This weekend I will conclude the move from the old Blog to here. That said the guides currently being reworked will be completed. The updated iMessages and iCloud guide is being worked on and will be out before Christmas. Also a Mac OS X migration guide from older versions of OS X to Mac OS X 10.10 will also be released.

So what I am looking for are suggestions on what guides you wish to see here on the new site. I have set aside several days after Christmas to work on your suggestions so please provide suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Andrew!

    I’ve been poking around the web but so far haven’t found out how to “rollback” to enable TRIM under Yosemite.

    I’d love to see a guide about how to do this!

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Andrew!
    I think that it will be very great if you provide us with overclocking guide (especially for x79 platform 🙂 ). I was seeking web but I’ve not found straight answer how should I configure my bios to get save and efficient rig.


  3. First, congrats on the new site. It looks more professional, and the design is more appealing. As for the guides, I would like to offer suggestions for some improvements and some requests for new ones.

    1. Several of the existing guides need better instructions. Although the steps may seem obvious to you, me, or other experienced users, many of the questions you get come from people who miss something along the way. If the point is to welcome new visitors and grow the community, making the guides more noob-friendly will help. That doesn’t mean idiot-level, like having screen captures how to format a USB drive, which is a waste of space imho. Think of it as commenting your code, adding comments to explain why you do something which may not be immediately necessary but could save a few a little pain and suffering further into the process after a few beers (shots of JD). One example is the whole MyHack issue that I had early on – when to use it, and more importantly – when not to, for ML.

    2. It would be very helpful to add a short explanation at the beginning of every guide that describes the possible use case(s). A lot of comments and questions arise when users try out your various guides, often while attempting a new install, because there was nothing in either the OSX basic guide, the DMG, or the guide itself which explained when and why to use – or not to use – it. So, if a new user uses one of the graphics guides after installing OS X because it won’t boot, perhaps because they read something somewhere else or they saw a cryptic message in the on-screen verbose log that was scrolling by, they could bork up the install trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. You get a lot of questions like that. Your typical answer is to ‘follow the install guide exactly and do nothing else,’ which ALSO should be added to the beginning of the Instal Mac OS X guides. Again, what seems obvious to you and me, may not be so to a new visitor, especially one from a different country or culture who speaks English as a second language (like New Zealand : ).

    3. Add a troubleshooting section to existing guides,similar to the early MyHack versions, except the focus is more likely to be on what the user did wrong or what not to do to fix it (like: “give up and buy a Mac”). Maybe if guide should have a DOs and DON’Ts section that could save headaches later on. Some fixes could be as simple as: if you see do not see the login prompt at the main screen after booting into OS X for the first time, try booting with the flag “noob=TRUE”, etc. I know you have done this where appropriate, but you should also add a comment like “DO NOT USE ANY OTHER BOOT FLAGS” for those who like to experiment without supervision in the DON’Ts section.

    OK, I’m on a roll, so let me add a couple suggestions for new guides:

    a. a guide for the top 1-2 (high-end) NUC or Brix computers (not the cheapo celerons). I know you would need to decide whether to support them in the first place, but the ultra-compact form factor really lacks a champion in hackintosh land. There are some ugly hacks out there, and you could certainly raise the bar if you have time. Right now the Brix isn’t a good value proposition, has major heat issues, and is noisy whenever it does anything serious, but I bet it’s a form factor that is here to stay and will improve in time. Frankly, the new Mac Mini sucks, so there is a suppressed need for this in Hackintosh land. mATX or mITX solutions are OK (some you support), but except for the M350, most ITX hacks turn out hued (like the Bitfenix builds).

    b. VMs. Up to this point you have not supported it, although a few have posted about their experiences on Insanely Mac. There are two aspects to this: 1) Mac VMs running on hackintoshes using Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox; and 2) bare-metal Mac VMs running on a hypervisor. Why do this? First, many users might want a beast machine with multiple operating systems and users. Why build two hacks – one for you and one for the spouse – if you have 6 or more cores? Maybe you want to pass through storage that can be shared to multiple guest OSs, or virtualise your hackintosh for other good reasons (experimentation, portability, security, etc.).

    OK, enough for now. Ciao.

    • hued = huge

      Also, it would be nice to have the capability to edit posts within the first 15 minutes on the new site.

    • Everything you listed are things we are working on. The updated install Guide was the first Guide we improved on. Right now we are at Stage 1 of the new site with 2 more planned.

      As for NUC I would add support per Socket Type IE LGA1150 which would be on the Haswell DMG.

      As for VM I will not support VM at this time.

      Also if you are willing to write any guides you can submit them to me for publications. We will edit it to fit the structure of the site and give the proper accreditation as always.

      • Hi Andrew. This may not be a guide on its own, but a simple question. for someone whos got all the hardware ready. Whats the best way to install windows 8.1 dual boot with osx 10.10. install windows 8.1 first or OSX first?

    • Good to hear re: NUCs; also looking forward to the upgrades.

      As for submitting a guide, well, as Harry Callahan famously said: “A man’s GOT to know his limitations.”

  4. Andrew, It would be nice for a change to be able to enable sound on a Hackintosh without guessing which method might enable it.
    I am sure that many of us would like more information about keeping sound alive after a version upgrade.

    • DMG has that documentation as well as the Audio Patch. I would prefer that people read the documentation that comes with the audio patch. But if no one wants to do so I could make a guide.

  5. Andrew,

    That is fine. Just wanted to make sure we can all have audio.
    By the way, I now have a new build started. Z97X-UD7
    Will be interested in your new web site and the X97 mods.

  6. Hi Andrew

    I have a 290X on my shelf for some time now as I’m still waiting for a guide that shows how to make it work under Yosemite. I’ve also read some reports about Dual Screen nor working as expected.

    Someone on the Insanelymac forum told me that you are looking into it. When can we expect a guide related to this?


  7. Hi Andrew,

    I followed your X79 guide before and it work for the most part and I thank you for that. The only thing that didn’t work is I must boot the system with the installer USB. We discussed this before and you said it could be a BIOS setting issue. Anyways, I am looking into moving over to the X99 platform. It would be great if you can have guides that shows how to properly setup the BIOS for the MBs that you provide support.

    Congratulations on the new website and look forward to your good work and deeds.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Andrew..!

    Just to say thanks and merry Christmas to you from Colombia !!!

  9. How about the use of an Apple Fusion drive?
    I would like to know “how” to build a fusion drive from common drive parts. Is it does what I think it does, that should insure a quicker boot process.
    Am I thinking correctly?

  10. hi Andrew, et all,

    would love to see some more discussions on How to Build”, “Component Recommendations”, “Recommendations on Cases, Displays etc”, “Recommendations on Software/Apps”, “Gaming on Mac” – also sharing of use cases and how to fine tune (i.e. performance, Bios-Settings)
    best, jens

    • Nothing to Change in the BIOS unless you want to OC and that should really be done CPU by CPU and not generic Settings.

      We have Windows for Gaming. lol.

      The rest would be fine.


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