The Haswell DMG is designed to be used as a Post Install solution for AMD Motherboards running Mac OS X 10.9.0 or newer. Included on the DMG is patched SSDT for each motherboard model, drivers, system patched, boot loader settings  and more. The AMD DMG may not be redistributed or modified without without my written consent. If you have any questions you may email me at:


Section 1: Install Mac OS X
Section 2: AMD DMG Download
Section 3: Supported Motherboards


Section 1: Install Mac OS X

1. Follow the install guide found here.

Section 2: AMD DMG Download:

1. Download the AMD DMG here.

Section 3: Supported Motherboards 

1. The following are the supported Motherboard Models for this DMG:


Crosshair V Formula


M5A78L M LX3






ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0

Fatal1ty 990FX Killer

970 Extreme4

970 Extreme3






GA-MA770-US3 (Rev 2.0)

GA-870A-UD3 (Rev 2.0)










870A Fuzion




24 Comments on "AMD DMG"

  1. Hello rampadedev nice work but will the 99X evo DMG work for the 990fx pro r2.0 motherboard? Because I have a 990fx chipset board! Thanks!

    • First you mean the AMD DMG. What I would need to add support is a DSDT extract and a IOREG. If you can post those files I can add support.

      • I have the dsdt extract and the Ioreg extracts with me, so how should I forward them to you? (The Extracts are for {Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0} Motherboard.
        One more thing, I have an XFX R9-280X and I am using clover boot-loader to load another bios for it to work. My question is that, is it possible to add support for the existing (XFX) BIOS in the DSDT or IOREG so that I don’t have to use clover to load another bios? Thanks for you support!!

  2. How to put this dmg file to usb installer?

  3. I have a MSI 785GTM-E45.Will this work on my motherboard?Right now i have OSX 10.9.4 distro by niresh and everything is working using kexts for LAN,Audio.

  4. Hello, i want to know what i should do with the DMG AMD, i must use disk utility and restore it into a usb drive or what? i must change kernel and files into the retail mac os x installer?

  5. Hi. I have the 970A-UD3P 2.0. Can I use one of the profiles you already made? I don’t have any DSDT or anything for this motherboard because I just bought it. I am also pretty clueless about making a DSDT. I tried to read guides but it was complex.

    I noticed that the specs are virtually identical to the 970A-U3P 2.0, but the 1.0 has a different audio chip (VIA rather than Realtek). Both UD3P and U3P 1.0 versions use the VIA chip and both 2.0 versions use the Realtek.

    The 1.0 version of the U3P has these BIOS specs:
    PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.0, SM BIOS 2.6, ACPI 2.0a

    The 2.0 version of the U3P and the UD3P has these:
    PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.7, WfM 2.0, SM BIOS 2.7, ACPI 5.0


  6. i have a toshiba laptop. L755d-s5104. It’s an a6 chip with 6420g graphics on chip. Any chance this would work for that?

  7. The Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 also works with this.

  8. Hello. I have a Crosshair V Formula-Z, FX-9590, 32GB RAM, Radeon HD6990. Can I run the latest Mac OS/X on this?

    Thank you and best, Petros

  9. I have Asus M5A97 Le rev 2.0 , AMD FX 8350, Asus R7 260x.
    Is there any DMG support my Specs. My GPU not work , its work at very low fps (~2fps) with vanilla install, with patching AMD8000Controller,AMDRadeonX4000 , cant boot to the system I got Black screen but it work in -x mode with very low fps also.. after some searching , I found , which fix black screen in normal boot but also very low fps (13 Cinebench R15) compared to 80+fps in windows.
    I hope if there is a solution . I tried almost everything from dsdt/ssdt injection to flashing the vbios/bios and patching framebuffer, with no luck.

    • Hi. You are using Mac OS X and not Windows. Comparing the two is like comparing a piece of concrete to a fish. Makes no sense to compare. That said. You need to edit AGPM to allow the proper states for the GPU. You will never get past 60FPS unless you disable Vsynce which is forced since 10.9 and can not be disabled as of 10.11.

  10. Hello!

    I have a Gigabyte 780T-D3L (rev 3.1), working pretty well in El Capitan now. I was wondering if there are a few things that can be done to the DSDT (and potentially make an SSDT for it). I’m quite unfamiliar with these tables and the code language used (though I’m familiar with assembly hacking and coding), so if you can give me a few pointers on what I should do to get going I’d be grateful!
    Right now all I need is to get my PCI cards identified and the HD audio codec going (ALC888B).

    Here’s the link to my IOREG and DSDT:

    Also one more question – should I use Clover (with Hybrid EFI, it kinda sucks :/) or should I continue to use Enoch/Chameleon?

  11. Hi,

    This is my configuration :
    AMD FX 6300
    MSI 970 Gaming
    Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 1600 MHz
    Asus GTX 950 2GB OC

    This is my first attempt at hackintosh-ing. Should I proceed with your method for installing Mavericks or is my hardware unsupported ?

  12. Hello, I am very new to hackintosh building and I am trying to select my parts. I would love to get a Ryzen CPU (which I know support is limited for). Do you have any plans to release support for Ryzen boards in the future? Specifically the GA-AX370 is the one I was looking at. Maybe you could recommend a specific board?

    • Currently under R&D right now. Unless you are a seasoned Hackintosh user it is NOT recommended to build a AMD Hackintosh as a full understanding of Mac OS X on a PC helps avoid painful self created issues. As of right now it is our recommendation to NOT invest into a Ryzen based system until all of the issues are resolved.

      Please keep in mind that CPU performance under Mac OS X is dramatically less then on Windows on AMD systems so if you think you will end up with a faster system then intel on Mac you are incorrect in that thinking.


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