Over the past few weeks we have been working on developing a standard Dual CPU configuration with the financial assistance from Punk Nugget. Please thank Punk Nugget for being the benefactor for this project as we are grateful for the opportunity. We have done several projects in the past including the well known Hackin-Beast. He has purchased the following components and has directly shipped them to us:

E5-2640 8-Core Xeon x2
Nvidia GTX 980 Ti x2

It is are goal to be able to create a standard Dual CPU configuration that we will support here at Rampage Dev for other users who need raw power under Mac OS X. There are countless amount of Developers who would benefit from this configuration.


The current progress of this project is going well but a bit behind. We have been able to boot with Chameleon Bootloader under Mac OS X. Clover Bootloader does load however due to the now well know Mem Map issue we have yet to be able to boot into the installation with Clover. There are a few instability issues currently and we hope to be able to correct all of them by the end of the month which puts us 1 month behind are set goal. We will be continuing to post updates as we progress.



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  1. Just awesome, thanks Punk Nugget and RampageDev. Maybe there is hope for my Dell Precision T5610 with dual E5-2687w v2 after all.

  2. ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS
    cpu – 1 E5-2640 8-Core Xeon GTX TITAN
    mac os x 10.9.5
    Thanks Punk Nugget and RampageDev.

  3. This is AWESOME! I really want this system for my next project.

  4. I’m interested also in the -D8WS version of this board because it seems to have more place for GPU’s which are feeded by 40 PCI lanes!!

    Thank you very much to all of you for investing you money and time into this very powerful series of boards!

    • Its not that simple. We selected this board because of less features. The more a board has in regards to dual cpu the chances of ever making it work go almost to 0.

    • Belive me I wanted the same mobo, but Andrew was very clear about why, in his recent reply to you. To be honest I am very frustrated with the direction Apple has gone in NOT making Mac OS X more performance friendly as their is (as most of us already know) a 32 Core “cap” issue. They really need (IMHO) to write into their code the ability to break through that cap and allow for more cores to be used, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We just have to max out what we currently have with the current updated setup. I truly hope for a successful install here soon. Thanks again Andrew for you and your crew for their creative work to make this happen… 😉

  5. To everyone who’s complimented us, we appreciate the gratitude from everyone and actually feel more grateful to make this opportunity happen as we all like Mac OS X and the performance that we all crave and want with this new update. I truly hope this can work and that we can break some new GeekBench score records very soon! Later… 😎

  6. Trust me guys, I’ve been tinkering dual mobo setups for quite some time now, and been in touch with Andrew to get them running as best as we can, and it has been a nightmare run… really…

    Bios crap, CPU cores cap, slots for the GPU, roll backs, and I could keep on listing all the stuff we’ve been through.

    So yeah, Andrew is spot on, we must keep it simple to make it work otherwise we are going the way of the dodo. I believe that sooner or later Apple will have to remove the 32 cores cap (now it’s even 31 in Yosemite), since CPUs today already have 24 logical cores… 32 and more is just around the corner, and even if we don’t like Apple in a lot of ways, those guys plan future ahead, trust me.

    • Yes they “plan future ahead” (I think you meant to say “they plan for the future”) for what works for them and their contracts that they have with other companies – not necessarily for us. I understand they’re trying to go “smaller” (with the current Trash Can Pro that they have) and don’t want what we’ve created; like The Hackinbeast and other systems that are obviously much bigger, but we can’t get away with what is currently out performing their “smaller” Apple Mac Pros. Currently, using a dual (or even quad) CPU, 2, 3 or even 4 GPU SLI setup will be much faster than what they have; when it comes to rendering performance. That may change over time in the future, but for now, it is what it is…

      • PS – By the way that’s reason why we’re building this new machine. We’ll see what happens come November of this year when Apples releases their new machines. Hopefully they’ll have a Dual CPU setup (with allowances for higher amounts of cores to be used) so we can possibly break through this core cap issue.

        • I absolutely agree Punk, it’s that same way here and why I endured all this crap, because when I had to build a station, the current MacPro at that time wasn’t cutting it anymore.

          The new one, to me is an interesting move from them, and same as you… I’m expecting to see if they propose multi-CPU setups in the future, since they already offer Multi-GPU. And a faster bus to allow us to plug expanders or something the like for rendering on GPU.

          I guess that for the Z10, when they release the new OS version and the new stations, we will be unlocked regarding the CPU recognition and SSDT creation. Still have to check how well the Z10 bios will react, Z9 is one of the WORST bios I’ve seen all times (and I’ve been using computers since the XT era so…)

  7. I got a working installation on a Asus Z9PE-D8 WS:
    2x Xeon E5-2650v2
    Nvidia GTX980
    64GB DDR3
    OS X 10.10.3 / Clover 3206

    The installation is based on your X79 DMG.

    Do you think, you can help me with a custom SSDT for this board?

    • We have one but since the board can be proubliatice we do not publish it. Email me about it.

      • Your site says Sept 7, 2015 at 2:40 AM. How can that be when it’s the 6th at 6:15 PM (CST)?

        Anyhoo, call me on Skype so we can discuss what needs to happen to get the everything back to me. Also, give everyone an update on what has happened with this project. Thanks…

  8. You may want to see what this guy did to make this work, as we still don’t have our installation working yet. I hope whatever this guy did could work on our install. If not I wonder if I have to get this mobo? Also, I think this was one of the mobos that I wanted to use. Let me know once you talk with him, thanks…

  9. Hey Andrew,
    You should let folks know the end result of your installation process and the hurdles that you faced in some detail. By the way, thanks for trying anyway… 🙂

  10. Ive been playing with the same mb and a very similar configuration since mid July. Very interested to see how this pans out! Thanks Rampage Dev and Punk Nugget.

  11. Hey Andrew, you should update everyone on the build that you worked on with what I sent you, since it didn’t work the way you were hoping. You could give all the details as to why. Later… 🙂

    • We have the write up what we did on are end almost done. Then we will release it so perhaps at some point someone can pick up where we left off/got stuck. Thanks again!

  12. ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS
    cpu – 1 E5-2640 8-Core Xeon GTX TITAN
    sound creative omni surround 5.1
    Bluetooth accorp
    wifi tplink

    MAC OS 10.11.all to working.

    • Please give a us a GeekBench score with that one CPU and GPU setup you now have. I’d be curious to see what your score is.

    • Hello,
      could you explain us how did you make it work?? I have the same motherboard, 2x E5-2620 V3, 980 Ti Gpu and 64GB DDR4 but it cannot load the clover usb with 10.11. Thanks!

      • Please read. He used 1 CPU. So what he did is not relevant as we had 0 issue with 1 cpu installed.

        • Yes, I use a single processor, but I’m working on the original task. good luck to all.

        • Yes, I know that he uses one CPU. But I want to know how did he make it work (Bios settings and which guide he followed)

        • Forget that the board has 2 CPU Sockets. Its a standard board at that point. Nothing special or mystical powers involved. We almost have the dual cpu post testing article complete.

        • Ok, Thanks for your help! I removed the 1 CPU. Bios Settings: CSM=Disabled and VT-d=Disabled. But when i boot from USB then the kernel boot stops at
          [PCI configuration begin].

  13. Yeah, but from what I can see you’re only using one CPU and not two of them. I think that was the issue that Andrew went through when installing Mac OS X was because of that issue among other issues.

  14. LOL !!! I love that reply ! He wasn’t calling “who” a freak, he was just saying that using two CPUs at the same time with the current Mac OS X, does not work and “freaks” out the CPUs where they don’t work together, (or in other words – FAIL). The software is not programmed (yet) for both of them to be used together.

    • I got it. I got to the launch of the two processors Mac OS 10.9.5 with bigger brakes, but then did not understand, do not have time. on this issue I will think in the next month .. all good luck.

      • Hey Andrew can you find out more technical details on what he accomplished here? Maybe we can apply the same thing on my new setup. Let me know thanks. 😎

        • Like i said before. Single CPU worked great. When the 2nd CPU was enabled the GPUS and PCIe lanes freaked out. New mac pro soon so thats when we can dive back in.

  15. FOR ONE CPU !!! FOR OS 10.11.
    The motherboard jumpers:
    1. Disconnect BCM
    2. disable the display adapter on the motherboard
    3. Our display adapter set in 2-th slot PCI-E.

    The BIOS:
    1. The hard disk controller mode ACHI. Boot from usb flash
    2. disable the CSM
    3. LAN – PXE disable
    4 COM ports dsable

    I download the os from APP STORE, and then used to create Flash diskmaker. then, I set the clover 3280.
    I When installing from usb flash received pci configuration begin and restart. First get in the boot menu dsdt clover F4. Then dsdt copied from efi/clover/acpi/origin folder in the folder /patched. dsdt unchanged. I got the download and installation the system. clover configurator used for control config.plist. smbios iMac 14.2 . arc: -v npci = 0x2000 kext-dev-mode = 1 PCIRootUID=1
    kext from this site x99

  16. I have done everything you said, I have fixed the problem with {PCI….} but the pc restarts at the end (when it shows: {iMac 14,2…..} at verbose boot)! I have a GTX 980 Ti. I have tried nv_disable=1 and cpus=1 but no luck. Thanks for your help!!

  17. today run os x sierra on ASUS Z10PE-D16WS. Two CPU Of e5-2640 V3 192 Gb EVGA GTX980. CINEBENCH R15:
    1890 DUAL CPU


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