Section 1: Kernel Patching
Section 2: AMD Kernel Patching
Section 3: Haswell-E Kernel Patching
Section 4: Clover Bootloader Kernel Patching


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Andrew Kern – Publisher
Nick Smith – Editor
Stinga post found here.
Ryan Rempel article found here.
Apple documentation found here.

Section 1: Kernel Patching

1. 32 Core Patch

perl -pi -e 's|\x00\x00\x0f\x84\xbe\x00\x00\x00\x4c\x89\x45\x98|\x00\x00\x90\xe9\xbe\x00\x00\x00\x4c\x89\x45\x98|g' kernel

Section 2: AMD Kernel Patching


Section 3: Haswell-E Kernel Patching

1. Haswell-E Kernel Patch:

sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x74\x11\x83\xF8\x3C|\x74\x11\x83\xF8\x3F|g' /System/Library/Kernels/kernel

12 Comments on "Kernel Patching"

  1. About the Haswell-E Patch….. Any idea about what’s wrong with it?

    $ md5 /Volumes/Hackintosh/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
    MD5 (/Volumes/Hackintosh/System/Library/Kernels/kernel) = 1a2306e39c55551fc723c7fda153ae1c
    robin-mbp:~ robinqu$ sudo perl -pi -e ‘s|\x74\x11\x83\xF8\x3C|\x74\x11\x83\xF8\x3F|g’ /Volumes/Hackintosh/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
    robin-mbp:~ robinqu$ md5 /Volumes/Hackintosh/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
    MD5 (/Volumes/Hackintosh/System/Library/Kernels/kernel) = 1a2306e39c55551fc723c7fda153ae1c

  2. Hi Andrew,
    a while ago you sent me a patched Kernel 14.0.0 to boot with more than 16 cores.
    I wonder if you have any knowledge on how this kernel was patched or how to patch the Darwin 14.4.0 to run on more than 16 cores? I would be very grateful.

    Anyhow, I´ve got now Power Management on X9Dai (C60x) running, If you need infos for your readers, drop me a line, I´d be glad to provide my setup.


  3. Oh wow,

    could you please send it to me, or post it? This would be really helpful!


  4. Seems like the 32 core patch is not working. Getting the same kernel panics as without the patch. (Fault CPU, aicpupm in backtrace). What could be wrong?


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