The Haswell DMG is designed to be used as a Post Install solution for LGA 2011 R3 Motherboards running Mac OS X 10.9.4 or newer. Included on the DMG is patched SSDT for each motherboard model, drivers, system patched, boot loader settings  and more. The x99 DMG may not be redistributed or modified without without my written consent. If you have any questions you may email me at: LGA 2011 R3 platform should be considered experimental and should not be considered a stable platform for high-end production use. Users looking for a non experimental and sable platform for high-end production use should look into the x79 platform.


Section 1: Install Mac OS X
Section 2: x99 DMG Download
Section 3: Supported Motherboards
Section 4: Known Issues


Section 1: Install Mac OS X

The Clover Config.Plist and Kext on the x99 DMG Must be used to be able to Boot the Mac OS X Installer.

1. Follow the install guide found here.

2. After using the DMG after install go to:


3. Remove:


Section 2: x99 DMG Download:

1. Download the x99 DMG here.

Section 3: Supported Motherboards

1. See DMG for supported Motherboards.


Section 4: Known Issues

1. Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 will not boot Mac OS X using Dual Graphics Cards using Clover under Mac OS X. More information can be found here.

2. Asus X99-E WS will not boot Mac OS X using Clover UEFI.

3. All x99 systems suffer from Mem Map issues using Clover UEFI.

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  1. Hi There, sorry to bother you i have asked you this before still waiting to hear back from you if Asrock motherboard is compatible with Hackintosh..

    i have x99 extreme 4 motherboard.
    also i don’t have other OS option on my bios

  2. Since the asus x99-Pro is very similar to the x99-Deluxe, Is it compatible with your DMG as well?

    • If the board is not there then please post a IOREG and DSDT extract so I can add support.

      • Hi Andrew,
        If I would post you a IOREG and DSDT of my Asrock X99-WS, would you be able and willing to add support to your dmg?
        I have the board running in OSX with an install from another install (with X99 Deluxe) but have some problems with it (kernel task with 35% load). I guess since some hardware is different than on the Asus, it is having problems. Otherwise it is doing fine, Thunderbolt also working with an Asus TB EX Dual.
        Full support for the Mainboard would be killer!!

      • “.. If the board is not there then please post a IOREG and DSDT extract so I can add support..”

        Could you tell me how to do this or point me to a guide so I can send you the info as I also am desperate to get my Asus X99 Pro up and running as a hackintosh. Haven’t had much luck post install wise so far.
        Asus X99 pro
        i7 5820k CPU
        32gb Corsair Vengeance 2400
        MSI GTX 970 twn frz 4gb gaming
        Samsung 250gb Evo ssd
        Samsung 500gb Evo ssd
        Samsung 250gb SM951
        Seasonic 750 psu

  3. first thanks for this site and all the infos
    i’m trying right now to use one of your DMG for my gigabyte x99 ud4
    i am stuck at the line 18
    i don’t understand where and what is the Mounted EFI Partition ,where i am supposed to install the config file found in my dd/efi/clover folder
    any enlighmemt will be appreciated

  4. as i couldn’t finish the total install , when my computer restart i have a kernel panic i think coming from kernel task
    i followed your install until line 18
    meaning i did put all the kexts in kexts help B7 and run it
    copy the file corresponding to my mobo and install clover…
    if you could help getting out of that , that be great

  5. my specs
    i7 5930k, gigabyte x99 ud4, evga gtx 970sc, 32 go crucial

    • Hi,
      Can i have more details about your config plz ?
      Ref 32go ? Power supply ? . Yosemite ?
      I would like to use in UMX2 case.
      GTX 980 works ?
      Sorry for my english.

      • I have had several boards during the testing period. I recommend the Asus x99 Deluxe. A PSU that fits your needs. GTX 980 works with the Web Drivers Only!

        • Hello, I recently built my first pc from scratch to plan, buy parts, assemble, .etc!
          I wanted Macintosh for final cut, and I just found out this web site. You won’t know how happy I am, getting all the Hackintosh support for free from you! Also, I never knew my MB and GPU are supported! Amazing!
          So, I am currently downloading all the stuffs I need to install Hackintosh.
          My configurations:
          MB: Asus X99-Deluxe
          CPU: i7 5930K
          RAM: G.Skill DDR4 4x4GB
          GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming
          SSD: 2x250GB Samsung 840 EVO (RAID 0)
          PWR: Seasonic X-850w

          I have question: My coolers are connected to MB’s fan headers. How will they run without software? (I haven’t look any BIOS yet. Is there fan settings in BIOS?)

          And again, I am amazingly happy that I can test and use a definite hardwork for free.

        • You could aways donate…

          Fans should always be set in the BIOS.

        • Will GTX 970 work with the proper drivers?

        • Yes, you must install Mac OS X 10.10 and install the Nvidia Retail Drivers.

  6. i could boot in verbose and found back my initial config
    no problem

  7. Trying to install Yosemite with Clover, using your DMG.


    CPU – Intel 5960X

    Board – X99 Deluxe

    GPU – 650 Ti, reflashed for UEFI

    boot flags: -v npci=0x2000 cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No kext-dev-mode=1 nv_disable=1

    rather than create a USB installer I just used another mac to install Yosemite to the hdd. I then installed Clover to the hdd, added your kernel, kexts, SSDT, etc…

    it doesn’t get to normal verbose. it just says:

    OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for system/Lubrary/coreServices/boot.efi
    Using relic block; yes, hibernate wake; no
    efiboot loaded from device: Acpi (PNP0X03,0)/Pci(1Fl2)/SATA(0,FFFF)/HD(Part2,Sig8C1479EE-3537-43DB-8407-43FCB2D9C11C)
    boot file path: System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi

    rood device uuid is ‘470C450C-7463-3E3A-A714-3DD8F33F251F’

    but it says this in light text, not like the normal verbose text. it’s like verbose isn’t even starting really.

    any ideas?

  8. Andrew, loving the support! over at the other site, it takes weeks before someone answers you–and that’s if you’re lucky! So thank you for the quick response!

    When it comes to OoB compatibility, which x99 mono would you go with?

  9. Please add support for ASUS X99-E WS too. Thanks!

  10. How can i help for MSI ? i’ve got a MSI X99SLI Plus and a 290X. let me know !

    • Please post a IOREG and DSDT extract and I can start working on adding support. Thank you for helping in advance.

      • Only recently saw that reply. went to junk for some reason , Let me know how to post an IORED and DSDT and will do that wednesday ! My motherboard is a pretty popular X99 one. its the MSL SLI plus.
        Thanks in advance for your answer !

  11. Hi, I’ve just purchased x99 deluxe and i7-5820. Trying to install Yosemite.

    Followed the guide from the link above, but I am stuck at ‘root device uuid is….’ when trying to run Yosemite installer :((

    I have Radeon 6870 and Bios automatically goes back to CMS every time I disable it. Not sure if this is the cause? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for help

    • You failed to read the introduction of the Install Mac OS X Guide:

      “The following guide is a step by step guide on how to install Mac OS X onto a custom PC Configuration. For installations onto systems that require the use of a modified Kernel you must install using a Real Macintosh Computer or a Hackintosh that supported UEFI booting as Clover Kernel injection does not currently support Mac OS X 10.10. This includes x99 and AMD based systems.”

      What you will need to do is to install onto the drive using a Real Mac or Hack that supported UEFI booting. Then modify the Drive to make it boot on x99. Let me know if you have any more questions as I hope this has helped.

  12. i got this massage when i try to boot osx usb installer
    rood device uuid is ‘470C450C-7463-3E3A-A714-3DD8F33F251F’
    my motherboard is asus x99 deluxe and intel core i7 5930k and i dont know if this because of modifying kernel if an help me with a guide how to modified a kernel

  13. Hello–

    I’m looking into building a X99 build with the following hardware:

    >>Asus X99 Deluxe–which you have had success installing OS X; or is Gigabyte a better option?
    >>Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB
    >>GTX 970 or 980
    >>EVGA Gold 750W

    My question is in reference to running OS X:
    1) Is there any issues with power management?
    2) Does the onboard WiFi and Bluetooth work with the X99 Deluxe; do I need a separate wifi card or BT receiver?

    I appreciate all the insight you can provide so I thank you in advance!

    • BIOS version does not matter.

      There is no Power Management as Apple does not support this generation of CPUS. Only EPU which you need to look up and review.

      Wifi works fine. BT is buggy.

  14. Andrew,

    In a earlier post, you recommend the Asus X99 Deluxe, is this still the case? Or should I consider a different brand like Gigabyte?

    Thank you once again for taking the time!

    • Ok, thank you. I’ve got a working hackintosh drive 10.9.1 installed on gigabyte x58a-ud7 with i7-920, just decided it is time to upgrade now… I’m guessing this cannot be modified to suite asus x99 ? Or if it can do I use section 2 dmg download for this purpouse? I’m not a pro here, just trying to follow guides. Thank you.

  15. I might be wrong here but if you do not have a real mac or hackintosh then even with premium support I am not going to get very far? Even though I got a asus x99-A at christmas?


  16. Hello i am stuck with the x99-e WS 5960x and OS X 10.1.
    I have gone through alot of guides and threads and so far i have seen sucessful installs with the x99-e WS (robertvanliere on tony mac forum has installed with a Xeon CPU) or the 5960x not both together.
    So i would like to help out as much as i can to provide useful information and help test the system if someone is interested in helping me.
    I could provide installmethod BIOS settings hardware and other things if needed.

    • Currently Clover has Mem Map issues with this board and is being addressed.

      • Do tou know if 10.9 will work or if its the same with this particular board?

        • You did not read what I said. Currently Clover has Mem Map issues with this board and is being addressed. Has nothing to do with the OS version.

        • I am currently using the x99-e ws with a 5960x, clover and os x 10.9.5.
          I was able to boot 10.10 with one msi gtx 770 4gb, but when I have two installed, yosemite will not boot. mavericks will boot, but sometimes it randomly selects the wrong card to display on. I use an hdmi switcher (crude workaround, but does its job) to switch when it does this (no way of predicting it, to my knowledge).

          I haven’t been able to boot yosemite lately, even though it worked when I installed it before. It may have stopped working after I updated the MB firmware; I’m not sure.

          mavericks is working with a vanilla mach_kernel in / and of course using clover to make the corrections. I first tried the SSDT for the x99 deluxe, which worked to boot the system, but had issues. I now use an SSDT that I generated myself. It shows no errors when I compile it and the system boots fine.

          I have noticed a few things with this setup- you canNOT OC the base clock or else the system clock in OS X will run at hyper speed. kind of amusing to watch, but practically, it has no use. OC’ing with multipliers is fine (I keep mine at stock ratios- not the same as ASUS auto OC settings).

          Overclocking the memory is ok, but mine won’t work past 2666 MHz, even though the memory is rated and (works in Windows) up past 3000 MHz. This is because going past 2666 (G.Skill 3000 DDR4) requires OCing the base clock.

          I’d like to reinstall yosemite on a non-work drive, but clover freezes up halfway to the installer, and I just can’t seem to make it work like I did before. the drives I use currently for mavericks are an m.2 and a sata samsung 850 pro.

          Just wanted to drop in here and say that it does work, but hell if I know why yosemite won’t.

        • Can you please provide what Clover version you used as well as the Clover settings.

          Also post your EFI folder.

          The SSDT you generated is in no way related to the ones on the DMG.

        • I just realized that I should add to my last comment- using a DSDT with the x99-e ws/5960x will NOT boot OS X via clover under any circumstance. Removing the DSDT, using an SSDT, and dropping all tables does work, but you MUST patch the kernel with clover if you didn’t do it manually via terminal.

        • Email me about this:

          And please send me your clover EFI Folder and Clover install Settings.

          Also you are booting with a DSDT from the Motherboard. There is no SSDT on the DMG for with board on the DMG so you are not booting with a SSDT from me.

        • Before I post my EFI folder, I must ask a noob question… Is it dangerous to post the folder online? i’ll remove UUID’s from the clover config file (I just used uuid-gen) but are there any other sensitive docs or lines that I should omit? I’m thinking that specifically it could have serials for my hardware…?

        • Dont touch a Thing. Email it to me:

  17. Hello Andrew,

    I stuck at step3, cuz the shortcut of 10.10 Kernel Only is broken,
    I can’t reach the right folder, could u provide another way to reach the kernel folder, thanks a lot.

  18. Ok i misunderstood.
    Anyways, is there anything i can do to help, i have a x99-e WS and it´s just sitting there, so if u need a “testsubject” id be happy to assist. Just tell me what to do

  19. Hello,

    I was wondering if any support for the ASUS Z10PE-D8 was pending (2011-3 socket). I want to build a system with this motherboard and 2 Xeon E5-1650 v3 processors. I’m completely new to installing OSX on a non-OSX system and found some guides already, but nothing for this motherboard. Sorry for this newbie question 😉

    Best regards!


  20. Thanks Andrew fort your work.
    My rampage v works perfectly.
    The last dmg enabled my bluetooth but do you know how tout activate handoff? I try to modify the kext with a command I found on internet but I got a efi boot problem with clover.

  21. Hi,

    Trying to install Yosemite 10.10.1 on asus x99 deluxe and i7 5820, but when booting the drive I get “couldn’t allocate runtime area” error.

    I installed the system using my macbook air on a drive, then modified it using instructions and files from x99 DMG file in this post (steps 1-4).

    I set bios to ‘other OS’ but I can’t disable CSM as I have Radeon 6870 card. Could this be the reason or am I doing something else wrong?

    Booting with kext_dev=1 and npci=0x2000

    Can someone help? Thank you in advance

  22. After deleting all KEXTs with *Bluetooth it boots.

    Here’s the error message. I have no bluetooth device attached..

    Heres the error message

    • Hung on the GPU I believe.

      • After disabling the serial Port in Bios it works with the kexts. I’m not so sure it was connected to the GPU. Maybe USB Ports? Thanks for your replay anyways.

        One other thing which isn’t working now: Audio. The *.command file for x99 in your Dmg doesn’t fix it for me. Is there a new version for 10.10.1 or something like that?

        • Okay, I found your post over at Insanelymac and your posted AppleHDA. It works with that one. Awesome.

          Only problems remaining:

          – Waking from sleep doesn’t work over USB/Bluetooth. Screen stays black. When using the power button: 50% success rate.

          – SATA Ports are only detected as Generic ones. Don’t know if thats a bigger issue.

        • I dont support sleep. Also sleep is not supported on x99 at all at this time.

          SATA is fine.

  23. I wand to install 10.9 on X99-UD4, i7 5820k
    Install can not get past the root device uuid ++++++++ (with general kexts nor kexts from x99 dmg). No amount of boot flags help.
    Or do I need another mac to install it? From the guide I thought this is only needed for 10.10..

    • Please read the first paragraph in the Install Guide as it is apparent you skipped reading it. Read that and it will all be clear. Best of luck.

      • well the first paragraph states “as Clover Kernel injection does not currently support Mac OS X 10.10. This includes x99 and AMD based systems.” – But I don’t want to install 10.10?

        If this being the case then rather it should read “as Clover Kernel injection does not currently support Osx 10.10 and/or X99 or AMD systems.”

  24. Hey Andrew, do you know if the memory map issues with clover/x99-e WS will be resolved?

  25. You are a mastermind!
    Here, have a donation in advance.

  26. Hi,
    I just recently purchased a workstation with
    Asus Rampage V , intel 5820K,
    ZOTECH GTX 660 / GTX 970 SLI
    corsair 4×4 16GB
    2 x 250GB Corsair SSD for windows/mac

    i downloaded the yosemite_zone and made a usb bootable, which does boot, but goes blank after its starts in verbose mode.

    need help urgent.

    Thanks a ton in advance…

    • Please READ the first paragraph in the Installation Guide as it seems you have skimmed the guide instead of READING it. Once you do that it will make sense why you saw what you did.

  27. I have the thing up and running (mighty fine, almost)
    Had to do the installation route by uni-uknowhat, clover installer just did not do for Yosemite (on MB Air, Mavericks did fine…). After install I went directly for Clover.
    But now I don’t have TRIM (did the IOAHCIBlockStorage patch in clover conf) and the weird part is – Clover boot flags are “npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1” (also in EFI/Clover/config.plist) but when I do nvram boot-args in terminal, it’s only “nvda_drv=1” so no kext-dev-mode it seems… But sudo nvram MyVar holds a test value so nvram is working (with EmuVariableUefi-64.efi)… What gives?

    • Broken install method. Will not debug.

      • But why is this install method “broken”, what’s broken exactly? Anyway I went this route because Clover USB installer just could not get past “waiting for root device” with any amount of flags on my MBAir (10.10.1). I’ve read that’s because usb3 but the Air only has usb3…

      • What’s exactly confusing here? Asked just 2 things – what’s broken in the install method I used and why won’t clover install with mbAir (waiting for root device)..

  28. also RAM shows as DDR3 in sys report but this is purely cosmetic right?

  29. Hi Andrew,

    This is my 2nd mHackintosh with clover and I have a problem that i can’t solve.

    Her i my config :
    gigabyte ga-X99-UD4
    i7 5930k
    32 gb ram
    2 gtx 970 evga

    I installed yosemite with no problem with just one gpu. After I installed the 2nd gpu, i can’t boot, I have this message :
    OsxAptioFixDrv: Allocaterelocblock : can not allocate relocation block (0X166189 pages below 0X100000000) : not found

    I tried with osxaptio2drv, boot flag slice=0, I rebuilded the kernel, and I still have this problem.
    I don’t understand what is the problem, with just one gpu yosemite works perfectly.

    The problem was already there before i install nvidia’s drivers.
    my boot args are :
    npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1

    Any ideas ?

  30. I just did a clean install again.
    I followed the instructions on dmgreadme.pdf :
    from section 1 step 1 to section 4 step 4, the ssd where yosemite is installed is connected to my macbook with usb.
    Then I connect the ssd in my hackintosh and add the boot flag nv_disable=1, it works with 1 gpu, I try with the 2nd gpu and I have this message again. I don’t know what to do…

  31. Ok, thanks ! so I will wait that clover uefi works for 2 gpus with my motherboard.

  32. Hi bro, first sorry my engilsh and i want say u thanks 🙂 last night i find your site and i so like your work for Mac. i buy new a mainboard ASUS X99 deluxe but i have a problem i first try mac for me. last night i download 10.10.2 but your x99 DMG patch kernel i cant find 10.10.2 i how can find 10.10.1 app or when u ready for 10.10.2 DMG ? thanks bro see you

  33. Hello there , i got x99 soc force with 5960x and r9 280x i can’t boot at all , i stuck at pci configuration begin or still waiting for device , i tried npci=0x300 or 2000 -v -s –x all commands and still nothing even removing ram / disabling stuff from bios / downgrade processor / running cpus=1 removing all pci stuff / hdds disabling sata / etc . does someone tried this 5960x ? can someone tell me if this processor with 8 core is compatible with yosemite or maverick? thank you

  34. Hi Everybody I have : Asus x99-deluxe I7 5960x EVGA GTX 980 Corsair Vengeance 2800 x 16gb Yosemite

    I have everything working via Clover but only on first boot. After restart I get OsxAptiFixDrv memory alloc error regardless of how I try to boot. The only way to get it to boot again is to boot the drive in another machine and manually rebuild kext caches. Then it will boot 1 time until restart. When it does boot the first time I use npci=0x2000, nvda_DRV=1, kext-dev-mode=1 but when I get the error I’ve tried just about every boot flag including slide=0.

    After some googling it seems the solution would be to use OsxAptiFixDrv2 instead of OsxAptiFixDrv however my machine will only boot with OsxAptiFixDrv not the OsxAptiFixDrv2.

    Anybody have any ideas?? So close to having a perfect hackintosh just can’t reboot because of this. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • How did you install Mac onto the Drive?

      • The only way I could get it to install was on another machine using ub. Once it booted I followed rampage guide and switched everything over. Then I would install web drivers on this machine and reboot to a perfect system using nvda_drv=1. Its only when I reboot again that I get the error. Thanks for your response.

        • Cant help debug as you used a unsupported method that was used and is broken as well. Wait until the updated guide coming next week just for x99.

        • Had the same problem you do. Waiting on Andrew’s updated guide before I go forward, but it definitely has something to do with the Nvidia web drivers – something I need for my GTX Titan!

          I have a friend of mine working on my machine right now, as I’m busy with a lot of post-production. Haven’t confirmed yet, but it seems like a combination of the latest Clover and Nvidia driver might fix the problem… but I want to wait for the update guide & 10.10.2 before I get him to do too much work.

        • Hey Captain134
          I’m having the exact same issue and OsxAptiFixDrv2 didn’t fix it. I have a x99 deluxe + EVGA GTX970. Did you manage to fix this?
          Cheers – p

  35. For the record I was able to get around the issue by setting my boot drive as first boot priority and setting clover to autoboot the drive. So from power on, I would not touch anything and it would boot the drive properly.
    I am also waiting patiently for an updated guide. Hopefully someday we can boot a clover created Yosemite USB key. Thanks for everyone’s work/help.

  36. Can’t get audio to work with clover and your guide on x99A Asus. In IOReg no HDEF/HDAU only @1B. What script am I supposed to use. Instructions unclear.


  37. Hi Andrew,

    Build :-

    Info :-
    1. Windows 8.1 pre-installed in the SSD
    2. Empty 1 Tb HDD
    3. Looking to install MacOSX in the empty HDD and dual boot with my pre-installed windows 8.1
    4. Using Yosemite 10.10.2

    Steps Followed :-

    1. Followed the following tutorial to install MacOSx on the empty HDD and works fine.
    2. Once installation is done, logged into the system and installed clover on the HDD to set up the boot loader correctly.
    3. Installed everything properly from X99.dmg except for the kexts from step 2 8 core folder since am running 6 core.
    4. copied 10.10.1 kernel to the kernel folder. But am using 10.10.2, tried even without it by selecting the option from kernel_pm from clover Configurator.
    5. Pre nVidia web driver installation system boots up but very laggy.

    Issues :-

    1. Framing screen, very laggy (pre nvidia webdriver installation).
    2. Checked in clover Configurator, it loaded the config.plist from x99.dmg which is copied over to the EFI folder. It injected Intel instead of nVidia
    3. Installed the latest web driver and used nvda_drv=1. The computer stops booting and throws kernel panic error.

    Any thoughts on fixing the framing screen ? and how to fix it.

  38. Hello, Adrew,

    What do you think about micro ATX GigaByte GA-X99M-Gaming 5 I plan to buy.
    It looks like almost the same as GA-X99-Gaming 5 version. Will it work using existing X99 DMG?

    I also plan GTX 760 6GB or two of them, looks like it is fully supported now.

    Thank you!

  39. Hi Andrew,

    I’m going to try to build a Hackintosh using an Asrock X99 Extreme4 motherboard. Since that board is not included in your X99 DMG, I’ll try to create the SSDT.aml myself. To do that, however, it looks to me that I can’t use the ssdtPRGen script, since that script uses a tool that uses the Foundation and IOKit API’s to extract the ACPI tables.

    I can however use AIDA64 to create the SSDT (and also a DSDT and video BIOS dump) in Windows. Will those files be ok? And would it make sense to use the DSDT.aml file for my system and the video BIOS as well? Where should I put those files?

    I have a Mac Mini to do the initial install, and I have Windows 8.1 64-bit and Arch Linux running on the PC that will become the Hackintosh. If I can get it to work, I’d be happy to create a DMG for this motherboard so you can put it up here as well.

    My system specs, to be complete:
    Asrock X99 Extreme4 (BIOS P1.60)
    16GB DDR4
    MSI GTX970 4GB

    • No. Stop. Backup. Please read my post from a few weeks ago about what the SSDT’s on the DMG are. They have nothing to do with PM as you are think they do. SSDT for PM is only a very small Portion of what SSDT’s are used for.

      Once the System is installed send me a IOREG and DSDT extact. This will make sense after reading my post.

      • Hi Andrew,

        Hmm, you’re confusing me. Are you saying that I need to install 10.10 on my Mac Mini first, then transfer that disk to the hackintosh PC, boot using Clover and then create an IOREG & DSDT extract on that PC to send to you?

        I’m confused about the chronology. I’m reading the PDF in the X99 DMG => is this all post-install?

        If I understand correctly, then to install an X99 hackintosh using your guide, I should:
        1) follow steps 1-3 from the guide (on the Mac Mini)
        2) execute step 1 from the X99 DMG PDF instead of steps 4 & 6 from your guide (on the Mac Mini)
        3) execute step 5 from your guide (on the Mac Mini)
        4) transfer the install drive from the Mac Mini to the hackintosh PC
        5) execute steps 6-11 from your guide on the hackintosh PC
        6) create IOREG & DSDT extract on hackintosh pc and send them to you
        7) execute steps 2-5 from the X99 DMG PDF on the hackintosh PC with an SSDT.aml that you will send me or using a X99 DMG created by you for my motherboard

        Is that correct, or have I completely lost you?

  40. Andrew what i need to do with
    core i7 5960x
    gtx 960

    you can give premium support ?

  41. you said:
    2. After using the DMG after install go to:


    3. Remove:


    but what i need to put there ? only delete it?

  42. @Eliran: Yes, you just have to delete the file

  43. if i run the clover with flags : kext-dev-mode=1 -v -x -f cpus=1 npci=0x2000 nvda_drv=1 nv_disable=1

    it’s stuck on apple logo and give me restart

    • This is not a À la carte menu in regards to boot flags. Please only use the ones in the Install Guide. Also this is not the place to use foul language or name banned install methods.

  44. If you see the Apple logo, then the -v option was not registered (nor were the other options). You should be seeing text instead of a logo. Make sure you’re booting with the right parameters, and report what the last thing is you see if the boot hangs at a certain point.

    Furthermore, you’re telling the bootloader to include AND to exclude NVidia drivers at the same time, that won’t work. Use only nv_disable=1 until you have been able to boot and install the Nvidia web drivers. Once the web drivers are installed, remove nv_disable=1 and replace it by nvda_drv=1.

  45. i do
    -v nv_disable=1 npci=0x2000
    it show me this:

    and after few second it’s do restart

  46. Hi
    about the gigabyte x99m gaming 5, even its untested,
    it is possible with a premium help to make it hackable (with yosemite)?.



  47. good day Andrew.
    Can i go ahead and follow your instructions to install MAVERICKS osx on my ASUS X99 deluxe board?
    I have 2 SSDs. one has windows 8.1 pro. other is for OSX.
    Geforce gtx 970 evga
    RAM is 16gb DDR4 corsair.

    Can i install mavericks on x99?


  48. Have there been any attempts (besides my own) at the EVGA x99 FTW mobo? I have only been able to boot my installer or installed partition using npci=0x2000 and -x. Would like to get away from -x. It seems to me that clover is not an option with this board. No post install boot loaders are working on the installed partition..

  49. My setup FYI:

    Gtx 670
    8gb 2400 ddr4
    EVGA x99 FTW

  50. Thanks, could you respond to the message just before for the one one you did? I only posted my hardware in a second message because I forgot to put it in the original post. I have tested and just wanted to see if you had any tips.. I can only boot with -x and the graphics are bad (likely because of -x) and no boot loaders installed to the installation will boot the drive of itself..I have to use the install usb to get the boot menu.

  51. So glad I found this resource, being told everywhere that I should not have bought the Gigabyte X99-UD5 WIFI Intel X99 (Socket 2011) DDR4 ATX
    Motherboard and Intel 5930K 3.50GHz (Haswell-E) Socket LGA2011-V3 Processor for use as a hackintosh and that even if I get it t run osx it wont run at it’s full potential…, is this true ? Or with the help and information on this page can I get it working to it’s full potential ?

  52. Hi Andrew,

    I recently got my new system setup.

    Rampage V Extreme
    Matrix Platinum GTX 980

    My question is I updated the bios to 1201. Will I be able to install Yosemite with your Clover guide and X99 DMG? Or do I need to wait for your next DMG release?

    Thank you

  53. Hi,

    I am thinking of getting Titan Z for my rampage V / 5960x built.
    Does anyone know if this card would work?

  54. Hi Andrew,

    This is my first ever hackintosh.

    ASUS X99-Deluxe (1502 BIOS 2015/03/06)
    GTX 970

    I have installed 10.10.2 on to an SSD via real Macbook Pro (using UEFI USB Installer). So now, BEFORE I even connect/install the SSD into the X99 system I need to follow your X99 guide and actually boot into the new Yosemite install (while SSD is mounted on the real Macbook Pro), install Clover onto the corresponding SSD, throw in the kexts, patch the kernel (use the perl command) and finally copy in the SSDT.aml for X99-DELUXE nvidia.

    I’m assuming that once the original Yosemite install is modified as above it will no longer boot on the Macbook Pro that what used during the install due to the kernel patch and additional kexts?

    Thanks again for all your hard work


    • You can do a native install with your config.

      • I did try native install (using UEFI USB Mac Installer) first but just keeps rebooting at the second “PCI Configuration Begin”

        boot flags -v npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1

        CSM is disabled.

        I’m assuming this is GPU related (Asus STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5)

        • Hi Steve,

          I had same setup, except gtx 970 was evga. processor was the 5820k.

          U have to add the nv_disable=1 to your boot args and that will solve the reboot.

  55. as well as the cpus=1.

    • Thanks for the info Greg but still no luck with adding cpus=1 and nv_disable.

      cpus=1 just leaves it stuck on “PCI configuration begin”…no change even after 30 minutes so I don’t think anything is happening.

      Did you use all the kexts (8 of them) from the X99 DMG in order to boot from USB?

      • Have the same problem here. Instant reboot at “PCI configuration begin” with standard config: “npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1”. Used OS X: 10.10.2, CPU: i7 5960X, motherboard Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 (firmware F12), different Nvidia graphic cards (no change at all by changing the GPU).

        Kext loaded on USB Stick in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10 are:
        AppleACPIPlatform.kext (from folder “10.10 8 Core Only”)
        IOPCIFamily.kext (from folder “10.10 8 Core Only”)
        GenericUSBXHCI.kext (from folder “USB 3.0 Kext”)

        Adding “cpus=1 -x -f nv_disbale=1” will stuck on “PCI configuration begin” with no reboot.

        • You can not do a native install on a Hack with that CPU. Install 10.9.5.

        • Hi Andrew! Thanks for your answer. Creating right now the installer USB stick with 10.9.5. Never thought on trying 10.9 instead of 10.10.
          General question: can I install Yosemite 10.10 (10.10.2?) after successful 10.9.5 installation? Update/upgrade?
          Thanks a lot!!!

        • Hi again Andrew! Bad news… exact same issues with 10.9 here. System starts from USB stick (“npci=0x2000 kext-dev-mode=1 -v”) and at “PCI configuration begin” it reboots without additional message… so same issue as under 10.10 🙁

        • This is a 8 core issue. Kexts are provided on the DMG for this but you need to install on a real mac sadly.

        • What do you mean by “for this but you need to install on a real mac sadly”? I’ve put the kext’s AppleACPIPlatform.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext from your X99.dmg into the “/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10” (or “/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.9” for Mavericks) folder of the INSTALLER USB Stick.

        • They won’t load. Clover can’t over-ride the stock ones.

        • Andrew, is this the same issue you are hoping is resolved with the kexts in 10.10.3?

        • Hi Andrew!
          Thanks a lot for your help. Everything worked like a charm. Installed 10.9.5 on HDD over my iMac. Put the HDD after following your guide (patch, kext’s… Etc) into the X99 Hackinstosh and … Voila!
          Knowing that, your install guide is perfect. As “newbie” the guide is not so clear. Perhaps you can update your guide to be more precise. I guess some words will do the trick and will save you from the same questions again and again 😉

          PS: do you think the 8core will ever work with Yosemite?

        • It does work great under Yosemite!! Just installed it in the same way with 10.10.1 🙂 8 Core i7 5960X, Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 … runs great!
          You did a great work Andrew… thanks a lot.
          P.S: just audio is not working… never mind 😉

  56. Andrew,

    Thanks, finally got OSX running but I went with the native route and installed 10.9.5. Don’t want to go thru the trouble swapping drives and having GPU fans screaming all the time.

    Currently experiencing the following issues:

    1. Could not find system/library/kernels to copy the patched kernel
    2. No sound through HDMI or USB sound card after post install.
    3. Web Drivers will not stick and need to use nv_disable=1 to boot into OS

    i7 5960x
    Rampage V Extreme
    Matrix Platinum GTX980

    Any solutions? Thanks.

    • Your GPU is not supported under Mac OS X 10.9.5 nor is HDMI Audio.

      Please read the links in the folder on the DMG for 10.9 as you failed to read the names of the links provided. Also this step is defunct since Clover now has native patching.

  57. Oh and you must use MP 5,1 or similar. MP 6,1 boots mavs but has problems w Yosem if you use NVidia, as the web drivers will not install to 6,1 smbios. iMessage also works, including sms forwarding from iPhone.

    Good luck to all waiting to use the WS board- it is killer, when it works!

  58. Remove the SSDT…

    Hi, your using Mac OS X. Not Windows. So Stop Comparing.

  59. Hi Andrew,

    I recently built a new machine:
    Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming 7 WIFI
    i7-5820K, 32GB GSkill DDR4
    10.10.2 / Clover v2.3k_r3193

    Everything is working fine, except:
    – audio is only working with VoodooHDA.kext
    (the hda 100 patch command and the AppleHDA.kext from the DMG did not work)
    – the second LAN interface does not show up

    Do you address these issues with the updated X99 DMG, you announced this week?
    I did not install the modified kernel from the DMG, but used Clovers auto patch.
    Apart from that I followed your great guide exactly.

    Thanks and cheers

    • Failed to use the provided kexts on the DMG. Please reinstall the system and properly follow the READ ME on the DMG. Then report back with a IOREG. The system can not be debugged in its current state.

  60. is possible to install 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) on an Asus X99 Deluxe?

    thanks in advance

  61. Hi Andrew,

    I have a working Hackintosh using your guide and my specs are:

    Asus X-99 Deluxe (BIOS 1401)
    5960x CPU (stock speed)
    GTX 980
    32gb (8x 4gb) DDDR 3000mhz
    Yosemite 10.10.2

    However I’m having trouble getting past PCI Configuration begin if I try a 4ghz overlock. The overclock works in the dual boot Win 8.1 and is stable under load test so my voltage seems good. Does OS X have problems with certain multipliers/overclocking in general? Im using 32×125 as the multiplier and bus speed. Or is there something in the X-99 DMG (the SSDT?) which is dictating it find the processor at stock speeds? Thanks,

    • Your OC is bad.

      Your not understanding what a SSDT really is and is used for most of the time.

      Please read my post about SSDT’s that was posted a few weeks ago. Thank you.

      • Hey Andrew,

        You’re right – I have no idea what an SSDT is. My guess is its a file that you have created to patch certain functions of hardware so that it runs under OS X?

        I read your post and your SSDT Creation article. There is something in there that looks like it would help – the part where you set TURBO and then define the speed. If I set this TURBO setting to the speed of the overlock as displayed in the BIOS (and my voltage etc are sufficient) would I expect to proceed further with the boot?

        Thanks for your help,


        • no,no,no. To start you did not read the Section that that guide is under nor the introduction on that page. “That said a SSDT can be used for more than just Power Management.” You Need to read the guides and not just skim the guides.

          The SSDT’s on the DMG patch the Boards DSDT to address issues under Mac OS X.

        • Thanks for clarifying- my thinking was that this would be the case. So am I on the right track in terms of the TURBO setting in order to change CPU frequency?

  62. for all of you having trouble to get the Nvidia Web Driver to work after latest security update; here is the fix:
    Issue: NVDA Error / broken NVDAWebDriver after Security Update
    How to fix: Open Terminal / enter:
    sudo pico /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAStartup.kext/Contents/Info.plist
    Search for:
    change to

    then: Control+O then enter to save changes + Control+X to exit

    Then enter:
    sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel
    sudo kextcache -system-caches

    Reboot the machine – thats it

  63. Could you let me know what I would need to do in order to approach overlocking the 5960x in OS X? Is it possible? Thanks in advance, Ben

  64. Im getting an MSI X99S SLI Plus and looking to run Hackintosh with premium support, what is needed for this?

  65. i’ve installed yosemite using your guide and all is working very great and system is very useable. i had to disconnect my lg bluray burner from the motherboard because i get problems (computer auto reboot randomly). message are there is a bug with sudohelperd in the kernel messages. sata cable can be bad or port broken or a kernel bug, i have to do more test. since i disabled the port in the bios, computer never rebooted (more than 10 days uptime) and sudohelperd message disappeared.

    i got the speedstep working with disabling usb ohci in the bios… cpu temp is less than 40 celcius…

    other than that, i have to connect my speaker into the black rear connector instead the green one. is there a way to remap the colors ?

    my motherboard is asus x99-a

  66. hi andrew
    you asked me to send you my ioreg and dsdt extracted from a asrock x99 ws board so in order you could adapt you dmg. I haven’t heard anything from you since then. Any progress?

  67. Hey Andrew,

    I read you were sick right around the time (27th last month) i emailed you with all the files to add support for the EVGA X99 Classified board I’m using on Yosemite 10.10.2 right now. I hope your feeling better now I deal with a bit of health issues myself after breaking my neck in a motorcycle wreck 6 years ago and having paralysis so i understand.
    I’m going to donate really soon to keep Dev going, please let me know though if you had a chance to look at my files or if you need anything else from me.

    Thanks so much!


  68. Hey Andrew,

    Resent original files, will keep you posted on the testing of the beta files. Only thing thats different in the dsdt is I’ve added a flashed Broadcom 4322 card since but I wouldn’t figure that would hurt anything. Thanks so much for your time.

    All the best,

    • Well I mean once I get them I’ll test them immediately and get back to you with feedback 😛 Very excited to give this a whirl once you have the beta files ready.


  69. Hi!

    Thanks for the site. Just checking back to see if X99-E WS is working yet at all? It seemed like some people on the forums were reporting it working with clover…

  70. Hey there! First off, thank you so much for all of your work and time involved in this over the years. We really appreciate it. I have donated in the past and will continue to do so with every new chipset you provide us help with. I followed your X99 guide to the T I believe, followed the steps in the DMG folder. All worked perfect until I did the realtek patch. Now I cannot boot to OSX. It goes from the apple logo to the circle with the line thru it symbol. Did I do something wrong? I’m using a RVE, GTX titan cards (3) and 4 x 4 gig mem sticks at 2133.

  71. How do i post a IOREG and DSDT extract ? for my msi x99 SLI PLUS and 290x

  72. Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if I could still get the EVGA X99 Classified Beta DSDT files to test with my board? Thank you so much in advance and I’ll be paying for premium support for my two servers soon! Thanks again.


  73. Hi, I would like to install it using this method but my motherboard is a Gigabyte X99 UD3. The main difference between UD4 is the Ram allowed. Will this still work on my UD3, and if not can you please support UD3 as well? Thank you!

  74. Hey!

    Quick question..
    Is i possible to run thunderbolt2 via the Asus x99 – Deluxe?

  75. My Motherboard model is GA-X99-UD3 LGA2011-3 (Gigabyte)
    and Processor Model is Core i7 5820K 3.30 GHz with a MSI Geforce GTX 960 2GB.
    I try to install OSx 10.10 with whose Boot flag -v npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1
    but after 2 or 3 min when in black screen some text come and go up it become black and nothing show in display. (But the monitor don’t Show no Signal.)

  76. I notice that the GIGABYTE GA-X99-SOC Champion LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 is not listed. Does that mean it won’t work or that no one has tried it?


  77. Hi,
    My Specs are as follows:-
    RVE (Bios-1201) / 5960X / 16GB RAM / GTX Titan.

    I created a fresh install on a my macbook. After that I placed all the kexts in X99 DMG into Clover’s EFI kexts. After which point im stuck on “PCI configuration begin” followed by an instant restart. Do i need to patch the kernel?
    As I read above, boot the new Yosemite install on a real mac and install kexts directly to SSD instead of the on Clover / EFI / Kexts? If Im correct clover can’t patch the system with the kexts in its EFI partition under Yosemite?

    Thanks for all your help

  78. Hey Andrew,

    Its been a couple months since I last messaged and I wanted to ask you how much will you charge me for amd/nvidia ssdt’s for my evga x99 classified? Last we talked they were in beta and I really wanted to be a beta tester but even if its not finished and is still beta I’ll still pay you because this machine has been a nightmare. Ive built 13+ hackintosh machines, crashed them then fixed again but this one is crazy. I had a stable build for a few months a now not so much so anything would help me and i’ll pay. You already have my files.

    Thanks so much.


  79. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for responding so quickly, I checked my email for the BETA files and searched my spam box for your email but I could not find them. It must have been a technical issue in between us that prevented me from getting your message, like a Mail server going down or DNS or something. I appreciate your willingness to still share those with me and I will definitely give you feedback on how it goes.

    I have sent you an email which is just a variation of this message along with my original files just in case you needed them. Thanks so much for your help.

    All the best,

  80. My board is x99 gaming G1 wifi I try your DMG appleHda still no sound
    I am using clover. mac OS X 10.10.3

  81. The GA-X99M-Gaming 5 motherboard is not listed as supported, is it because its the same as the ATX version, because you just need ioreg to add support or some problem ?
    (I will maybe buy this board today and hope to get working audio with it)

  82. Hello Andrew,
    My friend just bought a new config :
    GTX 980 G1
    32GB DDR4 RAM

    The main goal is to dual boot on W7 for video editing purposes.

    We finally ended up on your guide (which is awesome btw)
    And as i tried to install with the DMG read me and all the files we got stuck on either “PCI Configuration Begin” or “still waiting for root device”

    So i read all the comments and i noticed your conversation with Andreas (March 16, 2015 at 10:25 am) in which you told him that he needed to do a fresh install on an actual Mac, on 10.9.

    Is this concerning me as well or not ? (i have an iMac on Yosemite to do so if needed)
    If so do I need to install the iMac on 10.9 as well ?

    Or did I just do something wrong ?

    lot of thanks,

    • Please read the introduction of the Install Guide. Informs you what to do. 🙂

      • “x99 Systems with a 8-Core or Higher CPU installations must be done on a non 8-core” ?
        So I have to use another computer ? (so it may not be a x99)
        Because replacing the CPU is complicated as I don’t have an other one…
        What do you recommend ? (I can look for a friend who can let me borrow his CPU)

        • Yes. USB HDD Dock on any Mac is the simple method. Can be x99 if it has a 6 core. Post install needs to be done before the drive is installed in the system.

  83. Thank you very much ! 😀
    Just to be sure :
    – Make the USB Flash Drive (so without clover)
    – Boot on he flash drive installer and install it on USB SSD Dock
    – Boot on the SSD and make the post install process from iMac
    – Plug it back to the 8-core PC and cross fingers ?

    • I also Have been attempting the X99 installation onto an 8Core and followed the instructions to a T.

      After the port install with X99 DMG on my 10.9.5 Mac Book Pro. I bring the drive to my hack build and after the clover boot loader when I select my fully installed drive I get apple load screen to load to half way then a reset.

      In the installation it refers to fixing this problem by replacing the VBoxHfs-64.efi with HFSPlus.efi
      I have done that. Both for the original USB installation as well as the installed disk.

      -v mode gets to [ PCI configuration begin] then resets

      Andrew any special help for us 8 core wannabes?

      • You did NOT follow the DMG instructions. Hence why you get that error. You need to read the set instructions and apply them. 95% of making a Hackintosh is reading.

        • Hey man,

          I really appreciate what your doing here.

          but just telling people to go back and read your instructions is really not supporting.

          I mean I read both of your instruction sets 4 times and have installed a drive from a clover bootloader 5 times each time thinking that I was missing something but reassured your instructions were what I was doing.

          Do you have anything better than just “re-read my instructions”

        • Because thats the issue.

          You did not install the 8 core only kexts. Thats why its hung. If you don’t do exactly as the instructions tell you how to install the kexts you will have this issue as well.

          The idea behind the DMG and Documentation is self education so that one does not need to rely on someone for every step/item/issue etc. Do nott take it personally. From March:

  84. But I did install the 8 core kexts.

    Both by putting them into the EFI/EFI/Kext/10.10 sub folder (which is the osx I’m installing)

    But also by using your kext helper easy install while on the mac book pro.

    Nobody is asking for full 24/7 support we know you don’t have the time for that. But if your going to take the time to respond to a post, and you know how this shit works. just tell us instead of redirecting us to your guides that aren’t even 100% user friendly.

    • You did not follow the guide at first since you installed them in Clover’s Kext Folder on the system drive which is not in the READ ME.

      Now did you remove the Cache from the Drive after running Kext Helper? This is talked about right here on the x99 DMG page.

      As for the Guides they are fine based on how many people use the guides per users with issues is very low. That said we are always improving the Documentation and Guides so if you have something to say about something specific please share :).

      • Yes I did remove the Kernelcache at System/Library/Caches/

        Are you saying having the Kext files in Clovers Kext folders would cause this issue?

        • Yes. Clover can have issues replacing Kexts that already exist which in your case is the Roll Back Kexts.

          Only have the Kexts installed in SLE or at the min. the Roll Back Kexts. This is why in the READ ME on the DMG I instruct to use KEXT HELPER B7 to install the Kexts into SLE. Its a old program but works perfectly for are needs.

    • Try resetting your bios to defaults if you’ve made any changes there

  85. Went through the proccess twice again today.

    Just used the kext helper on the installed drive, and removed the Kernelcache directly after.

    Still giving me [PCI configuration begin] on the verbose start up on my 8core.

    Tried one installation with the VBoxHfs-64.efi still on the installed drive and another installation with the HFSPlus.efi in place of it instead. Both continue to reboot and never make it past [PCI configuration begin]

    Any other thoughts?

    Can I get a head count, has anyone successfully gotten this method to work on an 8 core machine?

    • The other files are unrelated. What is the BIOS version and exact model motherboard. Very odd you are having this issue still.

      About 100 users and 10 systems myself using this method on many different boards with the 8 core.

  86. read through the comments section on the x99 dmg and install OS X guides. people have had the same issues and the answers are there!

  87. Bios Version: F9

    GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD5 WIFI LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard

  88. Ok, I found my issue.

    It was the Graphics Card (EVGA 04G-P4-3975-KR GeForce GTX 970 SSC ACX )

    I used the bootflag nv_disable=1 and it got me in.
    Then I searched NVIDIAS 10.10.3 driver and installed it.
    Only thing I had to do after that was add nvda_drv=1 to my boot flag (added by clover configurator) and I am bootable.

    Now Wifi is not working (was on ethernet before). But I read above that wifi was going to be fine based on the kexts installed.

    Is there anything I need to change in the configurator? or download a driver for?

  89. I DID IT !!!
    Gigabyte GA-X99-UD7
    Intel i7 5960x
    Gigabyte GTX 980 G1

    It works perfectly if you carefully follow every step !

    Except I haven’t been able to fix Audio….

    Thank you soooooo much Andrew 😀

  90. Thanks for this, just got my X99-A / 5820k build working thanks to you – wake from sleep included! I donated what I could to show my gratitude.

    For the last year I have been running 10.10 on my Hackintosh, first with Chameleon then later on with Clover, however I used a different method which unfortunately left me with inconsistent booting due to mem map issues, no wake from sleep, unable to update without breaking my build, and random crashes/kernel panics. Due to not starting with a clean install when applying this guide I ran into plenty of problems (all because of me), but it was worth it as most of these issues are now fixed using your setup, so thanks a lot!

    For people having issues with post-install, he’s not kidding when he says ‘follow the guide exactly’. I ran into many different issues mentioned in comments, and not once was the solution to modify any of the files provided, or to add additional kext/efi drivers/config settings. If you’re certain you followed the guide and it’s settings exactly, most likely the problem has nothing to do with any drivers or configs provided by the drivers.

    Some tips if you are stuck like I was:
    – Try boot flags explained in guide, but only change one thing at a time or you won’t know what did what.
    – Update BIOS firmware
    – Unplug anything that isn’t essential to booting.
    – Boot into installer and clear kernel cache.
    – Retry without anything essential to running the machine, like bluetooth or usb3.0 kexts
    – Compare the size of kexts you have installed vs ones provided in installer. If the sizes are different, you are not using the same kext.
    – Your kexts should be in S/L/E as outlined by the guide. I think maybe some people assume that putting them in CLOVER/kexts/10.10 is the same thing, but I can assure you it’s not: the config.plist here uses InjectKexts=Detect which only injects kext if FakeSMC is non-existent in kernel cache. Just another example of why to follow everything exactly to the tee.
    – Oh yeah, and it doesn’t hurt to read the actual clover wiki to understand how it works and what all the driver efi drivers and config settings do:

  91. I wanted to say thank you for the x99 info here. I’m using an MSI X99S Mpower board and a 5930k. I fought with cloverALC/realtekALC trying to get audio to work which I never did. Someone over at IM pointed me to an AppleHDA.kext I had already downloaded but forgot about! It was the one in your x99 DMG. My audio is now working. It will work for now, but I would like to get the install back to a 100% vanilla state. It is the only “3rd party” kext I had to use.

    I see you have “MSI” listed but sadly no boards, I would like to help change that, I’m about to start looking through your guides one DSDT’s and SSDT’s and hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out and get more functions of this board working. If you would like to look into it as well let me know what info I can extract and send you. I’m primarily a Linux user so if I can extract any info from there that may help let me know.

    • Its not 3rd party. Its from Apple… You have a misconception of what 3rd party is and you are using more then 1 3rd party driver and that is a fact.

      Please Email me a DSDT extract and IOREG and I can add support for your board.

      • Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. I know exactly what 3rd party actually means.. I was simply using the term loosely to refer to installed hackintosh kexts or hacked kexts in general. What I meant was that I would prefer do all of my kext mods via injection/patching with clover.

        My last few PC’s were AMD builds which required A LOT of messing around with the OS to work and I would have to re-do “hacks” after an update would break something due to over writing a custom kext or dylib that had to be modifed.

        I’ll shoot you an email with those files shortly.

  92. Hi Andrew
    I want to build a High Power Mac with the following components:
    – Intel® Core™ i7 (i7-5930K) 6 x 3.5 GHz Hexa Core Sockel: Intel® 2011-3 140 W
    -Asus Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX970 Strix Overclocked 4 GB GDDR5-RAM DVI, HDMI™, DisplayPort
    – Crucial Ballistix Sport BLS4C8G4D240FSA 32 GB 4 x 8 GB DDR4-RAM 2400 MHz CL16
    … are they working with the Mac 10.10.x OS
    THX for answer, Günter

  93. Hello !
    Are you gonna add support for MSI Motherboards like the MSI X99s SLI PLUS which is very famous ? Because I’m gonna build a Hackintosh and I think that’s a very powerful mb.
    Thanks !

  94. Thanks for putting this together. I just noticed bluetooth gets a little dicy during a Wifi transfer. Any headway stabilizing BT yet?

    • It will never work correctly. Onboard BT has always been flaky and for the most part useless. Buy a $5 dongle and forget about onboard.

      We provide the kexts required to enable x99 onboards that have onboard BT because x99 DMG is BETA and for experimental use.

  95. So, I had a question regarding the build. I was thinking pretty hard whether I should select a Gigabyte version or an Asus version of motherboard. Then I saw that the Asus X99 was offering more features then the Gigabyte. But the only question is will it run Mac OS X, I mean will it work in a Hackintosh build ?

    • Asus x99-Deluxe and the Asus X99-A are the best boards at this time for the price for a x99 based Hackintosh. Keep in mind that x99 is considered experimental and has some issues.

  96. Is there anything we can do to get the audio working after sleep? Currently that’s the only thing that effects the sleep, when I wake the computer up the audio doesn’t work and I need to reboot. (Asus X99-A)

  97. Hi Andrew!

    I see you listed the GA-X99-Gaming 5. Would there E-ATX also be covered here as well? It’s model number is GA-X99-Gaming 5p. I look forward to trying this method!

  98. Hi Andrew
    I want to build a High Power Mac with the following components:
    Grafikkarte EVGA Nvidia® GeForce™ GTX970 SSC ACX 2.0 4 GB GDDR5-RAM DVI, HDMI™, DisplayPort

    Mainboard Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 Sockel Intel® 2011-3 Formfaktor E-ATX Mainboard-Chipsatz Intel® X99

    Prozessor (CPU) Boxed Intel® Core™ i7 (i7-5930K) 6 x 3.5 GHz Hexa Core Sockel: Intel® 2011-3 140 W

    PC-Arbeitsspeicher Kit Crucial Ballistix Sport BLS4C8G4D240FSA 32 GB 4 x 8 GB DDR4-RAM 2400 MHz CL16

    … are they working with the Mac 10.10.x OS
    THX for answer, Günter

    • Please be aware that x99 is still in BETA stages of Mac OS X. All the hardware listed does work but if you need a 100% stable Work Station the go with a x79 platform.

  99. Hi,
    I have an E5-2630 V3 , but I haven’t purchase a motherboard for it yet, since I am considering if I should choose X99 or C612.
    Is there a kernel patch for C612?
    I’m currently thinking about purchasing SuperMicro’s X10DAX.

    And would Gigabyte’s X99 motherboard works less problematic than ASUS?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Chipset has nothing to do with the kernel.

      Gigabyte boards have more issues and less options. Please don’t have a close mindset when you come here that another site try to force feed to people. 🙂

  100. hi andrew. thank you for your hard work. my question is: for now, which is the best x99 motherboard choice?
    should i go with asus (which model) or gigabyte or msi?
    i’m asking your personal opinion.

  101. Asus X99 Sabertooth TUF Board info:

    Thank you Andrew for helping me get my X99 Sabertooth up and running a few weeks ago… Greatly appreciated.

    I however wanted to include a tip with anyone else trying to install on the newest Asus flagship board: Disable the serial port in BIOS. I could NOT boot OS X without this disabled. I have 3 PCI devices also (2xGPU and a PCI x1 Offical Apple Wifi/BT card), and I’m not sure if that had something to do with it, but I would imagine someone out there might run into the same problem.

    10.10.5 is running well! No new problems! Thanks for the new SSDT RampageDev! I will donate again!

  102. hi guys.
    just to share that i have a working system here, following rampagedev instructions.
    andrew suggested me the asus x99 deluxe but my girlfriend give me rampageV extreme as gift….i’m a lucky boy!
    so, my specs:
    rampag V extreme
    5960x i7
    gtx 980ti

    the curios thing is that, for now, it seems that i have not the mem map issue, even if i have 4 pci express connected (1gpu, 1 wi-fi bt card, 2x apple pci express ssd).
    probably thanks to the latest asus bios update? 1601, dated 13-08-2015

    • The BIOS or the board has nothing at all to do with Mem Map issue so please STOP thinking that way as it is bad to do so. Also it seems you do not have a understanding of the issue actually is. Its the size of the drivers. You have 2 devices that use the same driver as onboard SATA so no extra driver loaded. You have a 4 liter bucket and you have 3.95 liters of water. You install a extra device or another driver and now you have 4.01 liters which is to much for the container and now it overflows. Same with the drivers.

      • thank you andrew for the explanation. now is a lot more clear.
        reading at the clover ticket i found this “the error is stemming a firmware bug distributed to X99 motherboard manufacturers”.
        so i thought it was bios related

    • Hi Alex,

      I have the same setup as your’s. I am having trouble getting the system to boot. Could you please tell me how you got your system to work? I was able to get it 10.10.3 on this system to work. But now can’t use the same method to get 10.10.5 to start. I already installed Yosemite onto an SSD with a macbook pro and installed Clover, copied config.plist, kexts, and SSDT. Moved the SSD back into the rig and entered boot.arg:
      -v npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1
      -v -x -f npci=0x2000 nv_disable kext-dev-mode=1
      But gets stuck at “PCI begins configuring” and reboots….

  103. hi andrew.
    few little issue here on my rampage V extreme.
    1. despite i set bios ram speed at 3000, mac OS X 10.10.5 continues to show me 2400mhz. i tried both xmp profile and manual set up.
    2.little bugs with usb 3.0 back ports (i think they are driven by asmedia chipset). often when i plug in a peripheral, it doesn’t load, so i have to restart my system. often when i connect for example a new peripheral, the first peripheral doesn’t work anymore, i have to disconnect and to plug in again to have it working.
    sorry for my english.
    ps guys, andrew has made and is making a great job for all of us. so, please, make a donation. it doesn’t matter how much money you give, but i think it is important to give.

    • 1. In the Clover Config file set TRUST to true. (Cosmetic items are NOT issues 🙂 )
      2. These might be using the Apple Driver which is being updated in 10.11. Might have to live with this for the time being.

      That should cover your questions.

  104. thank you andrew.
    in my config.plist i don’t have any key set to trust.
    all are set to true.
    so i don’t understand what i have to modify to correct this cosmetic issue

  105. hi andrew.
    one noob question for you: i know that x99 has no a full support to power management, almost until apple adds support for this (maybe when they will release a new mac pro).
    the question is: this fact can in any way damage or decrease cpu life length?

  106. Is the 5820K, ASUS X99 SABERTOOTH, Non-Reference GTX 980 ti supported?
    The 980ti I intend to buy would either be the EVGA 980ti Classified, 980 ti STRIX ,Gigabyte 980ti Windforce or GIGABYTE 980 ti G1 Gaming Windforce are my options at this point. I would buy any one of them.
    Would it work ?
    Is SLI supported?

  107. When is SKYLAKE Support coming?

  108. hi andrew.
    just to share something.
    i found out that, using the stock usb3 kext from apple, peripherals work much better instead of using the generic kext provided with the dmg. using the 3rd party kext some peripherals are not recognized and i have to plug and replug. others (infrared sensor) are not recognized at all.
    the only issue using the vanilla kext from apple is that, if you put hackintosh on sleep, you will have black screen after the wake up.
    i hope it helps andrews for further improvements.
    i haven’t tried dart=x or anything. can you help me andrew or do you thing we have simply to wait for 10.11 which contains updated kexts?

  109. Hi Andrew,

    First of all thank you for all your hard work.

    I have a x99-ud4 board with i7-5820k and gigabyte r9 280x.
    I followed all of your instructions. I had issues with Audio but then used the applehda.kext which made it work.

    Only issue I have at this moment is that the system freezes whenever I use the internet be it safari or any other browser. Sometime right away or in a while. Clicking the download folder from the dock and sometimes using the app store does the same thing.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you, Bonny

    • Can you post a IOREG. Thank you.

      • Hey, thank you for your reply. I think I have a faulty graphics card because it I was getting same issues once I installed windows. Under windows I would get messages saying AMD driver crashed….

        I will be installing and trying a new card today and report back the outcome.

        Thank you again!

      • Hi Andrew,

        It seems that the graphics card was defect and the new one has no issues.

        Though I have noticed another issue when the system goes to a deep sleep. When I wake it up the screen doesn’t come up. I’ll have to unplug and replug the monitor but even then I only the message PM notification timeout.

        Is this something I have to live with or did I do something wrong?

        Thank you,

  110. Hey Andrew,
    I finally got the install working with using the FakeSMC and NullCPUPowerManagement kexts in clover and also the ethernet works after Step 3. After Reboot, patching audio and rebooting the audio didn’t work so I tried the Debug/AppleHDA.kext by placing it in the clover kext folder, but that also doesn’t work. How do I get the audio working on my X99-A? Also there is no audio device recognised in system report.

  111. Andrew,

    Not sure if I should post in this section, but I have a question regarding the Rampage V Extreme board. I saw that Asus released a new bios (1701) last week. I am wondering if I should update it. However, on the ROG forum someone posted saying that after flashing the new bios he was not able to boot into his Mac OS. Do you know if this is true?

    Thanks in advance

  112. memmap issue fixed using latest version of clover v3264!

  113. Hey!!! I’m getting a new PC and my specs are:
    Motherboard: SuperMicro C7X99-OCE (Audio: ALC1150)
    CPU: Intel Core i7-5960X
    RAM: 32GB Klevv Cras DDR4
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X (Maybe I’ll get a second one)
    SSD: Intel 750 PCIe SSD 400GB

    Do you think it’ll be compatible to Yosemite. What can I use (download) for my SuperMicro C7X99-OCE motherboard. I’ve seen you’ve got only Gigabyte and Asus software. So do you think my system will it be compatible??

    Please I hope you can help me. Thank you so much 😀

  114. Thanks for your guide, but i don’t know if someone has already written, but now on Asus X99-E-WS Clover boots…

  115. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for this amazing guide and ask you help because i am stuck at the step 2 of the DMG. Unfortunately after I installed all kext my computer is not able to boot anymore. I am about to send you an email with my system specs and my Verbose log. I hope you can help me 🙂 bye!

  116. Couple of questions regarding the X99-UD4:

    I saw the post and read through the thread about the problem booting with dual GPU’s. They were pretty old threads so I thought I’d ask whether or not this issue has been resolved.

    Also, are there any changes that would have to be made to your setup to get a 2699v3 running on the x99-ud4?

    Thank you.


  117. Nevermind my last comment…….

  118. Hi Andrew

    I have followed your guide and my build is fantastic.

    But when i benchmark it i only get 19777 with geekbench. And when i look at others with the exact same build they can reach 28xxx on hackintosh. Also in bios when i try to overclock it i dosent really work for anything over 4.12 Ghz. As when i go over the Speedstep and boost turns automatically on and when i turn then off it goes back to 4.12 Ghz. So i think i am doing something wrong.

    I turn them off because as i can read the Mac/hackintosh dosen’t support it. (i might be wrong so please let me know)

    Can you please guide me in the right direction to get the most out of my build and maybe a BIOS settings guide for my board?

    Also what does your x99 build bench with geekbench?


    MB: Asus x99 Deluxe

    CPU: i7 5820k

    Ram: 32GB (4x8GB) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black PC4-19200 (2400), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 14-16-16-31, XMP 2.0, 1.2V


    Many thanks

  119. Hi Im running the 5820K on Asus X99-A bios 1802, Nvidia GTX760 followed your instructions to the dot and system works fine with 32GB DDR4 (4x 8GB DDR4 2133) full UEFI boot.

    However after updating to 64GB RAM (8x 8GB DDR4) the system halts at “still waiting for root device” followed by a circle and cross.
    Windows detects all 64 GB and works fine

    After a restart I tired to boot with bootarg maxmem=32768 and it booted. Removed the additional 32GB (4x 8GB) and the system boots perfectly.

    At the same time with legacy bootloader it boot perfectly with 64GB.

    Could it be a clover issue? This is my 3rd X99 build 1 with a 5960x & 1 with a 5820K both on the Asus X99A, both were with 4x 8GB DDR4. So i think it maybe a clover memory map issue..

    Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks a ton guys for all the hard work & help. Would gladly make a donation to you guys

  120. Hi Andrew,

    Back in July I sent you a DSDT and an IOReg from a Gigabyte Gaming 5p (x99). Haven’t seen anything about it being included in the x99 DMG yet. I was wondering if it has already been included or is still on the to-do list.

    Thanks and I’ll donate to ya when its in 🙂


  121. I have tried every install within your site. I just can’t get this to run OS X and its frustrating.

    Asus x99 Pro
    32gb ddr4 ram

    i usually run a 970, but have a 730 i switched it out for the install.

    I have tried the usb, the install from a Uefi mac. i followed the directions to a T on both. I don’t know what else to do. I built this system just for OS X and i have put close to over a week into it and can’t make any headway. KP and it reloads. I just can’t figure this out. Any help would be amazing

  122. I’m curious to know if you still recommend the Asus X99 Deluxe for X99 builds? I would be looking to use a 5960x and a 980ti. If I understand correctly I can do all of the clover installation from a real mac onto a USB drive, and then continue after I’ve booted into said drive (still USB connection) and configured the post install?


  123. Hi – thanks for the great guide. It was the cleanest, and most straightforward way to get OSX running on my X99 motherboard (Asus Deluxe with 5820K intel chip).

    There are only two issues I’ve found, and I’m wondering if you have a solution for at least the first one:
    1. When I wake the computer from sleep, Ethernet does not work and there is no sound. Is there a solution other than shutting down when not in use?

    2. I had a weird thing where a blu-ray player kept ejecting itsself upon getting to the login screen, and the OS kept thinking I had ‘inserted’ a blank drive while the tray was out/open. LG WH14NS40. I returned the drive today, and am thinking of just getting a Sony DVD drive, but if you have any thoughts about this I’d love to hear them.

    • 1. We don’t support sleep. 🙂

      2. Old issue. Several fixes for it online.

      • 1. You’re hilarious.
        2. If you have a sec, can you post a link to anything on the DVD drive opening issue – I have been trying to find answers (I’m a good googler normally) – I have been trying insanelymac and tonymac, looking for clues. It’s not the drive – I took it back and got the Sony DVD – still doing it – and disabled it as a boot drive in the BIOS. It’s not the drive for sure, booted w/o sata cable, doesn’t open. Thanks dude, and totally get it if you have no time to respond. Thanks for all these guides. Cheers.

        • I found a fix – plugged DVD into Sata port, not Sata Express (where my friend plugged it in). Thanks. 🙂 I looked harder.

  124. Hi Andrew,

    I followed your directions on the install page for el Capitan and went to the x99 page and followed those directions. Since directly after install and even during user setupi couldn’t add Ethernet. In user setup trying to add an auto dhcp network causes a reboot.

    After going thru all the x99 steps I still can’t add an Ethernet device in system settings.

    I’m on a Gigabyte Gaming 5P and a i7-5930kk with a 900 series nVidia card.

    Anyone have ideas?

    • You need to figure out which chip your network is using (e.g Realtek, Intel, Killer etc..) then find the proper kext and place it in the EFI partition under /kexts/10.11/ to get it loaded…

      Hope this helps

  125. Hi Andrew, Happy New Year communityu!

    I’m using the ASUS Rampage V Extreme along with Core i7 5930k and ASUS Strix GTX 970. I am using Clover as bootloader with the MacPro 6,1 SMbios on 10.11.2. I have managed to unlock SIP to fix graphics issues. However, I’m stuck on getting a fix for the audio which is the ASUS Supreme FX (apparently a Realtek ALC 1150). I have used the solution provided in the x99 DMG (step4) to patch the audio but it didn’t work (if it must work in 10.11.2 someone please confirm, may I’ve erred).

    So, I have browsed over the net and with a mixture of solutions and patching (don’t remember well which one, so many were they) along with a provided SSDT3 I have manage to get audio working in el Capitan. However, when I plug earphones in the front panel, the system detects it and the sound in system preferences changes from “built in speakers” to “headphones” but no sound is outputted through the port. I am trying to extract DSDT to make ethernet “built-in” for iMessage issues as mentioned in your guides but this time, after compiling and fixing errors, I can’t save the new aml, it’s still greyed out. Lastly, any hint of how to fix USB to make ASMedia usb 3.0 on the back work?

    I would appreciate your help on this, because I will use it as my DAW for sound studies and remains at your disposal if you need for anything.


  126. hey there, thanks for your hard work. for my ga-x99-ud4, i followed your guide to the T and everything works. i used the debug applehda. however, i cannot get audio out of optical output. i see it in system preferences, but no sound. any advice?

  127. I have followed this guide with no luck, my system specs are:
    i7 5960x
    Asus rampage v extreme
    16gb corsair dominator platinum @ 3000mhz
    GTx titan x

    I have tried installing to a drive on my mac, adding kext’s .etc and installing clover post install. Although when I plug the drive into my system it hangs on “pic configuration begin”.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  128. By now is it possible to get 10.11 on 5960?

  129. Please add support for ASUS X99-E WS too. Thanks!

  130. I’m about to embark on a Clover Asrock X99 Extreme 4 boot. Is there any pointers tips you could give me as I understand this board is rather complicated and this is my first hack. I was told to give you some kind of bios information so you could make a dmg for it or something. Much thanks and it’s awesome that you do this.

  131. Any recommendations on mATX mobos? Would the Asus X99-M WS or EVGA Micro 2 work?

  132. How come? For this guy? Or because of El Cap and the way OSX is going?

    I’m happy with mine currently (and your guide is the best out there) but I am concerned of its viability with future OS updates

    • When Apple releases a new MacPro using LGA 2011-R3 CPUS the issues can be addressed then. x79 had issues as well that where not addressed until the current MacPro was released. Things take time.

  133. Hi Andrew..about Asus mainboards, X99-E-WS is working with Clover too…so we should expect updates of your DMG including compatibility for that mainboard?

    • Clover boots it now. Add hardware and it wont. We don’t support things that are not to are standards. Once it meets are standards we will support it.

      We will never release something before that happens.

  134. Should the Gigabyte GA-X99-SLI be compatible?

    • Yes, but keep in mind that x99 is considered experimental.

      • I’m getting restarts and freezes. I think it could be due to insufficient wattage from the PSU but if it’s not, is this related to not having proper power management? If so how do I sort that out?
        Here’s the parts list:

        There’s also a 4-port USB 3 PCIe card as well as a TP Link Wifi PCIe card, along with loads of USB 2/3 peripherals and drives.

        The PCPartpicker list says 538W but I ran a calculator with every component considered (Also the Strix 980 Ti is factory overclocked) and it seems that it’s either dangerously approaching the 650W or it’s just a tad over.

        Thanks for all your help! I followed your guide for my personal Z97 build.

  135. x99-a has three ssdt file in your dmg.
    nvidia, amd and unknown
    I opened files and compared.
    But I don’t know how different
    Please explain. thank you

  136. Hi Rampage my config is as follows

    Asus X99 Deluxe/U3.1
    Intel 5820
    Nvidia GT980
    Samsung 1TB Pro SSD
    32GB Cruital RAM

    Can you please tell me if this variant of the MB is supported by your X99 installation guide. Also what BIOS version and specific settings (if any) I should run for Yosemite 10.10.5 support. Thx in advance

  137. Download loops within the Website back to Installation guide – there are now DMG’s for download. Not a browser problem, I’ve tried all with Safari, Chrome, Firefox

  138. Hi Andrew,
    I would like to make a donation and obtain an SSDT for X99 sabertooth /, I’ve built several x99-A 5820/5960 systems thanks to your dmg. I’ve always used the SSDT (X99-A) you’ve enclosed in the X99dmg and was able to solve some USB3 issues. The Sabertooth has 2x Intel LAN ports was wondering if the AppleE1000.kext would work with 2x LAN Ports. Another question will be USB 3.1 with genericusbxhci. Lastly I plan to use thunderbolt and have got it working flawlessly on the x99-a. Im hoping to have X99 sabertooth will also be a breeze.

    Can you help me out.

  139. Hello Andrew,
    First of all, thank you so much for your detailed and rewarding guides!

    Asus X99-E WS / usb 3.1
    Xeon 1650-V3
    ECC ram

    Trying to make it with VT-d enabled to keep the qemu(virtualization) options on my Linux untouched, and not have to triple boot viable between OSX, Fedora and W10.

    So far, all have failed on my part.
    Any thoughts?
    Any further data you want, just ask 🙂

  140. Why isn’t x99-ud3 on the list? 🙁

    • If the board is not supported you need to contact us to work on adding it. Don’t complain because you did not do the footwork. 😉 hint hint…

      • Not complaining, genuinely wondering why it isn’t on there since it’s quite similarly to the ud4 model

        • Hint hint was for you to email us and send us the files we need to add support. 🙂

          Send DSDT and IOREG and just because a board looks the same does not mean program or wiring is even close.

  141. Hi Andrew !

    I wanted to thank you for the X99 package !

    This functions perfectly on 10.10.5 on my X99-Deluxe USB3.1 configuration.

    However, I want to know if you’ve or you planned to make a new package for 10.11.4 ?

    I’ve try with el cap but I have many problems with stability of system, usb support and my two 4K Samsung monitors (one in two, the system start with two black screens after the first boot stage and I must reboot until the screen was recognized).

    Thank-you !

    • The graphics card is an Gigabyte 980Ti

    • 10.11 does not meet are standards in regards to x99. also 10.11 is a performance down grade so there is no point in installing it. Best to wait until Apple officially starts supporting these chips.

      • Thanks for the response.

        In the x99 package is a folder X99 deluxe V1.0. Is designed for all motherboards or only old models of x99 deluxe ?

        I’m actually on El cap after upgrade Yosemite and strangely the two monitors has recognized at startup. I have also deleted the DDST.

        El Capitan is beter than Yosemite for the performance 😉

        • Ever here of file versions… 🙂

          And no. Performance is down in 10.11 for x99 and this is long accepted fact. I do this all the time and know what Apple did.

  142. Hi,
    I have the Asus Rampage V with a 5960X.
    I have an error:
    “…Error allocating 0x25ec pages at 0x000000000e249000 all oc type 2…
    Error allocating 0x800 pages at 0x000000000d800000 alloc type 2
    Error loading kernel cache (0x9)”
    any ideas what may be causing this?

  143. 10.10

  144. Hi Andrew,

    I added the Thunderbolt EX II Card onto my Asus – x99 Deluxe USB3.1 board today.
    I put it in slot 4, connected the wire to the header on the MB. In the boot menu I changed the bios on the card to : “Thunderbolt Security to Legacy.”

    I put a thunderbolt drive in and powered up, it won’t recognize the drive. Do I have to do anything on a windows partition and / or do you have instructions I could follow to get it up and running? Thanks!

    • Hi Rick Rose,

      Can you tell me if your configuration is stable with this motherboard ?
      Do you use yosemite (10.10.5) with X99 package ?
      Have-you customized some options ?
      Have-you overclock your CPU ?

      Thank-you for your help !

    • Do you have the drive on before booting?

      • In regards to the Thunderbolt not working – I was borrowing a friend’s drive to test on Friday. I don’t have it any more but I was able to connect my 24″ mini-display port up to the thunderbolt port just now (and connected the Thunderbolt card to my Nvidia graphics card) and the display works. So that’s a good sign. Basically – I want to get the Blackmagic Intensity Thunderbolt device and I want to make sure I’m not wasting my money on something that won’t work. I am more confident now…

  145. Hi Rick Rose,

    Can you tell me if your configuration is stable with this motherboard ?
    Do you use yosemite (10.10.5) with X99 package ?
    Have-you customized some options ?
    Have-you overclock your CPU ?

    Thank-you for your help !

  146. Hi Damien,

    It was stable yes. No kernel panics and boots like a charm.

    I am running 10.10.5 and followed the install documents on here exactly.

    I think it is overclocked a little. A friend set that up on the board.

    As for customized- I have an Nvidia 980, a sonnet ssata card and star tech FireWire 800 card in the machine.

    • Good to hear that!

      Can you give me your OC configuration ?

      I have some difficulties to have the asus logo at startup one in two. Do you have that problem too?


      Thank You!

  147. Yes. Made sure of that. I know that that’s one of the gotchas. Thanks for asking 🙂

  148. I have x99 deluxe and thunderbolt ok (running BIOS 0801 – old, but seems to be the one that works). I’m assuming you can boot and run OSx just fine so i’ll skip that… for Thunderbolt EXII card do this:

    Put in PCI Slot #5
    Set Slot to 4x
    Disable Fastboot
    Disable SATAExpress_E1
    Thunderbolt On
    Security Level Legacy
    Wake from TB Off
    Cache Size 128 or below
    Disable PCIX4_1 Slot
    Remove TB kexts in S/L/E
    Rebuild Caches

    Make sure drive is switched on from startup. You can mount drives once booted.

    Works well but one thing i noticed causes crashes is exporting video from Premiere to the hard drive when all the footage is on same drive. I need to export to desktop first.. maybe too much I/O .. apart from that it works.

  149. Here is someonelse with an Asrock X99m Extreme4
    I can send you the IOREG and DSDT in the next days if you like to – or if you still need it. As what i see until now, you haven’t added this motherboard to your dmg right?


  150. hey man thanks for all the guides etc. I have just finished installing El Capitan on my Asus x99-a motherboard and it booted up ok. I then went through the DMG for the x99 motherboards and when it got to step 3 after the kext install and the SSDT it then rebooted and now it is stuck on the circle with the line through it. I can’t even boot to the usb drive anymore it just hangs. any advice?



  151. ok here is an image of the verbose output after putting the -v boot flag in it’s all gibberish to me! any help much appreciated. stuck on what to do now.

  152. will this x99.dmg be updated for mac osx 10.11 el cap.

    it seems some people have a solution for i7-5960x on El Capitan.

    see here

    • Nope and we don’t support shotgun methods to make something work. We do not feel that jacking up a system to have a system boot is the right method nor meets are standards.

      • what is shotgun about the method? I understood the first post to mean the IOPCIFamily kext was compiled from source to fix i7-5960x error but then he realised by using clover kext patching instead he could achieve the same thing but didnt need to use unofficial kexts. I can confirm that by basically using your x99.dmg with clover patch mentioned in first post a 5960x system will indeed run on osx 10.11. I actually think this guy has done an amazing job considering el cap and i7-5960x was a no go.

  153. After updating my X99-Deluxe BIOS from version 1502, I lost on-board audio. Also the on-board wifi became unstable. I tried pretty much every BIOS version higher than 1502. None of them worked for audio. I reverted back to 1502, which solved the audio problem. But I need a newer BIOS for bigger RAM sticks (>8gb) to work…

    Any thoughts?

  154. Has the x99 been around long enough to be considered stable for high end users yet ? My x79 gigabyte board is getting bad, the asus x79 extreme would be my fist choice if thats the preferred rout to go.

    Curious to see where the dual CPU project is as well. Seems like that would be good upgrade from x79 or x99. Thoughts ?

    • x99 never got real support from apple. x79 however worked since 10.6.7 with SB-E CPUS using nothing more then Null CPU. If Apple does not unveil a update to the current MacPro I doubt that we will ever see proper support.

      The DUAL CPU system is complete and we are finishing Dual 12 core testing next week. After that we will be ready to do a final release of are work. Unless you need Thunderbolt which most people who say they need it really don’t, then x99 has no real benefit.

  155. Awesome man ! I am pretty excited for this build. Thx for following up

  156. Hi Andrew, GA-X99-UD3 isn’t listed. What are the chances to get a stable system?
    Can I use UD4 files ?

  157. Hi Andrew,

    I have tried once to update the system with the Security Update 2016-003 10.10.5 but after doing that the system wouldn’t boot anymore. Do you have any suggestions how I could update this one?

    Thank you,

  158. Hi ! I’m a few months trying to install OS X 10.10.5 and 10.11 … in XEON E5 2640 v3 + GA X99 UD3P always the same “PCI configuration starts ”

    Help !!!

  159. hitting wall after wall.
    will pay for USB Installer Package (or other) which works.

    MSI X99a Godlike Carbon
    6850k Broadwell-E
    EVGA GTX 780ti (dual, eventually quad)

  160. solved.
    nvda_drv=1 (with GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=No)

    It seems to be working (looks great) BUT it’s reverting to OSX drivers not NVidia.
    Is this a problem? Shouldn’t it be NVidia?

    EVGA GTX 780 ti (these show up in the system info aswell)
    newest relevant NVIDIA & CUDA installed

  161. Anyone have any ideas about Asus X99-DELUXE II hack(intosh)ability?
    And no, don’t have the board, otherwise I’d sent IOREG and DSDT already…

  162. Just a tip.

    After months of failure with my X99 Deluxe – mem map issue, and lots of help from Andrew, i finally gave up and reinstalled clover with the legacy option and now successfully dual boot Windows and MAC using this message with no MEMmap issues.
    Bios settings were the key/

    • running X99-Deluxe II w. EFI Clover and 6850K. Mem map issue resolved with OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi + Test2.efi. Any other combination did not work (for me).

      • Did you just use both versions of the .efi files you mentioned and leave them named as is?

      • Hi,

        If you don’t mind can you tell me which SSDT you used for new Asus X99 Deluxe II, as the X99 dmg made by Andrew only supports X99 Deluxe and older X99 models from Asus and not the X99____ II.

        I myself have been using a X99A with a 5820K smoothly for well over a year.

        Fo my my new build I had to use the Asus X99A II, and am facing some USB issues. My MAudio Mtrack which works perfectly on the X99A doesnt detect as a sound output device on the X99A II’s USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 ports. I figured the lack of an SSDT for the X99A II must be the cause of the issue. I tried removing the SSDT from my X99A build to see if my MAudio Mtrack would detect on all USB ports, and as expected there were detection issues on the X99A as well without an SSDT, leading me to believe that having a proper SSDT for the X99A II is essential.

    • I’m having a few problems myself. Can I ask what version of clover you are running and where do you set the legacy option? Also you mentioned BIOS settings where key – what BIOS version are you running and what are your settings? I’m running X99 Deluxe and 5960x. Thanks for your help! Ben

    • Greg – I’m having a few problems myself. Can I ask what version of clover you are running and where do you set the legacy option? Also you mentioned BIOS settings where key – what BIOS version are you running and what are your settings? I’m running X99 Deluxe and 5960x. Thanks for your help! Ben

  163. Hi,
    Andrew just sent you an email requesting premium support, would gladly make a donation to support the cause, really appreciate the help


  164. Hello, I followed this instruction to install latest El Capitan 10.11.6 on my PC Build. Gigabyte X99 UD5, 5930K CPU, 64Gb memmory. Everything works great except that I sometimes get a kernel panic at boot (or whatever it´s called). Don´t know how to fix that.

    But my main problem is when using Logic Pro X. The cpu meter in logic shows 12 cores as it should, but only five of them are actually active, except for the last one (first 5 + 12) when I record. And it doesnt work very well either (cpu spikes, and completely stucked notes). I read from another site that I have to add a fake CPUID for my 5930K, is that correct?

    “working FAKE CPUID for the 5930K: 0x0306E0, 0x0306E4 and 0x0306A0.”

    Could you confirm this? And if it´s correct I have no idea where in the config file to put this information. Do I replace it with something else? In my config file this is how it looks right now:







    So how and where do I put in the FAKE CPUID text, if this is what I should do?

    When doing Geekbench, I get 3869 Single Core score, and 14122 on multicore score. Is that a normal result for my system?

    Thanks you in advance!

    • The config code was edited somehow :/. Here it is again (hopefully the whole code)







  165. Hi Andrew,
    Will these techniques work for Sierra on a Rampage V Extreme?

  166. Hi

    I wonder if someone is able to help. I totally messed up my working config by replacing my r9 280x with r9 290, then updating clover to newest version and then following the x99 guide from scratch to update to sierra os.

    My config is 5960x on rampage V Extreme with R9 290 (not x) and acer predator 34in 4k screen.

    I’d be EXTREMELY grateful if someone could give me some hints on how to get this to work again. I already spent a lot of hours without success and the above guide doesn’t work for me this time for some reason. Getting desperate now and run out of ideas…

    Thank you in advance

  167. Can I use the same files of x99-A on a x99-A-2?

  168. Yes support for X99-A-2 would be amazing – we ordered a 6850K for new clover build.

  169. Hi, Andrew,
    This is my first Hackintosh.
    I followed the steps in the website to install Yosemite in my PC with Asus X99 deluxe motherboard. It seems everything goes fine in installation. However, I got some problems after I started to use it.
    1. It can not detect any bluetooth device closed by (other macbook pros can), though the bluetooth shows in the system reports.
    2. The “audio” in the system reportss/pdif shows only ‘airplay’ and ‘sound in monitor’. The s/pdif output is not there (The s/pdif was there when I used Unibeast and Multibeast).

    Guo Chin, Liu

  170. Hey Andrew!
    may I ask your advice for picking the best board for 5930k?
    the available options are: asus x99 a/usb3.1, asus x99 a-II, asus x99 s (used, so better not), and gygabyte x99 ud4
    thank you!

  171. Is there any support for EVGA X99 boards?

  172. Hello, could you add support to ASRock – X99E-ITX/ac Mini ITX LGA2011-3 Narrow Motherboard? E-mail me with instructions, I am willing to pay.

  173. Hey Andrew

    I managed to install Sierra on my Asus Rampage V Edition 10, but I don’t know what to do, because my board is not listed. Also, how I can get my 1080 ti to display full resolution?


  174. Will this work with Gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI on Sierra?

  175. Your x99 guide is the only one that has worked! Any chance you can re-upload the post-install x99 dmg? It’s gone from dropbox and I’m having trouble with other options.


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