Today we are releasing the Dual CPU DMG. I wish to thank all of who donated towards this project. For those wonder which generation this DMG supports that would be C602, C604 and C606 Chipsets. This does not support the latest Gen from Intel for the time being.

So what should you know before you begin?

  1. Always ask us before you buy a Dual CPU board if the board will work for Mac OS X. Many of the offerings on the market simply do not work or require so many work arounds that they are unstable.
  2. Yes, you can update from the Apple App Store. We have tested Mac OS X 10.11.3 to 10.11.4 to 10.11.5 however you must install NULLCPU (provided on the DMG) prior to updating or the system will not be able to boot.
  3. Yes, you can do a clean install however you must use the files that are on the DMG to do so and expect the system to take 15-20 mins to boot to the install screen. We do not know why this is the case at this time.
  4. Do not install Black Magic Cards in slots that are on the same CPU as a GPU. There is a open issue with their driver that floods the PCIe lane which bogs down GPU performance.
  5. Last the Clover Config file is hardcoded for 128 GB of ram. We are thinking that we will offer different combinations of configurations depending on user needs. If you install more then 64 GB of ram you must hard coded the amount in the Clover Config list.

You can download the DMG from our download page.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.44.06 PM


80 Comments on "Dual CPU DMG Release"

  1. Awesome to hear the progress. Would love see the builds of those who use the DMG!

    Thanks again for continued support of this scene Andrew & team

  2. Congratulations! 😉

  3. Can you publish a more hi-def screens? Cheers! =)

  4. Step 3/ Supermicro /X9DAi / EMPTY?

  5. Step 4/ SSDT-1/ Dual E5-2680 V1 ?
    and we can see that you worked with 2670, why we don’t get that?

  6. I managed to pick up a Supermicro X9DRL board up from EBAY but in my excitement misread the specs! Mine doesn’t have a 16xPCIE but 8x so Im hoping and adaptor will work. I have 64Gb of ECC ram installed and managed to get just under 34000 on Geekbench 32 bit running Windows 10. I will try a fresh install OSX tonight but like to know what bios settings you used? I have an SSD with a working 10.11.5 on it already that I used for another build however if I try and boot with UEFI the SSD doesnt load. Did you use Legacy boot or UEFI?

    • I’ll have to make you a SSDT and I need to add instructions for supper micro boards on how to point to the UEFI Clover files from the bios to allow UEFI booting off the Drive.

      We used UEFI install 100%

  7. Thanks for releasing this. Very welcome on the donations, this is vary exciting build; i’ll have to sell some more junk on ebay and toss some more donations your way. Just grateful there are people out there like you that are freaking awesome. I am still a few months from this build but I was thinking the following :

    Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 ( looks fun )
    INTEL XEON E5-2670v2 2.3GHZ 10 core
    Some NVMe PCIe Card ? ( suggestions )
    GTX 760 2GB – Gigabyte ( Own – x79ud5)
    GTX 560 2GB – Galaxy ( Own – x79ud5)
    More Vengeance 8gb DDR3 ( own 4x 8gb – x79ud5 )

  8. Awesome work!
    Will this work with my Dell Z620 Dual CPU Workstation?

  9. It works!
    Geek bench 64bit 39804!

    • Now email me a DSDT and IOREG extract and generate a SSDT for power management and send these files to me so we can add support for the board and your CPUs.

  10. Hey Andrew,

    Fantastic work, and exciting to see you’ve got a Dual-Xeon machine up and running. I recently built a Dual CPU machine with E5-2670 v1s, and while I’m happy with it running Windows 10, it’d be great to run OS X.

    I’ve currently got a clean install of Yosemite 10.10.5 that boots up and seems at least semi-functional. My hardware is as follows:

    Mobo: Asus Z9PA-D8
    CPUs: 2x E5-2670 v1
    RAM : 2x16GB ECC DDR3 RAM
    GPU: nVidia GTX 780 6GB

    I’m not sure if you’ve had experience with this board, but it’s built around the C602 chipset. The onboard NICs are both Intel 82574L, and I’m just using a Behringer USB audio device. The USB3.0 is an ASMedia ASM104x, which seems to be reasonably well supported, too.

    Anyway, wanted to see if you had any advice or words of caution as I proceed. The one issue I’m worried about is having to boot with a limit on the number of CPUs. Do you think your DMG package will settle that issue, or am I likely to break everything since I’m not on the Supermicro board you used?

    Thanks again for all your work!

    • Hi Jordan,
      I have a similar rig but I’m only able to boot with nv_disable=1 flag in clover, which means no acceeration from the nvidia card.
      Have you managed to get the graphics card fully recognised?

      • Hi Maccam,

        I actually gave up on the Asus Z9PA-D8 motherboard and picked up the Supermicro board that Andrew built on. I could never get the GPU to be fully recognized. I tried all the different PCI-E slots, as well as any other remedy I could find, but nothing seemed to get that board running properly.

        When I was trying the Asus, I had a GT 640 that could run without acceleration (as it sounds in your case) and then I had a GTX 780 that wouldn’t even work with the nv_disable=1 flag.

        Sorry to only have bad news for you. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the Supermicro board works like a charm. If you’re able, I’d recommend making that jump.

        • I have a GTX 780 and have no issues. The DMG has a EFI Backup folder under Other folder with my exact files. You can try replacing your folder with mine. But it is the same as what is on the DMG.

  11. i have an ssd with 10.11 already installed however it seems to get stuck with either “IOAPIC: Version 0x20”, “PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN”, or “com.apple.applefscompressiontypedataless” depending on which flag I use. So far no combination seems to work. Even using an sub 10.11 installer it seems the same. Should I build a new usb installer? If so do I need to have any extra kexts, different clover config file or
    Boot flags?

    • Ignore the above… I received my pci-e x16 to x8 riser, used an old GT8600 card and plugged that in. Voila booted straight away. Obviously it doesn’t like to use the onboard graphics… now need to make the usb work as it doesn’t seem to recognise the mouse nor keyboard.

  12. Hi rampage.

    I have an z820 with dual 2630v2 and quadro 5000. Do you think it will work with El capitan?

    Currently I have it running on mavericks. running well. I needed rollback IOPCI family kexts from 10.9.

      • System stucks at “CPUSensors: Cpu Family …etc etc” message. Just in case, I waited 25-30 min.

        I’m doing a clean installation. With last el capitan release (10.11.6) last clover version and using dual cpu dmg to configure it. I use common bootflags tested for system (npci=0x2000 -x -v cpus=1 kext-dev-mode = 1)

        Z820 – 2630v2 x2 – Quadro K5000- 64gb ram

        • I have had issues with the installer. I could install but then when you reboot to finish installation it just stopped. It seems that on my Supermicro board it doesn’t recognise the USB ports post the Clover boot sequence for me. I even used a previous 10.11 installation from another machine and that booted fine but no matter what I tried the USB ports don’t work. I did mod my dsdt file and now half of them work, however as a noob to modding I don’t trust it for long term use.

        • Stopped as in? Also sounds like the SSDT is not installed. If that is not installed the installer will NEVER work.

          If your using the same board then you just need the SSDT. And based on what you said I have my doubts that you are only using the files provided as you will have issues if you mix other install methods/files into the mix.

        • Please email me a photo. Thank you!

        • After a bit of research I could skip minor errors. I am definitely sutcked at “pci configuration begin”. I’ve tried with a lot of possible fixes. It seems a hard error to solve. It seems el capitan has a lot of problems. Thinking in update from Yosemite, (I could install Yosemite a time ago, with some cons).

  13. I didn’t use other install methods. I had an already installed 10.11 on an SSD and booted from that. It was an 10.11 install I had made from your MACOSX guide. I attached to my other Hackintosh and removed the SSDT and kexts and replaced with the ones from the DUAL Cpu. Everything worked but I could not use the keyboard or mouse as no USB port were recognized. I had remote desktop installed so I was able to control from my other Hackintosh and got a Geekbench of just over 34,000.

    The problem is that when I have tried to boot using the installer and SSDTs from the Dual CPU image it would install but when it rebooted would get stuck after the apple logo and spinning beach ball. Someone suggested that I edit my own DSDT instead. I did and managed to get some of the ports working. Although I would prefer not do it myself as Im not confident that I have done it properly and may mess up other areas.

    I did email you my extracted DSDT and IOReg a week or so ago. Did you get it?

  14. C602 support means it might work for the Z9PE-D8 WS too? Thanks.

  15. I have the Z9PE-D8 WS and it’s good but it’s not exactly rock solid and requires some extensive workarounds to get it to that point.

    On a similar note, Andrew I’ve been looking to replace my Z9PE-D8 WS with something similar and I’m concerned because there’s no fast transfer protocols available on the Supermicro board you tested. No eSATA, USB 3.0 not working, no thunderbolt (yeah I know your feelings on this); what other boards have you been looking at that might offer some of these options?

    • I actually have the z9pe-d8 ws working for quite a while now (10.8.5), usb3, sound, everything… Tho no power management and it’s a tiny bit unstable – freezes sometimes – probably due to the gtx690 thrown in the mix. I’m just wondering if this Dual CPU DMG will now bring any advancements to the table…

  16. Finally , I have running El Capitan (10.11.6) on my z820. Now I can focus completely on PowerMang.

    My first attemp gives me a KP. That has been what I did:

    – A clean install of el Capitan.

    – Config.plist running with the settings suggested from .dmg.

    -fakesmc (without lpcplugin, it gives me an error on boot), AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement from dualcpu.dmg and VoodooTSCSync from x79.dmg

    -My DSDT cleaned, patched (usb, audio, etc) and working from my Mavericks setup.

    [I have to say here I had Mavericks running, with that dsdt , one ssdt generated by pike’s script (old version) , and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kext and other patched kexts, following an old guide from x86 forums. It worked and I had certain C and S states. Cpu went from 12x until 29x-30x. I was happines with that.]

    So, with my dsdt, I have generated a new ssdt with last pike’s script (without errors)

    ./ssdtPRGen.sh -p ‘E5-2630 v2’ -w 3 -b Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6

    I moved original AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement from S/L/E in order to activate the clover’s kext provided from your dmg.

    …. and on the next reboot… KP.

    Any suggestion to start to research?

    [Z820 – 2630v2 x2 – Quadro K5000- 64gb ram]

  17. Great work as always, sent you a donation…

    Got my build running 10.11.5
    X9DAi, 2x Xeon 2670v1, GTX970

    Do you see any chance getting the NEC USB3 working?

    One issue:
    I got C-state errors on boot
    X86PlatformPlugin::getCPUCStates – _CST did not return a package
    But P-states are generated correctly:
    X86PlatformShim::sendPStates – Success!
    Cinebench scores same as yours, SSDT-1 seems to work, everything else is stable.
    Where is the failure?


  18. Thank you for releasing the DMG, Andrew. The Readme says “from 10.8.5 or higher”. Will this build actually work with Mavericks? If so would it deliver comparable results (35k+ GB) under 10.9.5?

  19. I tried several settings to enable Wake on Lan on the Rampage IV Extreme BIOS 4901, but all failed. Can you tell me if I can have WOL in hackintosh?

  20. Is there a way to get the included Supermicro DSDT to work for the X9DR3-F? I tried but I kept getting a kernel panic at bootup related to acpi. I was also using your 2670 DSDT-1 as well.

  21. Hi, anyone have luck with an ASRock EP2C602 motherboard?

  22. Andrew,

    I have my X9DA7, and I will be using E5-2650v2’s. Will I need a special SSDT for them?

  23. Andrew,

    I’ve been working on the X9DA7 and referring to the read my in the DMG. Some of the steps don’t match the readme and I’m unclear on which kexts I should start with when first installing OSX.
    I see that for “For Updates Only” folder includes the NullCPUpowermanagement kext, should this be use when first installing?

    • Sorry for that. We are working on cleaning up the Read Me’s on the DMGS. That folder should be considered when installing. I will re-name that to “Updates/Installation Only”

  24. Is there a guide for updating with this board? I read the Mac OS X update guide and wondered how this is different. We just put in the NullCPU kext, but do we take out any before updating.

    Also, is there a guide to show how to point to the UEFI portion of the HDD? I can boot from the USB just fine but don’t see anything for the HDD.

  25. Andrew,
    I have 8 of the 16 slots of RAM filled in their normal recommended positions and erased the memory configuration in the config file. Right now it shows only 4 slots filled. How can I identify which slot is what number so that I can list my memory in the config file?

    • Modify the list that is in our file will be the only way to make them all show up.

      This is what you do:

      1. The first 8 Slots are CPU 1
      2. The last 8 Slots are CPU 2
      3. So if you have 4 slots filled for each CPU then review the Motherboard Manual for what is SLOT 1 and count from there where you have them filled.

  26. I’m still having issues getting them to show. I counted and did an odd numbered slot count and even did it in order of letters and both ways gave me a weird result. It says 64GB installed but it doesn’t show any slots or speed. Does the correct appearance of this affect system performance?

  27. I forgot. The memory issue might because I’m still booting of the USB. I haven’t found a way to get it to boot off the HD. You mentioned that you had similar problems when booting off the USB but when you got it to boot off the HD, it fixed the problem.

  28. Anyone got success with the Asus Z9PA-D8? I never could get graphics working and am thinking about switching to a Supermicro board or the Z9PE WS.

    @Andrew Kern – did anyone of your team ever try to work with a Z9PA-D8? If yes, do you have instructions or specific files for it? Tried a GTX 770 with it, but it didn´t work with any settings i tried in Clover. I even extracted and corrected the DSDT for my board – that didn´t help either. I wonder if anyone really has working Hackintosh build on this mainboard.

    Thanks for any help or info!

  29. Hello i am new to all this i have a intel mobile core 2 duo t7300 cpu can i install osx with my dell inspiron 1720 laptop or am i wasting my time
    Thanks in advance

  30. Hi Andrew,

    got the X9DAi running with 10.11.5.

    But I have a problem with audio:
    the script give’s me the error “No Clover/Chameleon files, confirm Osmosis/other install”
    EFI partition is mounted.
    IORegistryExplorer shows the HDEF device with layout id 1.
    What I’m doing wrong?


    • Email me a ioreg and your EFI folder.

      • Got it working in the meantime.
        Used the audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0d script.
        The audio_realtekALC script did not work for me.

        But there is still a cosmetic issue:
        the audio outputs are shown in preferences with strange arabic looking letters?

        I will send you an email with system specs, ioreg, EFI folder and a screenshot.

  31. Hi Andrew,

    great stuff! I used my existing install and a E5-2690 instead of the E5-2670 and everything works except for speedstep.
    I used your SSDT.aml in the patched folder and copied SSDT-1.aml to the same folder (generated with “ssdtPRGen.sh -target 1 -cpus 2”), but the clock speed is stuck at 2.9 and the machine also runs really hot.
    Do I have to merge those 2 files somehow?


  32. So, no working USB 3.0 still, so does anyone have any solutions? I tried installing a Startech USB 3.1 PCI card and it doesn’t recognize it at all. This really puts a damper on any file dumps from external drives with no Thunderbolt or USB 3.x

  33. Here’s your reminder to release the USB 3.0 driver mentioned above. Here’s hoping.

    By chance were you able to verify if the SAS chip on the X9DA7 can be activated? I can resend the IOREG file if need be.

  34. Thankyou. Sent you the email request. Yes, I’ll have time around 930pm EST. Does that work?

  35. Hello, I don’t see any where in the commits about NVME. Dose this board not support that type since C606 is close to X79 chipset?

  36. what about ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16? I have this motherboard with dual e5-2670 V1 CPUs. No luck at all with installation.

    • I have the same setup. Never had luck installing straight on hardware. I have a fully working 10.12.4 with gtx 1080 running using unRAID. Look up osx unRAID tutorial on youtube. As a bonus you can run mulitple os at the same time and assign cores and hardware to each. I work on the osx whilst my partner is using Nvidia stream to play a windows 10 game on her laptop.

  37. Hey just wanted to update everyone and let them know that I’ve successfully installed 10.12.4 using the instructions provided and files. Thanks heaps Andrew! I had to pull both my graphics cards to install, bit of messing around but basically a flawless install after that. I’ve got GTX 1080, VT-D and VT-X enabled and working on a ASRock EP2C606 dual e5-2670, 64GB memory. Again thanks heaps! Now to figure out how to get the Samsung 950 pro working 🙂

  38. Would the SUPERMICRO MBD-X10DAX-O board be possible to get working now? With v3 or v4 processors? Looking for a dual cpu option that I could get Thunderbolt working. Annoying as it is, a lot of my clients only provide thunderbolt drives, and while most are also USB3 the occasional client drive/raid is thunderbolt only. Unless i read SM’s site wrong, seems as though the boards in the Dual CPU DMG do not have thunderbolt headers.

    • HP Z420 systems can have dual cpus and HP got there Thunderbolt Card thru Intels crazy spec before they revoked it so you can get TB cards for them.

      That said we don’t have anything done on x99 at this time be we are willing to work with people to get this done. Email me for more info.


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