1151 DMG Released

About:   Today we are releasing a LGA 1151 DMG that fully supports Skylake and Kaby Lake Processors. Additionally we will be updating the Installation DMG to reflect this change in support. For the time being we have only generic SSDT’s on the DMG but wish to work with users in adding custom SSDT’s for all […]

April: Q & A SESSION

About:   We are working on Updating all the pages on the site. The new Read Me is the quality that we are aiming for however we would like to arrange a group of people who would be willing to meet on Skype twice a week so we can make changes and corrections in real time. […]

Z270 System Ordered

About:   The Z270 System has been ordered. After reviewing if the original board I had listed supported Thunderbolt I discovered that there was no Thunderbolt Header. Thus I changed my selection to the following: Total cost will be around $650-$700 if the cost of the existing hardware I will be using is included. Once […]

Personal Update

About:    Over the past 6 months my life has been very busy with Work and Family issues. As some may not know and or care I work full time and normally over 60 hours a week. I also travel for a living and have already flown over 40 flights for the year, 127 last year. Additionally […]

New DMG Read Me

About:   Today we are releasing a new unified DMG Read Me. The Read Me shows in detail how to apply the DMG to the said system. The new Read Me can be downloaded here. Please provide feedback and any corrections that should be made.

December: Q & A SESSION

About:   The past few months have been very busy for myself and have fallen behind on a few things here on the site. This is not my full time job nor do I put this before my job and personal life so please keep this in mind as that would be appreciated. If there […]

September: Q & A SESSION

About:   Mac OS X 10.12 is almost upon us. We will be setting aside 2 date and times to have a group session so we can work on any open issues that people may be experiencing under Mac OS X 10.12 GM. You must install GM on your own as we will only be […]

Dual CPU DMG Release

About:   Today we are releasing the Dual CPU DMG. I wish to thank all of who donated towards this project. For those wonder which generation this DMG supports that would be C602, C604 and C606 Chipsets. This does not support the latest Gen from Intel for the time being. So what should you know […]


About: If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see. I have been very busy with my current day job and have had to neglect responding to E-mails and Comments alike. I will be […]