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  1. Any fixes for iMessage?

  2. Would love it if their was a clear guide on BIOS settings to use. Maybe a universal guide that works with common motherboards categorized by manufacturer. I’m currently running a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 with GTX 970 and I have seen people configure the BIOS many different ways. I don’t what’s the proper way to configure it.

    • What BIOS changes. Anyone who tells you anything other then to turn off CSM and change Secure Boot to Other OS is lying to you. Never change anything else other then what I just listed which is in my Install Guide.

  3. Would you consider a section on the site where you just blog your opinions and general advice related to hackintoshes – similar to netkas, et al? You publish your machine specs and give random advice re: hardware in the comments , but the are not easy to find or assimilate, for example, what graphics cards are best to use.

  4. I have a 5820k on an ASUS X99-S and 2xGTX970. Using Clover and your X99.dmg, with 1 GPU everything works fine, but when both GPUs (PCIe slots 1 and 4) are present, OS X uses one at random for display on every reboot. I have to keep plugging the display cable on a different GPU every time I reboot or power up.

    From looking at the SSDT and my IORegs it looks like the SSDT doesn’t list the PCIe slot in which the second GPU is inserted. PCIEX16_1 is “_SB.PCI0.BR3A.GFX0” (on the SSDT) and my IOReg shows “_SB.PCI0.BR2A.H000” as PCIEX16_4 where the 2nd GPU is in. I’m not sure if it is related to the problem, but is there a chance you could revise the Asus X99 SSDTs? I can provide IORegs, logs and screenshots if necessary, just let me know where to send them.

    Alternatively, is there a way to force OS X to use a particular GPU as a display device?

    Web drivers are installed, SMBios is iMac 12,2 (tried MacPro 5,1 and MacMini 6,2 too).


  5. When using more than one HighPoint RocketRaid RR720SGL/RR2722 on an Asus P9X79Pro, only one card will work, regardless of slot. All cards function normally when used separately. I have tested this in two different Pro motherboards. All was fine under Mavericks with chameleon using three cards simultaneously. So is this possibly related to Jose’s issue or an issue with Asus’ secureBoot: otherOS and IRQs?

    • No. Only one card under Mac? Did you test Windows? I have ran 2 before. RR and the non RR Highpoint card together before for one project. Post a IOREG when you reply. Thanks again.

  6. Hi Andrew, congrats on the site & hope all is well & good in your world these days. which board do you recommend for X99? I have X99 Deluxe but not sure if i made the best decision.

    Also, I’m following directions as closely as I can to get this thing to boot Yosemite with Clover in UEFI with X99 Deluxe & 5960X. Any ideas why it’s not booting? is it not doable?

    Also, do I need to flash GPU for UEFI, and if so, when in the process is best to do that? Right now I have 2 GTX 650s. well, one’s a Ti. one’s flashed for UEFI & the other isn’t. I will swap them in & out when I’m trying to get Yosemite to boot with Clover but it’s not happening with either one.

    Also, when running windows in full UEFI mode (with the uefi-flashed gtx 650) it seems to take a long time to start up. My old R4E board booted in like 7 seconds.. the X99 deluxe doesn’t seem to be taking any less time than when it’s normal BIOS. & i have CSM disabled when i do this, and Fast Boot enabled.

  7. Hi
    I have a build made from your DMG running Yosemity. I have read up on TRIM on various sites and from my understanding it seems like the kext dev mode would allow for enabling TRIM by fx Trim Enabler, but I guess I’m missing something as you said trim was broken under Yosemity? Could you elaborate on the options and implications if one were to try it?

  8. Hey, thanks as always for your awesome guides and support!

    I’ve read on many forums/guides that for 5960X VoodooTSCSync.kext info.plist needs to be edited to:



    But using your X99.dmg this is not needed?
    I see on your included kext the integer value is set to “1”
    You have some other work around so this edit is not needed?
    Also, if the edit is needed, would this edit only be for 10.10.1 or also needed for 10.9.5?

    • Nope. The documents suggest that this change is needed but there never has been any issues with it set to 1.

      As stated the DMG supports 10.9.4 to current os versions.

      • Great, thanks for clearing that up!

        One other quick one for you.
        I have X99 Deluxe, 5960X, booting via clover.
        I’m running 10.9.5 and 10.10.1 with no problems.

        But I’m curious.
        In 10.10.1 I can see CPU Package Multiplier switch from x12 to x30.
        But in 10.9.5, I’m always at x30.

        Is this just how it is, or is there something I can do to make 10.9.5 do that as well?

  9. hi..named please the best out of the box gpu s (ati and nvidia) that work in maverick

    • There are a lot. Are you looking to buy a new GPU? If so what is the Budget?

      • i have the gigabyte HD6850 and it s time to upgrade ..the only problem is that, my mb is old (asus maximus formula) and i don t know is i can use last generation s gpu..budget 200- 250$
        thanks 4…

        • Nvidia GTX just released the new GTX 960 at a great Price Point. Wait a few weeks for us to test the new GPU and that would be the way to go.

        • Andrew i am not ati fun boy byt never have nvidia in my life cos ati is cheaper so what you think about ati r series? is not oob for maverik?

  10. Are there any known audio fixes for GA-X99-UD5 builds running simple audio interfaces such as Focusrite 2i2.

    My audio glitches after 10-15 minutes of play (spotify) 30-40 minutes in logic.

    more build info
    GTX 970

    Everything else runs really nice and smooth.


  11. Andrew,

    I am in the process of setting up a Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 with an Invidia GTX-760 and Intel 4790K CPU. I need to add a Firewire card into an I/O slot and wanted to know which one might work. Also, having just got a new MacBook Pro/Mavericks – I rebuilt the 10.9 and 10.10 USB’s with create media script but I am not sure about creating the Recovery partition is the process.
    Can you help me with either issue?

    • Why not use a TB to Fire Wire adaptor?

      Use the script to make the installer. Recovery has no place on the USB.

      • Andrew,

        I had planned to use the adapter until I found a solution to utilize the original Apple G5 case front panel Firewire and USB. It is a custom wire harness that utilizes the original Apple Front Panel controller and it has connections to a Firewire card. I am trying to customize the case of my G5 and I could use a couple of Firewire outputs.

        I will check again as to whether I used your Usb instructions to build the USBs for Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

        Thank you.

  12. Did someone get a GA-X99-Gaming 5 build to work?
    @Andrew: I´ll send some details. Hope you find my mistake 😉

  13. Andrew – A question about the PCI-e SSD implementation on a Hack. My new MacBook Pro boots up in about 3 seconds because of this internal PCI – SSD.
    I doubt a SSD Fusion drive is that fast and can this card be used in place of a SATA SSD as a Fusion setup.
    Ain’t technology great?

  14. When installing Yosemite with Clover, do you flash your GPU for UEFI, and if so, when is a good time to do this? I notice you say to disable CSM at one point, but the guide never addresses the issue of flashing the GPU for UEFI. as long as the GPU isn’t flashed for UEFI… can CSM really stay disabled?


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