Today Apple has released MacOS 10.12. At this time there are some open issues regarding USB 3.0 Support and some minor networking issues. We will be releasing updates throughout the site this weekend once these mirror issues are resolved. As for direct upgrade using Clover we recommend installing Clover to a USB and using that for the upgrade process. Prepare the USB as if you where to install MacOS but not restore the installer to the USB. Then from your installation simply run the installer and once you reboot boot to the USB and boot into the new install icon from the clover menu. We will also be publishing a guide regarding this.


6 Comments on "MacOS 10.12 Released"

  1. Than you so much! =)

  2. USB installer restars at about 3/4 progress bar. Just followed everything from your guide.
    Please help.

  3. Thanks a guide would be helpful.

  4. Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for all! I’m waiting for the upgrade guide!
    Also, It is possible to upgrade directly from Yosemite?



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