On Saturday we will be updating and adding several Motherboards to various DMG’s. We are almost caught up from backlog from the past 2 weeks and we thank you again for your patience. We should be back on schedule by Monday and will be adding updates to pages here on Rampage Dev.

4 Comments on "DMG Updates This Weekend"

  1. Hell yeah! As always I (and I think I can speak for all that visit this site, “we”) appreciate all the hard work! I’m really excited for the X99 Sabertooth TUF support, as I’m sure you’re well aware of (I promise not to pester you for a while). I’ve been stalking rampagedev.com for a few days now…

    On another note:

    Please folks, don’t forget to donate. I’ve donated each machine that I’ve built, then some, and you should do the same. Andrew and his colleagues spend countless hours of their free time working hard for the benefit of many in the community and never “ask” for a dime. They’ve done right by us and do right by them. DO IT! DO IT NOW!

  2. All,

    can’t agree more. this site is awesome, focussed on quality and providing the right answers and stuff to those who really care about creating a real working machine.
    This is the difference to other web sites that might be out there …

    Thanks to Andrew and the whole team for the outstanding work!

    And don´t forget to donate, it helps the Team do continue the outstanding work!



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