New Guide Suggestions Needed

This weekend I will conclude the move from the old Blog to here. That said the guides currently being reworked will be completed. The updated iMessages and iCloud guide is being worked on and will be out before Christmas. Also a Mac OS X migration guide from older versions of OS X to Mac OS […]

December: Q & A Session

Please ask questions about issues that you may be having. List Motherboard, CPU and Graphics Card models if you have a technical question. Comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see as many guides have recently changed. I have currently been looking into developing support for PCIe based sounds cards. Please […]


Welcome to the new RampageDev. This endeavor has been under way for several months. Several of the Guides have been re-written and unified to improve clarity and functionality. Some of the guides are still being worked on. Please provided feedback about the new site and if a mistake is found please inform us so we can […]