If you wish to Donate to Rampage Dev to help continue the projects found here you can do so with the following link. Here at Rampage Dev we would like to thank you in advance for your Donation. Thanks to all of those who have already donated in order to support the endeavors here at Rampage Dev.





31 Comments on "Donations"

  1. Great site, great guides! Thanks for this cool stuff here!

  2. You are the BEST!!!

  3. Do you plan on accepting bitcoin donations? I’d love to donate but I primarily use bitcoin online

  4. Compliments for your web site and thanks for all your advices!

  5. Andrew – thank you for you help and guides. Finally got my Z87-UD5H pretty solid on Clover and Yosemite, no thanks to the other nonsense I’ve read about this elsewhere! Don’t know yet whether she’ll sleep for any length of time, but its good enough for me. Go and get yourself a beer/coffee/tea my friend.

  6. If you did post install why are you messing with a install usb? Things like this point to post install not being complete.

    There is a debug appleHda on the dmg if the patch does not works. Use that. Never install anything not on the dmg. This instant ably makes the system un debugable since I can’t trust anything.

    Any Gpu issue would point that the required retail driver is not installed for your Gpu and that he required boot flag is not installed.

    Then you say one thing and then contradict your self in ne same post hence I can’t trust what you are telling me. Perhaps your trying to discribe something and you are miss understanding what you are referring to?

    William to sort things out but you have to give me something to work off of and trust what you are saying is he truth. Now post a ioreg and let me sort this out the way the system sites right now.

  7. Hello:
    You helped me a couple years ago to get 10.8 running on my EVGA-SR2 system. I am now on 10.8.5 and would like to go to 10.9 or even 10.10 if possible.
    Current system: EVGA SR-2, X5650 overclocked to 3.5 GHz, 96 GB memory, EVGA 680 GTX 4 GB Classified, Samsung 840 Evo 1TB, ATTO H60F, HP dual GB Ethernet server card (natively recognized), USB sound. Everything works.
    The only problems I have is that Evernote does not work and some of the newer versions of FCP X do not run on 10.8.
    Is there any way to upgrade the OS? Do you know anyone else who is successfully running 10.9 or 10.10 with the SR-2?

    • Due to IRQ issues with the board 10.9.5 is the last os version that I support on this board. Clean install with myHack is the prefered method of installation.

  8. dear sir,
    i’m new one for hackintosh and dsdt.

    I newly build my hackintosh Yosemite with below config :
    i7 4790k with ga 97x ud7 th.

    I have trouble with my old xfx gts 250 card. i can only run my os with nv_disable=1 flag.
    could you please help me to solve this problem.

    • In the Clover Config file on the DMG for post install. Send Nvidia Inject from False to True. If you read the Documentation we have on Nvidia GPUS for your gen you will see an example of this. Make sure to look around at the guides.

  9. Great guy, great site! Truly worth donating, so that the work continues (for which I sent a pm :).

  10. Donation sent! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into the site, it’s truly been a great resource!

  11. Nice site, very interesting and very very usefull. Thank you very much for all the job done.
    Donation sent

  12. Andrew, I’ve been trying to get my hackintosh running on and off for over a year using all of the vanilla methods on insanelymac, but I couldn’t get any of the damn installs to boot properly. I tried your instructions yesterday, and I finally got it working, thank you so much! I’m so bloody relieved now
    Couldn’t not donate after how easy it was 😉

  13. Thanks for the quick response – donation sent..

  14. Thank you very much for your support, getting the sound working on my GA-X99M-Gaming 5 !

  15. Hello Andrew, last year you helped me to install OSX 10.10 on my PC. I can able to redo OSX 10.10 on my pc with no problem but some how OSX 10.11 is very difficult for me.

    1. I have used the same steps of 10.10 to do 10.11 but no success. When I boot it the usb, apple icon is on with loading bar, then it shows the stop sign.

    2. I heard alot people said just update from the app store.
    I tested it and it didn’t work. the stop sign again.

    My spec is :
    Asus Rampage IV black edition
    i7 4930k
    32gb ram
    gtx 780

    Please help.

    • Known issue. We will have a completely updated guide once I get back from Mexico for work on how to trouble shoot this. That said you have to do a direct upgrade to make it work. All due to the USB issues.

  16. I just wanted to say your guides are fabulous and, not only did I learn a great deal, I got my first Hackintosh running el Capitan yesterday. Keep up the excellent work and I hope my donation helps!

  17. Thanks again for helping the community. I hope to get one of these systems soon. Your guides and downloads will certainly help me in the near future. I’m hanging on x99 5960x memory map issues now. I’ll try to sell this one to get one of these beasts.

  18. I have a gigabyte x99-ud4, i7 5960x and gigabyte 740gt. Can you help me for install Mavericks? I can give you a donation. What do you prefer for it? Clover or Chameleon-multibeast? Thanks.

  19. Your guides are so clear, and have made setting up my Hackintosh a much more enjoyable experience. Glad I found you! Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas!


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