Yesterday Apple announced and released a BETA for MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. We will be updating the Install DMG with a USB creation script for those who wish to test the new OS however we will not be providing support when doing so. We will however assist with Post Installation issues as needed.

In regards to the new iMac Pro we can safely assume that we will receive full x299 support from Apple upon the release of the new system. Even with Intel’s horrible handling of the new socket and chipsets the native support is something to look forward to. Also if you did not hear none of Gigabytes boards will support Thunderbolt due to political issues with Intel changing the spec for x299 almost every week. The fact that 3 generations of Intel’s flagship cpu line does not have Thunderbolt integrated into the chipset is the final end all statements of DOA which Thunderbolt has always been. Intel’s last grasp at dropping licensing fees has not made anyone want to make Thunderbolt standard on anyones boards shows that in the end it will never be accepted. To quote the Steve Jobs movie “People want slots, they want options, they want to customize” … and not use 10 million wires to do so…

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  1. I hope that the updated driver for Intel GPUs will support Kabylake Intel HD Graphics 610.

    Thunderbolt will be supported by an ASUS mainboard. However, besides connecting some low latency audio interfaces I do not see any use for it anymore.

    Since the iMac Pro features a 10GB Ethernet card – probably from Intel – we might be able to use regular 10GB network cards in our Hackmacs. This is really nice and and makes thunderbolt raid arrays useless and overpriced when connected to a 10GB equipped server or NAS. 🙂

    • With 610 and my 1151 DMG SSDT installed what works with it?

      10GB NIC Intel support would be a game changer but it will be a wait and see regarding support. Im hoping!

      • I read in a forum that one guy extracted the iGPU drivers from the iMac 2017 10.12.5 update for his Kabylake machine an the driver worked natively. It appears as “Intel HD Graphics KBL CRB” in the “About this Mac” window. He is using an i5-7500 (HD 630) so I still have to figure out if HD 610 (Pentium 4560) will work, too. Referring to the name “Intel HD Graphics KBL CRB” the driver seems to be a generic driver for all Kabylake Graphics – so I have some hope.

    • “Also if you did not hear none of Gigabytes boards will support Thunderbolt due to political issues with Intel changing the spec for x299 almost every week.”

      Ditto as to what Martin said – ASUS appears to have had no problem supporting Thunderbolt, and I suspect that the next generation of Gigabyte boards will have Thunderbolt integrated again.

      “However, besides connecting some low latency audio interfaces I do not see any use for it anymore”

      Seeing as how Thunderbolt 3 is now a staple on Macs, and for the foreseeable future, ignoring the support would be unwise – particularly if intel will be including Thunderbolt support at the CPU-level.

      The same would be said for NVMe support – particularly since it’s pretty obvious that Apple’s new SSDs are NVMe, with different pinouts.

      • Asus is just willing to deal with Intel’s BS regarding Thunderbolt. Since Intel mandates that all Thunderbolt devices must be approved by them it always will be DOA since OEMs don’t want Intel dictating how to make there product work at the cost of the end user. Intel may change the x299 spec before shipping btw… Should just be delayed at this point.

        As for NVMe we shale see if they hardcode there drivers for firmware check or device/HWID which I hope it is the latter.

  2. I am trying to install the 10.13 beta on my Rampage IV Extreme – i7 3930k – AMD 7970. But I always get stuck in the same place.
    I know you do not support betas, but if you happen to know how to get out of here, please tell me, I wanted to test the system.

  3. Looking forward to 10.13 under the hood upgrades. NVME and TB3 GPU looks promising. That said i definitely disagree about thunderbolt (still, we have had this discussion a number of times :P)- Gigabyte WILL have X299 and future boards with thunderbolt, I have been able to definitively confirm that. They are just releasing them slower, as usual, due to the ongoing backlog of the approval process. They will also continue to offer the add-on card option. Apple is steadfastly committed to TB3 and it will still be the primary interface for real macs. Finally, It has come too late but intel is opening up thunderbolt to third parties. I don’t know what this means to the approval process but it might be safe to assume that thunderbolt will become cheaper and more available with much less of an approval process in the next generation. Intel has also re-iterated its intention to put thunderbolt on-die in the future, though we have heard this before.

    • Been 8 years. Less then 500 devices and I’m being kind. DOA.

      What Intel is trying to do is what they should have did 8 years ago. Also it will never be in the Chipset. LAN and Wifi would be added well before. It’s a complex solution to a simple task and in the end managed to mess it up.

  4. I have the same panic with your files 🙂
    It doesn’t matter.

  5. Hello,

    Happy 2018. I am curious if there will be any official word on 10.13 . I’ve been putting off updating until I see a procedure or something here. Thank you for your time!

  6. I have the same question. I, too, have put off updating apart from help here.


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