Today, Apple has released Mac OS X 10.10.2 found here. Currently there are no known issues under this version in regards to Hackintosh systems.

After the update you must repatch AppleHDA.

For users who must use the Nvidia Retail Drivers please see my Nvidia Guide here for Mac OS X 10.10.2 BETA Drivers.

For x99 users who wish to update I will be addressing this tomorrow with a detailed post and a new Clover Config Plist on the DMG as well as add the Debug AppleHDA that I have everyone using at this time.

Please report any issues that you may have and we will see what we can do to address them.

27 Comments on "Mac OS X 10.10.2 Released"

  1. After I updated to 10.10.2. I opened the Intel Power Gadget and had a surprise. My processor is a i7 3930K, and the power varied from 30W to 100W, frequency varied from 1.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz, Temperature 40 °C to 60 °C.
    Now everything is static, Power in 75W, Frequency by 3.20 Ghz, Temperature 49 °C to 50 °C.
    I do not know if this is good or bad, but it was the first thing I noticed with 10.10.2.

    • WTF, what happened?
      I installed the update 10.10.2, I restarted, I logged into my account, so far so perfect.
      I Installed Audio Patch. Restarted.
      Came the first problem.

      Formerly, when I switch on my PC and appeared to Boot Clover screen, I saw two icons.
      1 – Boot Mac OS X from Boot OS X
      2 – Boot Mac OS X from Recovery HD
      And I started normally at 1 – Boot Mac OS X from Boot OS X
      Hitherto normal.

      Now after I installed the audio pacth are showing 3 icons.
      1 – Boot Mac OS X from Boot OS X
      2 – Boot Mac OS X from Recovery HD
      3 – Boot Recovery from Recovery HD
      And now I’m getting usually start the Mac only by 2 – Boot Mac OS X from Recovery HD

      What happened ??? How to solve this?

    • You need the patch AICPM.kext on the DMG.

      • PS. On the problem of Boot. I use Fusion Drive.

        • I am only reporting what is happening to me, because this can be help to you in something.
          My computer was crashing, and by some divine miracle, the boot was solved alone. But I realize that I can not open the Chrome, the pc hangs all, and I need restart in the reset button.

        • I have Fusion here and runs fine under Mac OS X 10.10.2. I have been using Fusion for 3 OS Versions now.

    • For I also Power management is lost with 10.10.2 update

    • I noticed the same. My i5 4690K is now runing at 3.7 ghz permanently and power is at higher lever. Weird as ssdt is in Clover

    • This has happened to me. Restarting did not fix the issue. Constantly running at 3.2 GHz. Temps at 60 constantly, before they would run at around 40. Any solutions?

      • Please READ and Follow what I have told you before as you are not doing what I told you to do.

        • Andrew, I did read the update instructions and am pretty sure that I followed them correctly. Are you referring to the patch AICPM.kext on the DMG? I was assuming that those were directed at Vinicius and his boot issues.

        • Vince, I think he confused with me lol. It’s just you install the “AICPM.kext” it solves.
          But it is good that I come to say a thing here that can help some people.
          I use Fusion Drive, 1 SSD and 1 HD. After I updated to 10.10.2 and put the audio patch, my computer went crazy.

          I do not know if it’s because Patch Audio or because of the update, I’m still testing, but, each time appears a different Disk, and then disappears. I not see the Disk, but I know that this happens because the computer freezes, and when I restart it appears another disk in boot, or sometimes the disk disappears.
          I’m testing some things in order to give some definite result here.
          Who has Fusion Drive, Take Care.

        • No issues here with my Fusion with the update.

  2. Did you end up posting a guide for X99 user to goto 10.10.2?

  3. Lost audio on the update. I see repatch of AppleHDA is needed. Do you have a guide for this? How to do?

  4. PatchHDA keep saying no IOReg/HDEF or …
    Can’t get audio to work
    And after update to 10.10.2, the ethernet card stop working (BCM57781)
    How to resolve this?

    • Please follow the guide on the DMG. Your not following the guide. Until you follow the guide there is nothing we can do for you so until then please stop posting the same thing. Its not a issue with the files.

      • I follow your guide exactly 3 times now.
        I got the ethernet working properly after install but after update to 10.10.2 it stops working.

        The only difference from the guide is the version of clover which u said should be the latest version but in the guide it’s the older one (I use the newer).
        So plz help me resolve this.

        • Post a IOREG. You are telling me two diffrent things. Based on what you have told me you have not used and or applied the DMG Files to the System correctly considering we have the same board in a test System and works fine under 10.10.2.

  5. Hi Andrew

    I have installed the 10.10.1 with your guide, works fantastic. Now I’m in a dilema, that I should update to 10.10.2 or not. I have no external HDD for backing up my files, so if it will be something trouble with my hackintosh after update, then I can’t restore it…
    My gear is GA Z97X-UD5H BK, i5 4670K, HD4600
    After update I just replace the audio driver?
    What have you write above for “new clover configplist” on the DMG, is only for X99, for gigabyte motherboards still the same configplist?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    After updating to 10.10.2 , when I run the audio patch, i get an error that
    S/L/E/AppleHDA.kext is not native.
    Install native AppleHDA.kext.
    No system files were changed

    Where do I get a native AppleHDA.kext?

    I didn’t make a backup copy of it last time I ran the patch…


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