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  1. Will this work for Maxwell cards? (GTX 750 TI)

  2. UPDATE: Just to clear any confusion, I edited the AGPM for the iMac 13,2 for better CPU PM instead of the Mac Pro6,1 mentioned in the guide.

    Board ID: FC02E91DDD3FA6A4

  3. Hi, Do you can give the instructions for iMac 11,2 ?
    I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (1002_9480) graphics.
    Where I can find graphics card PStates, Boost Time, Heuristic, Treshold info?

    • Thats on the to do list to add all of the ID’s and what method to use. The guide should be done in the next 2 weeks.

      You will have to test values to see whats best for your GPU.

  4. For some reason, I cannot reply to your comment @Andrew Kern so I’ll post it here. I already posted my IOReg and have changed nothing since and you have replied with “IOReg looks good”. But iStats shows that my GPU is running at full power and kextstat Terminal command shows that AGPM.kext is not even loaded. Any ideas? Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Here’s a link to my previous IOReg that I already posted: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j12a4k2ood3cu8l/Lewis’s_Mac_Pro.ioreg

  5. Hi, your guide for enable AGPM says “This guide will walk you through step by step on how to edit your AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext for Mac Pro 6,1 system definition and enable full graphic processing power for your graphic card. The current guide is for GTX 7xx series cards.” My system is Mac 14,2 and GTX 680.. will this guide work? can i apply for my system? Thanks.

  6. Hi RampageDev!

    One doubt. How i can create a LegacyAGPM for Intel HD 4000?


  7. He Andrew thank you so much for this wonderful guide, Great Work!! Is there a way that we could use a AGPMlegacy.kext ,some injector kext like Rehabman’s PCIFakeID injector instead of editing the Native AGPM every time we update MacOS? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

  8. Thank you for this guide. 10.10.2 Yosemite -I did everything you said in the guide. My card is 780 Gtx and I still have 60 fps. Nothing has changed.

    • You do not understand how Graphics Function under Mac OS X. Please review what Vysnc is as Mac OS X has this forced. Do not compare windows and Mac with Graphics Function nor Benchmarks.

  9. Hey Andrew,
    I’m running a gtx 960, imac14,2, yosemite 10.10.2 and wanted to know if this guide will work with my config. Also, i’m not sure if by editing the agpm will help me since when the computer goes to sleep and I try to wake it with my magic mouse, the computer wakes up but not the displays until I hard reboot?

    Thanks a lot since I’ve got to this point with all your guides 🙂

  10. Thanks for your response. Would you mind pointing me to the right place to try to solve that issue? Maybe some link from your website?

  11. Hi Rampagedev,

    I have a stuttering video playback with my X99-UD, 5960X and with three different GPU’s
    I’ve tried GTX780, GTX960 and GTX970 and they all playback with hiccups.
    I tried different AGMP and see they all work in console

    I’m playing a MP4
    Format: H.264, 3840 x 2160
    AC3, 4800 Hz
    FPS: 60
    Size: 673,2 MB
    Data Rate: 8,32 Mbit/s
    Current Size: 1920 x 1080 (half)

    The movie stutters while playing. So it stops while audio is going on but the video moves stuttering.
    I’ve got Web drivers installed, no Cuda, have used different SMBIOS settings. It just don’t matter what I do to get rid of this.
    I’ve searched everywhere but can’t find anything to solve this.
    On other machines like my Hackintosh or my MacBook Pro 13″ it’s running smooth.
    I’ve seen GVA errors in console within QuiktimePlayer. So there has to be some software error. My guess is it’s because of custom ACPI Platform for my 8-core. But I just don’t know what.
    On the other hand when running Cinebench (105 FPS) it has high score with Luxmark OpenCL 1414.

    I’m suspecting that this ACPI platform kext for 8-core is messing up things with TB as wel as my graphics. I just don’t know what.

    I used your X99 dmg and have chameleon as boot loader. With Clover I have OsxAptiofix errors when my TB card is in it or when using two graphics cards.
    I used 10.10 8-core only files with the rest except USB-3 kext.
    I used GA-X99-UD4 V1.0 SSDT for Nvidia
    and thats about it. All installed on a real mac patched kernel and so on.
    Graphics works fine but highres mp4 just won’t play smooth.

    Can you help me with this? If so I’m willing to pay you or whatever you like.

  12. Andrew, I have an Asus GTX 650ti, is there need for an AGPM patch for this card?

  13. Hey, I’m trying to get a Diamond Radeon 4870 1GB to work with a MacPro3,1
    It works under BootCamp, but I have to underclock it a little. I guess the memory is getting wonky in its old age (like me).
    Unfortunately under OS X I have no control over the clock speeds, so I get all sorts of artifacting. Any advice would be really appreciated. I’m running 10.10.5.

    • Not much I could input about this Graphics Card. You need to use the Legacy Method with that SMBIOS.

      Time to upgrade the GPU would be my recommendation. Prehaps a 750 ti with the Nvidia Retail Drives. Cheap, low power card.


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