This guide will walk through step by step on how to customize the “about this mac information”. This will allow one to change the system icon to match the users real case one is currently using and allow for customization of other Mac OS X default settings. This guide is for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.9.5.


Section 1: Required Software
Section 2: Photograph Conversion
Section 3: Icon Creation
Section 4: Icon Installation
Section 5: Verification
Section 6: Additional Icon Locations



Andrew Kern – Publisher
Nick Smith – Editor

Section 1: Required Software

1. Download GIMP here.

2.  Open up your Downloads folder in Finder and locate this DMG:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”110″ height=”125″ />

3. Mount the GIMP DMG then copy and paste the GIMP App into the Applications folder:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”98″ height=”94″ />

4 Download Img2icns here.

5.  Open up your Downloads folder in Finder and locate this app:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”92″ height=”99″ />

6. Open the app then select Move to Application Folder:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”468″ height=”174″ />

7. Find the picture that you wish to use to replace the default icon:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”247″ height=”260″ />

Note depending on your SMBios your default picture will be different

8. Save your picture to your desktop:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”532″ height=”217″ />

9. Now open Launchpad and locate this app and open it:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”83″ height=”95″ />

10. Be patient for GIMP to load:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”559″ height=”358″ />

11. In GIMP go to File/Open:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”244″ height=”166″ />

12. The following screen will appear:

?w=1280&h=898″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”449″ />

13. Go to Desktop and open the desired picture:

?w=1280&h=890″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”445″ />

14. Go to File/Export:

?w=640″ alt=”” width=”244″ height=”325″ />

15. The following screen will appear:

?w=1280&h=898″ alt=”” width=”640″ height=”449″ />

16. Click on