Today I have updated the x99 DMG Kexts to improve functionality. Thank you goes out to Jens Walter for his discovery to fix the onboard LAN from disconnecting. Also added is the Asus Onboard Bluetooth Fix and updated 3rd party USB 3.0 Kexts for those board who need the driver.

This week I will be addressing the issue with the second LAN port not working on Dual Intel LAN ports.

Please report if you are having current issues with USB as I can address this is the SSDT but I need to know about it as the boards I have been able to test do not have this issue but I have not tested every LGA 2011-3 Motherboard.


Dual LAN is now working with the updated Kexts.


7 Comments on "x99 DMG Kexts Updated"

  1. Hi Andrew. Great work. any tip on how to go about dual boot installing osx and windows 8,1? my x99 hardware is almost ready to install. x99-deluxe… 2 ssds etc

  2. Hey, thanks for this dmg. Everything works fine except audio :/ I have gigabyte GA-X99 ud4 audio is alc 1150 any thoughts?

    • See my post on Insanely Mac with the supplied AppleHDA I have there.

      • Thanks for that! now I have working sound. I was trying different apple hda but this worked.

        I have problem with kernel cache. I get “error loading kernel cache (0x9)”
        i’m using latest clover. My mb is gigabyte ga-x99 ud4 with intel 5930k.
        When I hit spacebar and choose boot osx without chaches, it boots normally and works great. So I changed the clover config to include UseKernelCache=No, but this doesn’t help. I tried to find answers on various sites but I have not found solution.

        here is video, 3 x boot, first 2 are succesful but third just hangs (also notice clover theme has changed)

  3. I didn’t, maybe its the problem with bios. Or some kind of clover bug.


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