexts using KExt helper. just the 5 kext files in step 2, the system just dies and reboots as soon as u get the kext installed fingers crossed msg.

    2. My real problem. Ive installed everyhting including the Nvidia driver. and got it to work properly. First it seemed to crash / break the systems boot if i tried editing the config.plist via text editor.. (when going to key boot section to add the nvd_drv=1″ flag. So i gave up with this and used clover configurator to edit the config.plist. which worked…

    Problem is after i get the mac to this state, after a reboot or 2… i get the Mac hackintosh screen of death… AKA APPLE SIGN, NO LOADING BAR… then cancel sign. when u switch to verbose mode ->

    this is wht is happeneing.
    (last time this happened it was my bios update. ive updated eveything.

    im not sure what else to do. It just breaks after a few boots. this last time, i got everything done and shut down the pc. when i reboot. … it fails to boot and produces the below


  50. Quick question – will the Thunderbolt port on the z79 ud7 TH work hot swappable if used with a firewire adaptor and firewire hardware (audio interface)? Cheers.

  51. Does this problem ring any bells? I’m having trouble with an apogee audio interface that works fine for the most part but will occasionally start skipping and sometimes go completely distorted until I replug the firewire cable.. only to go through the whole issue again in an hour or so.

    any advice appreciated

  52. I get OsxAptioFixDrv error with clover at bootup. I tried with the the OsxAptioFixDrv2 while installing clover, but no use. I have 5960x with rampage v extreme.

    At these times, I boot via the installer usb and remove the appleHDA.kext from S/L/E. Delete the kernel cache and reboot, and then reinstall the appleHDA.kext from your X99 DMG. The system actually boots up just fine, and even on several immediate reboots. But once the system is up for a long (~a day) time, it gets stuck on bootup. Please help

  53. oh and I have Asus GTX 970

  54. Hi,
    I added a GTX 660 to my build, so I had to change the SMBIOS from iMac to Mac Pro. I followed your guides for Clover install and Nvidia install. I can login in iMessage but I cannot send any iMessage (it says message not delivered with red circled “!” next to the message). SMS forwarding works.
    Console says something like this:
    “kernel[0]: bird[xx] Unable to quarantine: 93”
    and something like this
    ‘imagent[425]: notify name “ids-device-nearby-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx” has been registered NN times – this may be a leak’.
    I have a GA-Z97-HD3 and an i5-4460. Thanks!

  55. Hi.
    What would be the best mini itx motherboard for hackintosh?


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