The x79, x99 and Haswell DMG have all been updated. Included with this update is the inclusion of the new HDMI Audio Edit required for the new Nvidia 900 Series Graphic Cards. This is the only change with the x79 DMG at this time.

As for the x99 and Haswell DMG minor updates have been applied. We still need a large amount of IOREG’s from most boards. If you do not supply the IOREG’s we can not optimize the SSDT’s.

A larger update for x99 is ready however we selected to wait until we are done BETA testing the new EVGA Motherboards. Once this is done later this week we will be releasing the update.


23 Comments on "DMG’s Updated"

  1. Thank you for your posts and the Haswell.dmg package. They were very useful!

    I had a Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI. Using the config.plist, SSDT.aml and the kexts supplied in Haswell.dmg, the computer was able to get to the install UI but it got error report before reaching the Language Selector.

    I managed to install OS X using a different config.plist, but I would not know what was the cause.

    Now I changed the motherboard from Gigabyte to an Asus Z97I-PLUS. I’ve read that you had this motherboard as well and I really would like to try your method again.

  2. I’ll donate my IOREG, hope it helps:


    Thanks for the great stuff on your site!


  3. Andrew,

    You’re the man! Audio works great including HDMI.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Clean install of Yosemite 10.10.3 using your method. Followed the steps carefully but still cannot get audio even after changing HDEF to HDAU.

    MB: H97i-Plus (Bios 2602 – Released 2015/03/16)
    CPU: Intel i5-4590
    GPU: Intel HD 4600

    Here’s my IOREG with everything working except for audio.

    • IOREG shows me that the SSDT is loaded and working properly. That said it sounds at least to me that you have not edited the file properly. HDEF to HDAU.

      • Here’s what I did to edit the script. I opened it using Sublime Text, find and replace all HDEF to HDAU then save. There were 10 HDEF that were changed.

        Note: Even without running the script yet, there are no devices listed under System Report/Audio.

        • It won’t show anything under System Report. What I do know is that something you are doing with the script is not correct. Not sure what but that I do know.

  5. I don’t know where else could I do wrong besides just Find and Replace HDEF to HDAU.

    Here’s my edited script.


  6. Hi Andrew,

    I supposed you didn’t had the time to look up my issue (comments above) regarding the audio not working. I would really like to have the Premium Support of this site but unfortunately I don’t have the means to pay as I live in a country that’s a bit complicated to apply for cards.

    I’m not demanding or complaining at all. I’ll patiently wait until you guys will solve it as I know it will also be beneficial to others having the same setup.


  7. Hi there Andrew. Downloaded the latest x79 DMG, took the clover config in the beta folder. but i still get stuck on black screen. Any clue? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2048 MB


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