As many of you know I had taken the past 2 weeks off as a long needed mental brake. My day job time requirements have greatly grown over the past few months which has caused a conflict in regards to how much time that I can spend working on Development, Support, Documentation and E-Mails. In short I can use additional help with the Site which would require 5-10 hours a week. If you are seriously interested in helping please contact us. I want to make this very clear, this is not my full time job nor am I here to get rich. I do this as a hobby that I truly enjoy so please do not be hateful when I do not get back to you in a timely manner. Don’t take the fun out of this as many users have for many developers who are no longer working in the Mackintosh Community.

That said the following is the Road Map:


Release Dual CPU DMG. This will included SSDT-1 for 3 Different CPUS. If your CPUS are not on the DMG we will have to work with you in creating one. This is very difficult as each CPU combination has required different edits.

I am willing to add more Motherboards to the DMG but the only way I will add support is if I have the motherboard in hand to work on. Otherwise working on solutions takes to much time.


Release of the Skylake DMG. This have been put into development hell due to the lack of time that I have had over the past few month.


First of a pre-posed online meeting via Skype. This will be held at 7:00 PM EST and last for one hour. With the first meeting we would like to go over pages on the site that you or someone you know needs information clarified. We plan on doing this every Tuesday and once a month on the weekends at time yet to be determined.


Release updated DMG’s for Mac OS X 10.12 support. At this time there is not much to be done other then some minor updates. There will be a online meeting dedicated to Mac OS X 10.12 at some point during August.


3 Comments on "Road Map"

  1. I’m very greatful for all the work that you do here anyways. I’m very interested in that dual cpu build, to see what your final edits achieve.

  2. Indeed, your work is very much appreciated! Any schedule update on the Skylake DMG?

  3. Just curious if 10.11.6 will be supported?

    Thanks for everything you do!


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