If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

X99 DMG will see updated SSDT’s this week to address some minor issues. Also the modified Kernel’s on the DMG will be removed since the Clover Auto Patch is fully tested and functional. Users will have to Mount the EFI Partition to install the new SSDT and this Information can be found in the Clover Documentation here on Rampage Dev.

We are looking into new Hardware to test and then document on how to enable said Hardware. Please post what you wish to see us test.

We have been working on the HT-Omega Sound Card and so far we have been able to enable Optical Audio which is a good start. We are continuing are devlopment in hope that we can fully enable the Sound Card.

Also many questions that are being asked are already addressed and clarified in various guides. Many of these questions are in the accicuated guide. That said, we will not answer or assist those users who will not read in full a guide or article. We have no issues in answering questions but we will not spend time on these questions. We can tell who those users and posts are and we will push you to read in full the guide or article. I wish I did not have to address this but this needed to happen. All we ask is for you to read the in full the guide or article and to follow them as well before posting a question. 95% of the work of making a fully functioning Hackintosh is reading.

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  1. Thanks for your work guys it’s greatly appreciated!
    One question before i switch to Clover, i’m using a Maxwell card (GTX750) one user in a comment regarding the Nvidia video card stated the fan were running 100% at all time even with the nvidia webdriver enabled, is it still the case?

    • This has nothing to do with the Graphic Driver for Maxing out the fan. I use a file to the GPU does not fry as the fan will only go up to 19 RPM under Mac OS X 10.10.x.

    • I’m not convinced the fans are actually running at 19RPM. I think the fans actually are running at the proper RPM, but it’s being reported incorrectly.

      I’ve tested with both a GTX780 and Titan. With Andrew’s GPU plugin in FakeSMC, the fans definitely ramp up to 100% when using the Nvidia drivers.

      However, if I remove the GPU plugin using the Nvidia drivers and stress the cards with some CUDA work, the fans definitely do ramp up with the same noise level I’m used to – but the reported RPM value stays stuck at 19RPM.

      Heck – the fans don’t even LOOK like they are running at 19RPM when the cards are idle!

  2. Andrew, thanks again for setting up my new hack. It’s in full productions and it totally killing it. FYI to everyone else, RampageDev’s premium service is sweet!

    Okay, regarding the guy’s post above and considering I have the same GPU, is the fan always running at 19 RPM then? If so, are there any potential pitfalls to this? I don’t think my GPU usage is especially high but once in a while I need the help of hardware acceleration for particle simulations.


    • With the Kexts on the DMG this will not be the case.

      Fan PWM for GPU’s under Mac OS X 10.10.x does not function properly. So to prevent the GPU from over heating we used a kext to make the fan run at 100%. Some Systems the fan will only run at 100% after a warm boot, also known as a restart.

      • The weird thing is that i’m currently using a banned bootloader (10.10.2) and the fan of my GTX750 with last nvidia webdrivers works normally. It will raise the fan’s speed with an higher temp and then lower, well, a normal behavior for a PWM fan. Is it linked to clover ? -edited

  3. I will say, if that thing is cranking at 100% I certainly don’t hear it. I couldn’t care less as long as it doesn’t break.

    • Unfortunately, mine is a single slot GTX750 with a small fan and while playing games or using 3d software i can really hear it. An always 100% fan would definitely drives me crazy 🙂
      I’ve got a mini-itx case which can easily get quite hot and i relocated in a tropical country… A 19rpm only fan scares me a bit, i think it could fry my videocard…

  4. Yeah 19 RPM seems really slow. How did we come up with that number?

    • Sorry, I see the that OS X 10.10.x only turns the fan at 19 rpm by default and you insert your code to make it run at 100%. Misunderstood.

      Strik9, what 750 do you have? Mine is the Gigabyte ITX version in a mATX case. I honestly can’t hear it. However it is brand new so maybe after a few weeks of usage, things can change.

      • Mine is a Gainward GeForce GTX 750 2GB. It’s the only one I’ve found “single slot”. There’s a 750ti single slot but it’s too long for my case.
        Did you try to test things like luxmark, which use your GPU 100%? A normal daily usage is ok, but as i game or 3d design (Autodesk Fusion 360) it starts to spin at an higher speed.

        • I’ve done benchmarks with the Heaven test and Cinebench. Both did well. As I mentioned Andrew helped me with this install so if he says that fan is running at full speed then there’s no reason I should worry about over taxing the GPU. I don’t hear the fan so it’s fine with me, in fact I even doubled check to make sure that fan is turning when this conversation started and yep it’s cranking.

  5. If I can throw in my €0.02 on what X99 hardware to test: I would love to see one of the mATX boards supported, if that is possible?

  6. This is kind of a weird issue I’ve hit a bit ago. I am currently using Clover, but an older X79 config and revision 3050 of Clover because it’s the only one that works properly for me. The updated Clover+X79 config seems to cause OS X to be unable to identify my CPU, labels my computer as MacPro5,1 and breaks my overclock and my power management partially.

    Separate from that, I used to have a 6870 and a 680 plugged in at the same time in my computer and I have two monitors, but since I have unplugged my 6870, choses the wrong monitor as the primary one for some reason. I have to unplug the secondary monitor and plug it back in for it to swap.

    Here is the current config I am working off of: http://waa.ai/v4t7

    CPU: i7 3930K @ 4.6GHz
    Mobo: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

    • You Need to add code to the SSDT for what GPU and Port is Primary.

    • Ian, I have the same problem as you. Even I updating my SSDT my CPU = Unknown. But it works well in 3.8GHz.

      When I turn on my pc with the second monitor connected, my pc go crazy, locking, only solves after I disconnect the second monitor and connect again.

      If you can resolve these issues, please tell me. I have the same system as you, but I use the latest version of Clover.

      I’m trying to make my video card up to full power, and this is me taking the time.
      Radeon 7970 DirectCU II Top, is low frames in games.

      Sorry my english, not my native language.

  7. Will do – as soon as 10.10.3 (hopefully) lets me get up and running 😉

  8. Hey first of all thanks for this awesome site, so much better than some other resources out there.

    I’m looking to draw on your expert opinion with my question. That is, if you had to choose one ATX z97 board to build with for maximum stability and compatibility which would it be? Probably going with a 970 card fyi. Thanks in advance.

    • What are you going to do with the system?

      • Final Cut X, Pro Tools 11. Need to implement firewire in order to use my audio interface as well. Debating between Gb UD7-TH or Asus Pro (wi-fi ac). Would you choose either of those boards? Or is there a gold standard you feel is the absolute most rock solid for Clover Yosemite Hackintosh? Also, is there any chance of handoff/continuity working with the on-board Asus wifi/bt? Hope you are feeling better.

        • Both are solid systems.

          Handoff/continuity can be enabled but I don’t support such items at this time. I find handoff/continuity more of a gimmick then a real tool.

  9. Hi RampageDev, I have an easy question that I always wanted to know – sometimes you mention having both SSDT.aml and SSDT-1.aml files next to each other in the same folder. Do they both work together or does the system choose one over the other? Why are the two files required? Thanks!

    • Please review ACPI Spec for more info on ACPI tabled. You can have up to 20 SSDT’s in a system. Most have 5-6 among many other ACPI files such as a DSDT. We are simply adding and not removing existing code.

  10. Hey Andrew question.
    A while ago i was asking about a Haswell build, its for my father.
    He ended up going with MSI z97 Gaming 7 and 4790K cpu, 16 Gb of ram and a XFX 6870 (ZNFC) card that i gave him. he has 3 monitors that he wants enabled both in Yosemite and windows 7.
    Using the clover instal method and your SSDT the hack could not run any better everything is flawless THANX!!!
    However with that said card, I could not get all three monitors to run in either OSX or windows.
    Then we stopped buy a local computer store and they had an Open Box ASUS R9 280x DirectCUII Rev 1 (with 1 displayport, 1 HDMI, and 2 DVI) and my dad got it for $200 pretty good deal, in clover the card recognized no problem no issues booting what so ever, but still no 3rd monitor in either windows or OSX, doing some research I learned that to drive that 3rd monitor I need an ACTIVE Displayport adapter, so we picked one up. In windows all 3 work great, the connections are, 1st-HDMI, 2nd-DVI-D to HDMI dongle then HDMI cable to monitor, and third is ACTIVE Displayport to DVI then to DVI at the monitor. In windows all three work and EYEFFINITY is set up and running, now in OSX two monitors work the HDMI and DVI work but the Display port does not work, I’ve tried everything i can think of except for kext patching but nothing. can OSX even run 3 monitors from one video card or not? and is it AMD Kext issue or the video card itself?
    Can you give me some advice?

    in clover the ATI inject is true and thats all, from clover boot options frame buffer is Futomaki and ati port is 4 I’ve tried, ebi and fiew others and all fail to boot, so i don’t know if a direct SSDT injection or Kext patch will Enable the Displayport. all ports work on their own but connecting all three the Displayport does not.

  11. Can you make hardware recommendations on a build for Adobe Premiere Pro that would include Thunderbolt and Mavericks?

    Thanks much, you guys are amazing!

  12. Thank you! Can you recommend a specific GPU? My highest priority is system stability since it will be in a working environment.

  13. Andrew – I need to restore operation of the mavericks disk we were modifying when it went “blowie” and will not stay running because we were modifying the DSDT ( I believe)
    Can I just write another newer copy of Clover onto the EFI of this disk to get it working again?

    My G5 cased PC with the GA- Z97X-UD7 and 4790K is just about ready to come to life. I am assuming I can use an older copy of the Hazwell.dmg to get the DSDT and SSDT for this motherboard?

  14. Back again. Hoping to clarify things. When following your Install Mac Os X guide your clover bootloader settings say we should select OSxAptioFixDrv-64. In the latest version there is an OSxAptioFix2Drv-64. Which should we use? Also when following the guide for the Haswell DMG it shows the Clover bootloader settings should also select PartitionDxe-64. Should I be selecting this for the initial Mac OS installation as well, or only afterwards for the dmg stuff? Also under the OS install guide part 6-12 you say to place the kexts in the folder. Since I have a Haswell installation should I place all the kexts from the haswell dmg step 2? Or some other kexts? I know this is a lot, but this will really help clear a couple things up for me. Thank You!

    • Follow the set guide as shown.

      As for the kexts this is covered in the guide. Either use the kexts provided in the guide or the ones on the DMG. Stop skimming when reading the guide. Enjoy!

      • Promise not to skim. Perhaps when you get a moment you could update the guide with a picture of a more recent release of clover so there is no chance for confusion. Also, the language from OS install guide 6-12 about the Kexts does not make it clear what the best course is. Perhaps you could adjust it a little. Don’t want to sound demanding, just offering what I think would be helpful to us newbs. Really appreciate your work!


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