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  1. My Bluetooth models is of motheboard GA-x79-UP5-Wifi : GC-WB300D

    • The Wifi Card that ships with that board is worthless under Mac OS X. You will Need to buy a replacement part. Also I have no idea what you are refering to with what you posted. You just tell me a model… Ok and…

      • I put the model of wifi and bluetooth that comes on the motherboard. The aim was whether both would work on Mac OS X. Because i made de changes proposed and the bluetooth isn’t working.

  2. Hey Rampage,

    I am using a BCM94360CD for wifi and bluetooth and I’m able to pair nicely with apple wireless keyboard and trackpad natively. I am able to check-box the “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer” but my problem is that it doesn’t actually work. I AM able to wake up the computer with a usb keyboard or mouse.

    I have an ASRock Z87e-itx. I use a custom dsdt (dtgp, usb ownership, usb inject, and clockID). I believe I needed these to enable proper sleep. Clover is my bootloader with AppleHDA kext patches and custom rom/mlb to have imessage working.

    On wake up, the bluetooth/wifi takes a second or two to connect again. I assume the DSDT is putting the card to sleep? What I find strange is that I have USB extra power edits in the DSDT and my iPhone charges nicely even when my computer sleeps.

    Hope I have given enough information and thank you if anyone can help me with my problem.

  3. haha I’ve might’ve been a little over anxious. I believe what you’re saying is the motherboard bios simply won’t let me use the card during sleep.

    So I see two options. 1) Buy another motherboard with the capability to use the wlan card during sleep or 2) get a usb bluetooth

    I actually posted this feature request in the asrock forums in the hopes that someone would catch a glimpse and tweak a custom bios for me. lol Thanks for your help in this matter.


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