If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

We had a issue with Dropbox not updating this past month. This issue has been addressed and fixed by uninstalling Dropbox on one of are systems. The x79 DMG now does have the BETA Clover Config File with MacPro 6,1 SMBIOS.

Now that the site structure is complete we are looking to open things up. We are looking to develop a method of submitting updates, corrections and new guides that users can submit to be added to the site. The goal for the new site has always been to create a unified place for information and documentation regarding Hackintoshs to help prevent information being lost over time. We are looking at two methods at this time. For the time being if you could submit them directly via email we will add the info after being edited to fit the structure of the site.

62 Comments on "June: Q & A SESSION"

  1. Hi,
    Is there some work in progress to enable GTX 9xx on X99 with MacPro 6,1 SMBIOS?

    Also how is the sound card project coming along?

    • After initial testing we will. Best to start on a stable platform.

      Need to ask the person who is writing the audio guide.

    • No. x99 is considered BETA and no valuable data can be obtained from a BETA system. The tests will only be conducted under the x79 platform and after testing will be migrated to the x99 platform.

      Only can get Optical Audio enabled.

  2. I’ve given the beta Clover config a shot and updated my Clover to r3215 (latest) and I’ve noticed (coming from a very old Clover config) that my CPU now says “3.2GHz Unknown” instead of stating it was a Xeon.

    This hasn’t affected anything of course, but I was wondering how come About This Mac changed what it reports it as?

    CPU: i7 3930K
    Mobo: R4E

  3. Andrew,

    The flow and use of the rampagedev site is quite awesome.

    Are you aware of any issues with using the M.2 (PCI-E) as a location for windows?

    Or would you suggest just turning off the M.2 and forcing the bios to only recognize the PCI-Ex slot. (I put my specs below).

    Thank you,

  4. Andrew, I can not make up in full power my Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCU II TOP. Since last year I’ve been doing some testing but so far can not make it up to full power when needed.

    I wonder if these guides “AGPM Editing”, “Framebuffer Personality Editing”, “SSDT / DSDT Injection” are upgraded to 10.10.3 ? I really need to do them? Even the system recognizes the card natively ?

    Rampage IV Extreme – Bios 4901
    i7 3930k
    Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCU II TOP
    Clover 3215


    • The guides listed are independent of OS versions. Very little ever changes from OS to OS version in regards to a listed method. As per the guide I even state that you (the end user) need to test variables until you find what works.

  5. Hello.

    It would be nice if you also make a Buying Guide Section in your site which gives infos about OOB hardwares and system builds.

    This will help new hackintosh builders and hopefully lessen the questions on how this and this and this will work.

    • This would not be helpful as almost 95% of all hardware works under Mac OS X. In the end this would do more harm then good. People lie about compatibility and claim there are only a few models work. This is simply not true.

  6. Hello again Andrew!Thanks for your previous reply

    I have some questions about the install progress(I want to be ready when my hardware come)

    1) my video card will need bootflags?
    2)after the installation of OSX, i must follow the guide inside the haswell dmg?
    3)I need to follow the guide for 200series amd card?

    cpu:i5 4460
    ram:crucial ballistix (2x4gb)
    ssd:samsung 850 evo(128gb)
    gpu:Sapphire R9 270x

    • 1. Read and follow the Install Guide. See 3. for answer.
      2. Read and follow the READ ME on the Haswell DMG for steps.
      3. Read and follow the AMD Documentation.

      • I follow your guides and I can confirm that my build works properly!!Thank you very much!!You are doing an amazing work in this website!!
        Yosemite 10.10.3
        cpu:i5 4460
        ram:crucial ballistix (2x4gb)
        ssd:samsung 850 evo(128gb)
        gpu:Sapphire R9 270x

  7. Is the following config hackintoshable?
    Rampage V Extreme
    E5-2699 v3
    Crucial 128GB 2133MHz ECC
    GTX Titan X

    Well basically I wanna swap out my CPU and RAM for the said components above and am wondering if a CPU with > 8 cores is hackintoshable?

  8. Any news on the backup guides (for reinstalls)? Also: For me the Bluetooth guide shows nothing on the first three pages. Does it work with the BT from the Asus Z97 Pro Wifi/ac?

  9. Hi Andrew,

    What app could we use to monitor the temps (CPU, GPU, system, etc)?

    I have Intel Power Gadget but I’m not sure what temp is it for. Is it the CPU?

    I tried HWMonitor and it’s giving 114c CPU Heatsink which says its overheated that’s I want to know about temperatures.

  10. Hi Andrew,

    I would like to setup dual booting (OS X and Windows 10) in my machine. I’m already running OS X in my SSD and would like to install Windows 10 in my other HDD.

    Do I need to make some custom configs or just install Windows 10 straight on the other drive and Clover will let me choose the OS when booting?


  11. What chipset is best for video editing?

  12. First off, thanks for this site. I followed your guide after trying tonymac and having an issue with freezing. The freezing issue, which plagued me for 6 months, went away(thank you heaps). That being said, when I did do the upgrade from chameleon to clover, two things changed. I went from 10.10.2 to 10.10.3, as well as different bootloader. I mention this for troubleshooting purposes. I never had this audio issue before, but it is plaguing me like no other.

    First issue: Audio issue description: I will be in skype working all day, on and off, and then in the middle of a conversation, the others will hear me repeat myself on a short 1 second loop. You can imagine it is quite annoying. I will check my mic in system prefs and it shows it visually repeating in that sensitivity thing. Sometimes the description “line in” will overwrite the “internal microphone” when this is happening. If i deselect this mic then reselect it, it fixes it for a short time, but I notice a heavy delay from when i speak to when it registers in the “input level” bar. Then shortly after, it will either repeat again or just completely stop sending audio through. The only way i have been able to fix this issue is a restart. I followed your guides to a T. There was one thing I had to change, which was the ethernet choice you made for kexts to install. That one was wrong for my board. At least as best I can tell it was wrong. Other than that, everything is done with just your guides. I am on 3202 with clover, could that or the ssdt you had me use be an issue? What do you need to know and it is yours.

    Second issue: This one MIGHT be cosmetic, might not. I am running with a gtx 970 in 10.10.3 using the web drivers. I select nvidia web driver in the menu bar, but when i restart it goes back to os x default driver. I don’t see any visual difference in performance. Perhaps this is just cosmetic? In chameleon with 10.10.2 it never did this. Is there a way to definitively check which driver is in use? This happened more than one time, with multiple reinstalls when i was learning clover.

    My system specs:
    gigabyte z97x gaming 3
    msi gtx 970
    32 GB g.skill ram
    mx100 512 crucial SSD (boot disk)
    WD Blue 1TB

    On a side note, how does one make a custom dsdt ? I have read that if i have it set up correctly, I would not need many if any kexts. Also, if my efforts in furthering my knowledge of hackentoshing can be useful, i would be happy to lend a hand testing for the community on your site. Just point me to what you would need.

    • 1. Report audio issue(s) to the Developer of the Audio Patch. I personally do not have an extensive knowledge on audio patching. Just minor items. As for LAN there is no issues with the provided LAN Driver on the DMG as I have used the NIC drivers on the DMG for your board in the past.

      2. You did not read the Nvidia Documentation on my site which tells you about this. I recommend you re-read this documentation and don’t skim this time 🙂

      Last you don’t need to touch nor ever look at your DSDT. SSDT does all the patching.

      • I will read the nvidia on this site. I had not previously so no i don’t skim, that was the one install guide that I did not need from here; I guess I was wrong. As for the LAN kext, the issue i found was in torrents causing odd behavious as well as clicking on airdrop. The kext you had me install for this board worked mostly, but not in those situations. If i launced airdrop, then it would shut down my network. Perhaps this may tell you if you are using the right one, or maybe something is wrong with mine. Either way, no issues with LAN with the driver i currently employ, which is named AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext. I believe i got this from the xxxxxxx. Id be willing to test this for you and report results if know of a quantifiable way to do so, so that future people don’t run into this issue.

        Finally is there any good literature you recommend about ssdt? I want to know as much as I can about the tweeks that go into a perfect hackintosh and just want to be able to help others with it as well. I guess that is why I would be willing to offer support to this site if i can.

  13. Hi, which of these motherboards would be better for a mini itx hackintosh build?
    Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI, Asus Z97I-Plus or Asus MAXIMUS VI IMPACT?

  14. My dual boot – dual Fusion drive – Z97X-UD7 TH – Intel 4790K CPU and Invidia GTX760 video card is working great.
    I do have a couple of questions. First – even though the video displays great, I have not loaded an Invidia driver or CUDA drivers. There are no alternate video resolutions to try. Secondly, the memory sticks in Yosemite and Mavericks are rated at 1133 speeds in the About this Mac although the Ram sticks are rated at 2133,
    Any thoughts?

    • The GTX 760 does not need the NVidia Retail Drivers however you can install them and use them if you wish.

      As for the RAM you need to go into the Clover Config File on the EFI Partition of your Boot Drive and enable TRUST. Google Clover TRUST if you what more info on that setting but in short takes what the BIOS is telling the OS and uses that. This is simply a cosmetic issue. The reason this is disable in the Clover Config File is that in, now a rare issue, this setting can cause the system not to boot.

  15. Hi,

    Why does VM softwares like Parallels, Virtualbox doesn’t like installations of 64bit Windows 7 or 8? It gives me error that I cannot install 64bit because my system is x32 only.

    My current build is:
    Asus H97i-Plus
    Intel i5-4590
    8GB Corsair Ram
    Intel HD4600

    I’m running the latest BIOS and I have Intel Vt-d enabled in my bios.

    I installed Yosemite following your guide.

    Please help.

  16. Hello.

    10.10.4 update was just released. I already have downloaded the combo update but haven’t installed yet as I am hesitant it might break my setup since I have TRIM enabled. I’ve read a lot of articles that it might make the system not able to boot when TRIM is enabled.

    Anyone updated with TRIM enabled?

  17. Hi Andrew, it is again me with post-update issues 🙁 Sorry for that. I have X79 with 4360 and Nvidia GTX750 wired to 4K DELL monitor. My graphics is a Maxwell based so it needs the nvidia web driver to work. I am getting reboot in normal startup right after initialization of graphics. IF i try to boot in safe mode i got the that: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mksdcxy5xl38k2q/File%2001.07.15%2015%2034%2003.jpeg?dl=0
    Although I am able to get to single user mode. Would you please help? Thanks

    • Hi Andrew, sorry please forgot my question. I misinterpreted how to use the nv_disable=1 which was needed after upgrade to download latest drivers. Thanks, Petr

  18. Andrew – I am aware that you have a unit based on the Gigabyte Z97X-UD7 Th board as i do and I wanted to know if the Line Output drives speakers from the (Green) Line Out jack.
    Mine doesn’t work and Toleda suggested Codec Commander.kext but was wondering if your works and what you did to make it happen.


  19. Are you going to address the trimforce command in 10.10.4 for SSD’s. I see that people are saying the Samsung EVO and Pro 840-850 drives are problematic – but I emailed Samsung tech support and got this response:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Support regarding your concerns and inquiries. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you. You can enable TRIM on MAC. There are no issues. Linux users are experiencing an issue with Queued TRIM, which only Linux uses, but it is easily fixable. Windows and OSX have no issues with TRIM on our drives.

    Thank you again for contacting Samsung Support and have a good day.

    • I have a samsung 850 Pro and I use an app called Trim Enabler and/or Disk Sensei. It works for me.

    • Old patch still works and will be updating documentation for Apples new method. There is nothing to really address about TRIM.

      I have 830, 840 and 850 Pros and there has been and is no issue(s) so I am not sure what or who you are referring to. I have a 830 PRO I have used for 3 years now using TRIM on Mac and have never seen any issues. I also have had Corsair, Sandisk and Intel Drives over the years and never seen any issues. So can you link me to people claiming to have issues as you know I can tell when people have self created issues very quickly.

  20. I couldn’t be happier with my Hack by Rampage. I did a little donation, I believe in this method. Put your cooperation!


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