The Road Map will be published on Saturday morning. My day job has been very busy as well as my co-dev’s day jobs. This has put us about 3 weeks behind at this time. Next week I will be working with those who have emailed me and try to close some open ended issues and items that need to be addressed. I ask for you to please remember that we do this as a hobby and not a full time job and from time to time we get behind due to that fact.

I would also like to thank everyone who have given ideas and suggestions on what updates and documentation that should be included in the documentation. AMD 300 Series GPUS will be a big part of the update to come including patches and how to boot with such cards.



Rampage Dev Team

4 Comments on "Update"

  1. Rampage if you can, review the tutorial Fusion Drive at El Capitan.
    I am using here, just as in the tutorials, but I wonder if something has changed in the El Capitan.
    I can’t install Clover so that it automatically update the hidden folder EFI. He’s always playing the new facility in Macintosh HD, not in the hidden EFI (even mounting the EFI partition, before updating the Clover), so I have to copy it from the Macintosh HD to the hidden EFI, taking care not to overlap the functional files.

    I do not know why this is happening, I tried to find a solution, but has not yet succeeded.

    If nothing has changed, no need to mess in the tutorial, is easy to understand.

    • Seriously thank you guys for all that you do!!

      Still got the fingers crossed for nvidia fan speed fix!

    • Please READ and FOLLOW are fusion guide that we have on are site about fusion. Nothing has changed. I am running fusion under 10.11. No issues with install.

      You cant simply install Clover to the Fusion drive as you seem to keep trying to do. Follow the guide as instructed and it will become very clear how to install Clover.

  2. guys, any news?


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