Fusion Drive is a data storage technology developed by Apple Inc. The technology combines a hard drive with a solid-state drive and presents it as a single logical volume with the space of both drives combined. The operating system automatically manages the contents of the drive so the most frequently accessed files, applications, documents, photos and other data are stored on the faster flash storage, while infrequently used items move to or stay on the hard drive. In software, this logical volume speeds up performance of the computer by performing both caching for faster writes and auto tiering for faster reads (Wiki). Standard installs using Clover Bootloader can be done with no special process.



Section 1: Fusion Drive Creation

Section 2: Install Mac OS X Using Chameleon Only

Part 1: Mac OS X 10.8
Part 2: Mac OS X 10.9 or Higher

Section 3: Bootloader Installation

Part 1: Chameleon Bootloader
Part 2: Clover Bootloader


Andrew Kern – Publisher
Nick Smith – Editor
Alpha Delta’s post found here.


Mac OS X 10.8.2 or Higher.

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  1. But what it must be chosen in Clover GUI to boot from after restart (step 17)? I have partitions Recovery HD, Boot OS X, Clover EFI, system doesn’t boot from any of these after i did all things in this guide?

  2. When I do step 13 I get the following error: -69780: Unable to create a new CoreStorage Logical Volume.

    I did everything just as explained. There is no operating system on either of the volumes nore on a third volume. Is that what I’m doing wrong?

    I tried putting the UDID by copying and manualy typing it in. Both ways failed.

  3. Hey here is a Dropbox link with the picture in it.

    I first tried it on Wednesday but it didn’t work. Then I tried it yesterday with the same command and it worked. But since I screwed up something else in post installation I deleted it. After trying it again with exact the same command I still wasn’t able to get it to work. I’m so depressed.

    When I do the first command: diskutil cs create “Fusion Drive” disk0 disk1 I get an error saying that the disked wasn’t able to unmount. When I do it again it works.


  4. I’m having one more problem here :S
    When I put in the command: cp -R Extra /Volumes/”Boot OS X”
    I get ab Error that says : co: /Volumes/”Boot OS X”: Not a directory

    This error appears like at least 25 times in a row when I just hit enter once.

    Everything before that worked just fine.

    • Why are you not using clover may I ask?

      • I will try with clover again now. But the first time I tried it i just got to the boot screen of clover and that was it. When I tried to get into the part where I have to install Mac OS X I always got an black screen without anything loading.
        I’m setting the USB drive up by using my MacBook Pro.

        Is there any chance to get in touch with you?
        This way it usually takes to long to comunicate. I’d be very happy 🙂

        I’ve had an working Setup before I bought a new CPU, Mainbaord and DRAM.

        I’ve bought a Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 Mainboard with an Intel 2400 CPU.

  5. I keep getting a boot0:error
    I followed your process correctly.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Ok, I did everything as you described.
    I can boot into Mac OS X Yosemite now. But only by using the Clover USB Drive.
    I followed the Part 2 of this section as you told me to use Clover instead of Chameleon.

    This is what I get when trying to boot without Clover USB:

    “Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key”

    I checked the EFI Volumes of the SSD and HDD and both have entries with Clover in them. Both are with the kexts I needed to install.

    In my BIOS Settings I can’t change the Secure Boot Setting or CSM as I am not able to find anything like that. I have checked everything.

    I am using a ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 Motherboard which is an UEFI motherboard.

    In the section “Boot” I can change the following things:

    PCI Rom Priority : EFI Compatible Rom and Legacy ROM

    Option ROM Messages: Force BIOS and Keep Current

    Boot Option Priorities: Boot Option #1 P3: SSD, #2 UEFI: Clover USB (if plugged in)
    Hard Drive BBS Priorities: SSD and HDD (USB if plugged in)

    Further I can change the SATA configuration which is currently set to AHCI, I can choose between DISABLED, IDE, AHCI and RAID. I have not tried to change any of these.

    I will provide some pictures in a Dropbox link as I hope you are able to help me please

  7. No more comments from me 😀

    You forgot to mention one thing in your tutorial though.

    I had to go into Clover with the Stick and in Clover Boot Options I had to select: “Add Clover boot options for all entries”

  8. So I am assuming any time I make further changes to the EFI partition on one drive… I have to copy those changes to another drive?

    • Not quite. We have you do the install to both drives. However your Motherboard does not care. What ever your boot drive is you can make the changes to only that drive and leave the other one stock as a safe backup. Up to you what you want to do. I wish it was easier then this but it is what it is.

  9. Hello Andrew,
    I’m trying to get Clover to boot a striped RAID, which is similar to this, but it won’t boot without the installer usb stick in place.
    What is this ESP volume that is being mounted in Step 4?

  10. When I get to the Clover install and try to make the dir I get mkdir: /Volumes/EFI: Permission denied

  11. Please check the pictures above, some are broken.

    Perhaps rather make them code snippets?


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