Today, Rampage Dev would like to announce the up and coming release of the Rampage Dev YouTube Channel. At the end of January we will be releasing the first of several Video Series. The Video Series will provide step-by-step instructions that will assist users in completing various guides. These videos will follow the steps already outlined in the guides on Rampage Dev and will allow the user to follow along as the steps are performed.

We hope that the video series will make it easier for some users to follow along in order to achieve successful installations of Mac OS to allow for the full functionality of the System Hardware being used.

That said we need your help as we have purchase all of the equipment ahead of this announcement. We have purchased two Capture Cards along with various Cables and Switcher to allow us to capture all the required footage for the Videos.

We are hoping to raise a total of $500 to help offset the cost of the equipment. Donations can be made here and we thank you in advance for your donations.


Rampage Dev Team

Funds Raised:


3 Comments on "Video Guides Announcement"

  1. Good idea, always I will support this great site. Happy new year¡¡¡

  2. Great news man! Would like to see guides on DSDT Patching!


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