The Dual CPU system is coming along very well. I am getting just under 35,000 Geekbench Score and 1815 in Cinebench. The open issues at this time are the following:

1. USB 3.0 Devices do not work with the USB 3.0 ports. Possible fix includes flashing the USB Chip Firmware. More research to be done here.

2. Memory Detection for all the Memory Slots does not work properly. Applying the information manual using Clover works for 2-3 boots and then does not allow the system to boot without this information removed. Could be a issue with newer Clover Builds. Booting off the Internal Drive and not a USB fixed this issue.

3. Debating on buying 128 GB of DDR3 ECC RAM at 1600 for the system.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome thus far. I have a 4U Case on the way which should arrive within the next few days. Then I will need to do some modifications. Once completed I will document the final cost of the entire system and give a proper review.


In other news I just got back from PAX East in Boston, Mass and am now getting back to comments and email.

15 Comments on "Dual CPU System Update"

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Do you happen to have a Maxwell-nVidia card (or anything that’s supported only by the nVidia Web Drivers)?

    I’m having some issues on a dual CPU with nVidia Web Drivers; the system will pretty much freeze for 3-5 seconds on every click.

    • What are your system specs?

      • I have Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3, 16 GB of RAM on a X99 motherboard.

        I’m trying to use a nVidia GeForce GTX 970, which will only work with the Web Drivers. But, with the web drivers turned on, the system will have the freezing issue.

        If I replace the graphics with my old nVidia Quadro K620 (supported through Graphics Injection), the lag is gone.

        I’ve read a lot of posts and investigated with many people and noticed this is due to the web drivers. Tried contacting nVidia directly and given that it’s such an edge case (and because Hackintosh is not supported) they are not even willing to look at the issue.

        • 1. You don’t tell them its a Hack.

          2. What are you referring to to Freezing. More details.

          3. There is no such thing as a x99 Motherboard that supports dual CPU. You either have a board that has the C612 or your making things up :p

  2. Exciting. Can’t wait to build my own!

    • Yes, I agree ! I’ve been looking at a new system to build because my motherboard is a bit twitchy. This looks like a great build for video editing and running VM’s. What do you think Andrew ?

  3. Can you test if Handbrake utilises all the cores when converting to H265? Im looking to use this rather than my i7 3930 for video and Photoshop work. Thanks

  4. Do you have some graphics card in this system?

  5. Is there any reason this should not work with dual E5-2667-v2 CPUs. While a high multicore score is good and necessary for rendering, I would also need CPUs with more power in single thread for my 3D modeling software, which uses mainly single thread. But I assume both the E5-1680v2 (no dual processor support) or the E5-2687Wv2 (TDP 150W) will not work with this board. Any other suggested CPU’s?

  6. So far so good. Will you have a DMG for this mobo soon?


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