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9 Comments on "Power Management"

  1. Hi Andrew,

    thank you for this Guide.
    Is this already part of your X79 DMG or needs that to be done (skipping step 1) even for the 4930K?

    thank you, jens

  2. How can I tell if it is working properly the Power Management or not? Is there any way to test?

  3. Hi there,

    I am going completely havoc now:

    Everything worked well, except Power States and Speedstep on my X9DAi with two E5-2670 v1 Packages and the patched Kernel from rampagedev with 32 logical cores.

    Now I thought, give it a try and create an ssdt with the ssdtprgen script. When I did this previously, I was not able to boot with AICPUPM Panics, so I thought to use the AICPUPM Kext from the x79 dmg on this site.

    I installed it, recreated caches and thought to reboot firstly without an ssdt to check the workings. It didn’t worked, Kernel Panic AICPUPM.

    Ok, I thought, just replace the AICPUPM with the original one, rebuild caches and reboot.
    So this wouldn’t work. I get now Kernelpanics: Fault CPU 0x0 BSD Process Name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

    No chance to get into operating state again. Even the recovery boot doesn’t work.

    I deleted even the /S/L/C/ folder.
    I deleted all in /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/ORIGIN booted with empty folder and recreated all with F4 on clover boot page. No changes.

    Could any of you bright people shade some light what is going on here in the hidings of the OS? This isn’t logically deducible for a mortal like me.



  4. Quick question – the latest graphics update for iMac stops my hack sleeping when the monitor is turned off. And when I turn it on it’s just a black screen and needs a reboot. Anyway round this other than just not update? I rolled back to an earlier image. Thanks, Graham.


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