Now that the new Install and Post Install DMG’s Read Me and structure has been out we would like to reach out for some feedback on how everyone is liking the changes and what improvements can still be made.

That said please let us know what else you would like to see in these files as well as any improvements that can be made. Let us work together and improve everyones Hackintosh experience.

Last we are working on updating all of our Graphic Guides starting with NVidia.

17 Comments on "Install and Post Install DMG’s Read Me Feedback"

  1. Update to 10.12.5 like a charm. I have audio, ssd. Works perfect with your guide.

    Maximus hero viii
    I7 6700k
    Amd 280x

  2. I still can’t get my x99 booting properly.

  3. Hi there,
    doing reinstall(s) of my aging P9X79 )getting weird crashes all around the show when getting near RAM “Exhaustion” ;( ) I must say that the guides are “easy”, but to some extend (for me) too verbose.

    That said, there are several points where I had to guess as it is not following the actual names of the device as it gets renamed through the process of format, writing of the installation media, choosing the Clover filesystem and booting.

    • Send me photos of when it crashes.

      I agree the guide can be monotonous for people who have installed many times before. But we had to be open to new users. 😉

      As for the names your referring to the clover menu correct?

      • Names: I’ll have to go read the manual again, will do it Later today (after some sleep) as I’ll be doing the X9SRI-F installation, then I’ll make the notes etc.

        Crashes: was more refering to crashes in applications, ie. division by zero, NULL pointer type crashes of FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Parallels Desktop, Mplayer to name those I’ve been using to test the problem… I’m suspecting my P9X79 (now 5+Years old) might have something on the memory bus going bad. I can email the latest crash/core-dump logs if you still want them.

  4. Andrew, wifi and bluethoot in 10.12.5 after a couple of minutes inactive lost signal. I didn’t have that problem in 10.12.3/4, same build with your guide.

    Maximus Hero VIII
    i7 6700k
    IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
    TP-Link Archer T9E 802.11AC AC1900
    Amd 280x

  5. Not specifically a comment about install & post-install DMGs, but I think it would be helpful to add a link to your new Socket 1151 DMG under the DMGs links section in the sidebar. It takes a little hunting to find that particular DMG right now.

  6. I see in the guide a suggestion to put Trimforce Enable at the end of the steps. Because the restart required for that command could bring some problems if you don’t have Clover, kext, etc.

    Buy I know you have better reasons than me 🙂


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