The following is a outline of are proposed Road Map for the next few months.

We are still looking for two volunteers to head a dedicated Audio Page as well as manage the Networking pages. Until then we can not promise any work to be done on these pages. You don’t need to have large amounts of knowledge to start. Just a
Good head and know how to do research and document your findings.

Now let me explain how busy I have been with my day job and my personal life. I have been in 11 states in 6 days. Enough said. We are going to do rapidly attack open items that may not be talked about in are Road Map.

September 4th:

Complete NVidia and AMD documentation.
AMD fan fix and 300 series information.
NVidia retail driver links updated.
First 1151 Socket DMG. Will be a standalone DMG. Please notify us if you have a new system with this socket.

September 11th:

Release Mac OS X 10.11 testing files.
Add versions for DMGs to there respective pages. Notice that SSDT version changes may NOT be reflected in this value. Only global changes will be reflected in this value.
Complete updated information for the installation guide. The introduction will be changed that will make very clear to the reader that they must read the guide in full. We will come up with a standard answer (I.E. a joke) I we can tell they have not.

September 16th:

Rules page will be added and the Guide page will be updated to properly reflect the side menu changes that had been made over the past few months.
Rules page will reflect are stance on a few things that have come up as of late.

September 18th – 21st:

Vacation for us. Visiting some old friends.

October 2nd:

Take initial feedback for issues under Mac OS X 10.11 and address them as needed.

October 16th:

Release updated DMGs for Mac OS X 10.11 in preparation of Apples formal release.

November 6th:

Work on issues with Mac OS X 10.11. As we all know fixes take time and we can try to make quick fixes. If a global issue in the SSDT’s are found this takes a large amount of time due to the large amount of boards that we support.

November 25th – 30th:

Vacation for us. Even developers need some long breaks.

If we have overlooked something that is important that a date should be given for completion please let us know below.

Rampage Dev Team

11 Comments on "Road Map"

  1. 11 states!!! Nice “Jet Lag”…
    The road appear very interesting. This site is amaze.
    You were talking about a patch for R9 290x, I don’t know if this patch could be add to Amd Guide.

  2. I think it would be a good idea to write a general introduction to hackintoshing and the different parts in the DMG’s and how they work.
    Explaining what the SSDT does and what it relates to.
    How OSX interfaces with the hardware, and just the generalities that would give us, the users, a mind map for problem solving and asking more precise and less stupid questions:)
    I would be happy to help in any way I can. I couldn’t write it but I could help “dumbing it down” I would probably excell at that 🙂

  3. Hi RampageDev team:

    Could you please consider posting the checksum for all DMGs on the Downloads page?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. I saw the “AMD fan fix …” is the Nvidia fan fix coming soon too?

  5. Will you post an update once the AMD fan fix (and other stuff) is up? Very interested in that.

  6. Good stuff, thanks. I have a working X99 system here — is there anything I can do to help?


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