As of Mac OS X 10.11.3 Apple has removed the CPU core/thread limit. This has made building a Dual CPU system even more enticing. Since LGA 2011 systems have been released many people have tried to get a solid Dual CPU system built and configured to replace the now aging LGA 1366 SR-2 which was, and still is, the staple for Dual CPU Hackintoshes.

Cost vs. performance has always been a challenge in regards to Dual CPU systems. We have found a combination that we feel would be the best fit but requires development.

2 x XEON E5-2670 8 CORE @2.60GHz
CORSAIR Hydro Series H60

Total cost of the system is $850 and will have a Geekbench of around 35,000. To get a equivalent Geekbench score you would have to build a single socket system with a 2697 v2 12 CORE @3.75 GHz. We will be providing the remaining components to complete the system. We are asking for your help in making this system a reality.

Goal: $475/$850

To Donate please click here and thank you for your support!


Components have been ordered! We still need your help to fill in the gap in cost.

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22 Comments on "Dual CPU System Project (Updated)"

  1. Excellent. I’m excited since the Z10PE build didn’t really pan out. I’ll try to swing a donation your way soon. Thank you.

  2. Will it be using ECC memory?

    • Eventually we will be adding ECC Memory but for now we will be using what we have. There is no difference in installing with ECC Memory as it would be up to the end user to select ECC Memory if they needed it.

  3. Can you explain the math behind the $850?

    The mobo on NewEgg is $472 and the CPUs (v3) there are $1600 each.

    I see the E5-2670 v1s go cheaper used.

    • Please read the article again. What you listed is not even close to the spec we listed. Im not understanding where the confusion is we are talking about LGA 2011 not LGA 2011-R3 which is what you are referring to.

  4. Motherboard you provided is $472 on NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813182260)

    The 8-core version of this chip (v1; Sandy Bridge) on Amazon is $350-550 NEW (http://www.amazon.com/Intel-E5-2670-2-60Ghz-8-Core-Processor/dp/B007H29FRS).

    When I posted, I didn’t see them at $60-70 used, which seems common. Is the used server pull price you see on eBay/Amazon Used the cost you’re referencing?

  5. Donated, this project looks great – can hardly wait to see how it goes!

  6. Hi,
    i sent you my EFI Folder with patched DSDT. I run X9Dai with Dual 2670 since three years now. Both Networks working vanilla, USB3.0 working, Everything Vanilla, no Kext installation into System required. You have only to generate Serial/UUID and add some digits to Boardserialnumber and add your Memory Configuration to config.plist. SMBIOS is Mac Pro 5,1. If you need PM and Turbo, you have to switch to 6,1, but Geekbench is actually lower then. With 5,1 its 32988. Cheers

  7. Hi!

    I recently bought a used HP Z620 with a Dual XEON E5 2670 (8core) configuration.
    Graphics Card is a Gainward GeForce GTX 970 Phantom.
    And 96GB of RAM.

    Do you think it is possible to install and use OSX in a reasonable manner on that Machine?


    • On paper it would not be to hard for someone who knows Mac OS X to install it onto this system.

      • I followed your instructions and booted via clover.
        It always gets stuck after the line:
        [IOBluetoothHCIController][SearchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] — Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!
        Then it says:
        Still waiting for root device

        any suggestions?

        • Either GPU hang or AppleIntelPowerManagment panic. Also I have only been able to get the 10.10.x installer to boot on this system so i installed on another system 10.11.

  8. Can it still be GPU related if I’ve always added the nv_disable=1 parameter?
    And I just tried it with NullCPUPowerManagement.kext with the same outcome..

    Do you think I should step down to 10.10.x ?

  9. This board doesn’t support their AOC for Thunderbolt does it? Assuming not based on their support pages.

    • Hi! It is well know that there is one and only one TB card for LGA 2011 (v1 and v2) and that is for the HP Z820. After that was released Intel did not like how it was done so they simply re-issued the specification and thus the Asus add on card for there LGA 2011 (v1 and v2) boards was not released.

      If you look at the documentation for the card in question is clearly shows only v3 and v4 motherboards with the exception of 1 or 2 which are Haswell based.

      So if you want to you could get a HP Z820 motherboard very cheaply however they use a custom pin in for power so you would either need to buy one of there PSU or make a custom wiring loom for the system.

  10. Just donated and watching your progress closely.
    Awesome work !


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