Apple has released Mac OS X 10.10.3 and can be downloaded here. There is no known issues at this time with any system files provided on the DMG. Haswell-E 8 core or higher users will need to update there system drive on another system and install the 8 core only Kexts provided on the x99 DMG. Make sure to repatch Audio after updating.

We are also going to update the Clover Config File in the next few days for both the x79 and x99 DMG to allow Nvidia GPU’s on MacPro 6,1 SMBIOS as the issue has finally been resolved. Testing to verify is underway at this time.

Nvidia has also released CUDA 7.0 and can be downloaded here. With this release Nvidia has dropped support for Mac OS X 10.8.x. Also as of 10.10.2 last release of the Retail Driver they have also added support for the new Titan X Graphics Card.  The Nvidia Documentation found here on Rampage Dev will be updated to reflect these changes later this week.

Also we have been having issues with are Spam Plugin for the Website and has been causing posts to be removed immediately after being posted. We have disabled the current version of this Plugin and rolled back to a older stable version which should remove this issue until we find the issue.

55 Comments on "Mac OS X 10.10.3 Released and CUDA 7.0"

  1. The update appears to break power management/speedstep according to the Intel Power Gadget on my two P9X79 Pro boards (3930k, 3820). Both setups are now locked to stock and are burning more electricity with much higher temps (58deg versus mid-30s previously).

    • Sounds to me that you did not install the patched kexts for PM post update.

      • Yep, that was it, thanks. It seems obvious but … it wasn’t part of your instructions in the post above (just repatch audio). You have advised previously to reinstall the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext after other (but not all) OS updates, so maybe it should be standard procedure. Since you do say from time to time not to do anything unless part of the guide(s) or explicit instructions, perhaps there could be a default guide for Mac OS X updates – e.g., reinstall kexts from the DMG and repatch audio after every update?

  2. Andrew,

    I ran into some problem trying to update to 10.10.3. I have a 5960x, therefore, I took your advice and tried to update with another system (Macbook Pro). However, it would not bootup…. Not even when I tried to repair the disk & permissions….

    I guess I will reinstall the OS all over again. Just wanted to let you know my problem so you can give me and other people with the same CPU better advice on how I/we should approach this the next time. I don’t want to keep reinstalling the OS every time a new update rolls out.

    • Method was used for every BETA and Final Version of 10.10.3 and worked fine.

      Your on a unsupported CPU. Expect issues to come up or Switch to Windows until issues like this are addressed by Apple.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I updated to 10.10.3 and when it boot up there is no display. I tried putting nv_disable=1 on the bootup option and I manage to login but only 1 display is working.

    I updated the nvidia driver and cuda hoping that would solve the issue but it did not. My setup is x79 deluxe, and i7 4930k.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    I replaced the config file from your dmg file and now it’s working fine!

    Thank you so much for your super speedy reply!


  5. Hi, can I update by just downloading the update 10.10.3 from appstore, with no usb methods?

  6. has the X99 been updated? I really wanna move to AppleHDA from my current VoodooHDA

  7. Very excited about the new support for Nvidia with the MacPro6,1 SMBIOS configuration.

  8. Hi Andrew, Downloaded a fresh yosemite from the appstore. 10.10.3.
    Have an nvidia gtx 970, installing on x99 system asus deluxe. Finished all the steps. except none of the retail drivers work, or will install. even the latest link.
    MAC OSX version is not compatible
    OSX version 10.10.3 (14d136) is not supported with this package. none of the previous ones will work either.

  9. Hey Andrew, should I update using the combo update from apple or shoud I use the regular appstore update, I’m updating from 10.10.1. And should I update the nvidia drivers before or after the sytem update?
    I5 4670K
    GTX 970
    ASUS Z97-A
    8GB RAM

  10. Hi, any news about the updated Clover Config?

  11. Nice 😉

  12. Hey there,

    Several Issues with taking the x79 DMG (Asus X79-Deluxe):
    all worked but:
    – sleep doesn´t attach the drives which are plugged in the Marvell 88SE9230 Controller after wakeup.
    – For Realtek LAN-Controller there´s a kext needed for this which isn´t included in the DMG
    – Bluetooth function only one way (from OS X to Bluetooth Device but not in the other way.)

    Full Specs are:
    – Asus X79-Deluxe
    – 4820K, 32 GB RAM
    – 4x Samsung EVO 840 (2 for Windows and Gaming, 2 for OSX on Marvell controller)
    – 2x WD Black 1 TB (for Stuff and VM´s – plugged into ASM107x Controller because of SATA3)
    – OS X 10.10.3
    – Asus Strix GTX970
    – 3x Asus MX279H Displays
    – Clover newest with SMBIOS MacPro 6,1

    All is working with patched Nvidia WebDriver incl. HDMI-Audio, Multimonitor, Controlled Speedstep with 6 P-States (only with MP 6,1 smbios), TRIM…, Dual-Lan, Wifi

    Greatest mistake for me is that stupid sleep issues, there are any patches for this??? If you know please post it here, thank you..

    • I do not Support sleep. The kext is on the DMG in another Folder. Onboard BT does not work well. Buy a Dongle.

      Please do not Change SMBIOS or any of the files on the DMG. They are there for a reason and should not be changed.

      • Ok for me…
        so can i ask you if a DSDT with patch would be a solution for this sleep issues, or can it be done in SSDT with injection?

        Very thankful for your work here…

        • I do not Support sleep. All the code to make it work is in the SSDT. If it works then great if it does not nothing more to add.

        • Sleep is working!
          But unfortunately “after” wakeup drives on the Marvell SATA Controller cannot be recognized because drives on /dev/disk1s1 is after wakeup /dev/disk2s1 or any other number…
          So mac os just say me that the drive was hanging out unproperly.???

        • Don’t use that SATA Controler. Buggy on some boards.

  13. Any updates on the availability of the newer clover config supporting the use of a MacPro6,1 smbios entry? Looking at the comments apparently the updated config file was to be available last weekend but is not included in the latest x79 dmg.

    • Should be in the BETA Folder on the DMG. If not I will re-upload the DMG tonight.

      • Just downloaded the x79 DMG, the Files/Beta folder only contains 4 files; 2 kexts, a readme and an SSDT-2 file. If you could re-upload the DMG with the config.plist included it would be appreciated.

  14. I have a problem after updating.

    Gigabyte Z97 N Wifi
    Intel i5 4690K
    Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming

    Updated to OSX 10.10.3, and then i updated to the latest nvidia drivers (prompted inside OS X, I just clicked install).

    When rebooting after updating the graphics drivers, the boot just stopped. I tried running the installer again to use disk utility. This tells me that there is an error with the EFI partition table. It apparently fixes it, but when I reboot, everything stops at the same place.

    The message in verbose boot is this:
    OsxAptipFixDrv: Error – requested memory exceeds our allocated relocation block

    Error allocationg 0xd78f pages at 0x000000000400f000 alloc type 2
    Couldn’t allocate runtime area
    Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting…”

    Any ideas for a fix?

  15. updated and got boot failure sending a picture… CPU 6 core so I assume I didn’t need to follow the extra step you mentioned

  16. I just downloaded the x79 dmg and I didn’t see the 6,1 clover config in folder 1 or in the beta folder.

  17. Downloaded the x79 DMG, still no mac pro 6,1 config.plist in the beta folder, still the same March 29th creation date.
    On three separate occasions people have asked for the updated dmg and on three separate occasions the file has supposedly be uploaded.
    Is the upload process working properly?

  18. The x79 link still references the March 29th DMG lacking the newest config.plist in the beta folder. Inspecting the element reveals the link ref to be https:​/​/​dl.dropboxusercontent.com/​u/​88732606/​Website/​DMGS/​x79%20DMG/​X79.dmg.zip. As far as I can tell this is the only x79 download link publicly available on this site. Would it be possible to email the newest dmg to my address associated with this post?

  19. Hi Andrew,

    After updating to 10.10.3, my CPU keeps around it’s stock speed 3.4Mhz=3.7Mhz.
    I double checked and i didn’t miss any step from the guid.
    any idea what could it be?

    i7-4930k (no OC)
    nVidia GTX770
    Asus sabertooth x79


    I want to thank you for the great job u are doing.
    do you accept donations? Paypal?

    • Sounds like no SSDT-1 is installed for your cup. All donations are via the donation link at the top of the page via pay pal.

      • The SSDT-1 was installed.
        Might be an outdated Intel Power Gadget, reinstalled the app now it shows CPU sometimes dropping to 2.28/2.76Mhz.

        My display (Dell Monitor connected via DisplayPort) is not showing an image after sleep, its powered up but there is no image, i need to restart it. didn’t happen before the last update.

  20. Has the config file for x99 updated to support Nvidia GPUs for MacPro 6,1?

  21. Thank you for your site it has helped me tremendously.
    Just wondering on the status of the updated X79 DMG’s for 6,1? its been a few “weekends” now.


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