Mac OS X 10.12 is almost upon us. We will be setting aside 2 date and times to have a group session so we can work on any open issues that people may be experiencing under Mac OS X 10.12 GM. You must install GM on your own as we will only be addressing OS level issues and not installation issue during these sessions. Later this week we will be posting the selected dates and time.

Duel CPU DMG will also be updated as some items need to be corrected and clarified. Please let us know if you have a Dual CPU system that you are looking to build or convert into a Hack before you begin to make sure it will work as desired. We hate to see people waste money and time!

If there is anything that you would like to ask feel free to post it here. Please comment on what guides need clarification or guides that you wish to see.

19 Comments on "September: Q & A SESSION"

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Is the anticipated install process the same and using the same files (config and SSDT) as for 10.11? Thanks. JT

  2. Is the Skylake DMG ever going to be released?

    • Working on handing it off to a single person to work on it full time as I do not have the time to dedicate to the DMG at this time.

      I do not wish to release something that does not meet are standards and peoples expectations because it causes more frustrations on both sides.

  3. any updates on the sound card front?

  4. hi there, i am building two builds – an x79 with a 4930k off ebay and a gigabyte board from amazon, and an x99 build with 6800k and and asus x99-a/usb 3.1

    my question is, do x99 builds still suffer from memory map (memap) issues? its my understanding this bug prevented more than 2 pci-e cards from being installed. although i notice many people are building x99 workstations, i wonder how much more stable they have become.

  5. Do we have an updated macOS Sierra installation guides, config.plist and ssdt? Your Yosemite guide for the Haswell worked successfully with my Yosemite and El Capitan builds but I am not able to use it with Sierra.
    I cannot reach installer. PC restarts at Apple logo and 50% progress bar.

    I hope you will release an updated Haswell.dmg for Sierra.

    My specs:
    Asus h97i-plus
    Intel HD4600
    8gb Corsair RAM
    120gb Kingston SSD

  6. Andrew–Was your SSDT-fix approach for the USB 3.0 issues in El Capitan completed? Some time back I sent in an IOReg from both Yosemite and El Cap installs (on an ASUS Z97-AR) at your request. Did not hear back, but assumed you were swamped with work responsibilities.

  7. i have os x sierra running on my lenovo thinkstation d30 4354 with dual xeon e5-2609 v2 and a quadro k600, 64gb memory and a samsung 850 evo msata, it seems to run ok but i can’t seem to get everything on the chipset recognized, i can give whatever info needed, I’m currently set as a macpro6,1 in my smbios using the newest clover rev from clover builder, i have a ssdt generated from the ssdtprgen script, i am not getting much luck enabling -xcpm and it seems as though a lot of my cpu features are disabled along with my pci features.

    • Your SSDT for powermanagment won’t work. Will need to be edited by hand.

      Also your motherboard will need its own SSDT.

      Email us.

      • Ok, where do I email you? Also, what do you need from me? I can send a copy of my EFI folder with the acpi/orig folder filled, do you need anything else?


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