The following guide will allow you to enable iTunes, App Store, FaceTime, iCloud and iMessages on a Hackintosh based system. Each Section must be completed in order to achieve full functionality of these services. If the Sections are not followed in order may result in the loss of fictionality of these services.



Section 1: Recovery Partition

Part 1A: Clover Based Installations
Part 2: Creating A Recovery Partition Installer
Part 3: Installing A Recovery Partition

Section 2: Ethernet Built In

Part 1B: Chameleon Bootloader
Part 1C: Clover Bootloader
Part 2: Network Configuration

Section 3: Required Mac Data

Part 1: Main Logic Board Number
Part 2: Apple Main Logic Board and ROM Registration
Part 3A: Real Mac Data
Part 3B: Real Mac Data Using Terminal
Part 3C: Generated Mac Data
Part 4: Serial Number Validation

Section 4A: Chameleon Bootloader SMBIOS

Part 1: Obtain The SMBIOS.plist
Part 2: Champ Plist
Part 3: SMBIOS
Part 4: Mac Data
Part 5: Install The SMBIOS.plist
Part 6: FileNVRAM

Section 4B: Clover Bootloader SMBIOS

Part 1: Obtain The Config.plist
Part 2: Clover Configurator
Part 3: SMBIOS
Part 4: Mac Data
Part 5: Install The Config.plist

Section 5: iTunes

Part 1: Login
Part 2: Issues
Part 3: Patches

Section 6: App Store

Part 1: Login
Part 2: Issues
Part 3: Patches

Section 7: FaceTime

Part 1: Login
Part 2: Issues
Part 3: Patches

Section 8: iCloud

Part 1: Login
Part 2: Issues
Part 3: Patches

Section 9: iMessages

Part 1: Login
Part 2: Issues
Part 3: Patches


Andrew Kern – Publisher
Nick Smith – Editor
Eep357’s post found here
Black OSX’s post found here
Joel Bruner’s post found here
Lebowski’s post found here
Holyfield’s post found here.
Fusion’s post found here.
Apple Mac Hack found here.
Tom’s post found here.
Andy’s post found here.
Apple Mac Address’s found here.
The King’s post found here.
Pike’s post found here.

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19 Comments on "iCloud and iMessages"

  1. Shouldn’t it be NetworkInterfaces.plist in Part 2: Network Configuration? I see a lot of garbage in there from trying different SMBIOS etc. I’m assuming thats what you want to clear and start fresh.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to enter MLB and ROM in RT-Variables?
    If I’m right, Clover takes the ROM from the last digits of SmUUID if it’s not specified in RT-Variables and MLB from BoardSerial Number…

  3. I generated my mlb and rom values with machack and am confused on where to put them on the smbios page in clover configurator. I dragged the plist onto machack and it put values in. Was this the wrong thing to do as I still get the contact apple message with the code for FaceTime and iMessages. If so could you please specify where to put what from machack into clover configurator.
    Thanks and appreciate your guides!!

  4. Hi and thanks for these valuable guides,

    When I try to Open the CreateRecoveryHDUpdater.command File, I get a message (after google translation from french) “the file « createRecoveryHDUpdater.command »could not be executed because you do not have the necessary access privileges. To view or change your permissions , select the file in the Finder and choose File> Get Info.”

    I’m under 10.10.2.
    Could you help please ?
    In advance thanks for your time.

  5. Hi Rampegdev,

    do you have an idea for my question in the post above ?

  6. Ga-z97x-ud5h-bk
    Intel 4970k
    GTX 970
    OS: Mac OS 10.10.2
    Installation: Clover
    DMG: from Rampage

    Hi, in Part 1C, step 4 it says:
    “Locate the following section:
    My config.plist does not have that section. How should I proceed, do I have to create it?


  7. With this code, the system loading is veeery long time:
    replace on and delete NetworkInterfaces.plist in “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/” folder

    …loading slider is in the middle of apple stub
    And that within 10 minutes
    That normal?
    It seems stopped in the middle

    MB is R4E.

    To these actions it was ok
    I’m followed this guide

  8. I was unable to make the Recovery HD. Here is a image of the error.

    Also AppleMacHack won’t open. Just crashes.

  9. I now have Recovery partition but still can’t open the AppleMacHack app. Submitted a crash log to the developer. Is there another way to generate the info needed without a real Mac?

  10. Hello. I finally got some values generated and I’ve loaded them using Clover but I still get the error, “You cannot sign in to iCloud because there was a problem verifying the identity of this Mac. Try restarting your Mac and signing in again.”


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