This weekend we will be updating as well as releasing new Guides. This update includes minor Graphic Guide updates for Nvidia. A very detailed guide regarding Storage Devices will also be released. This includes SATA, SAS, SCSI, TRIM and more. This guide will be updated later on with more info as we sort all of the notes we have made during the discovery process.

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  1. Anything that might help with an ASUS X99-E WS would be appreciated. Having trouble with multi-video cards on it under Chameleon.

    Clover is obviously its own extra devil on that board.

  2. Hi Andrew.

    u did mention that there was an isolated mem map issue.

    but how is it isolated, if i have the exact hardware u tested and listed as reccomended,

    X99-Deluxe Asus mobo
    16gb Ram Corsair
    EVGA Nvidia GTX 970
    Yosemite install

    The mem map breaks clover boot, after we install the nvidia web drivers.

    U mentioned slice is working on it.

    ANy update? How is this isolated. anyone else or yourself test this with the same above hardware without an issue?


  3. Please review what Mem Map is as you have a mis understanding. The E-WS is a brick with Clover so please wait for them to fix the issue and please stop thinking something else can be done.

  4. One tip for people with the nVidia card fan getting stuck on 100%. Putting the computer to sleep and waking it up seems to set things to normal.

    • That just makes the driver that sets it to 100% to inactive forcing your card to 19 RPM’s and allowing your GPU to over heat. Do not allow this to happen or you can and will fry your GPU.


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