Please report errors with x99 systems here. The posts must follow the following guide lines or they will not be approved:

1. Motherboard
2. CPU
3. GPU
4. SSD or HDD
5. IOREG Link
6. Exact Issue. Please list just the issue.

Going to address issues this weekend. Thank you.

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  1. ASUS X99 Deluxe
    Intel 5960x
    2 x ASUS NVidia GTX780
    IOREG sent via skype and mail
    1.) Ejecting CD Drive at PCI Config Begin
    2.) Error Reading PCI Info at About this Mac
    3.) Loss of LAN Port working after 2h or so – regardless amount of data transferred (followed the fix on insanley mac and put the intel1000e.kext into IOConfig plist and corrected the argument in the plist of intel1000e.kext)
    4.) Crackling Video / streams on video windows

    thank you

    • 1. CD Drive as always is a Firmware issue with the onboard SATA. Issue has been around since the beginning of Hacks.
      2. Send me a IOREG as that is a SSDT edit conflict.
      3. Driver issue. Report to Dev. Thanks
      4. I have the same GPU on my x99 test bench can you tell me more.


  2. 1. Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme
    2. CPU: Core i7 5930K
    3. GPU: nVidia GTX980
    4. SSD or HDD: SSD 1 Tera Samsung
    5. IOREG Link:
    6. Exact Issue. Please list just the issue:
    Loss of LAN Port working
    Unable to boot using clover, successful boot with Chameleon, OC 4,3GHZ.
    Bluetooch not work, Version 10,10,1

  3. José – if you are using Cham – pls check if in EXTRA the AppleGB.kext is present and loaded – if so, pls remove from EXTRA ans S/L/E.
    Also, pls check the version of AppleIntelE1000.Kext you are using. June 2014 works.
    BT – either you use the SSDT (works fine with onboard BT – or you switch to external BELKIN (Broadcom) Dongle. This works oob.

    best, jens

  4. Just install it on BTfirmware, and restart, stop initiated by Clover, I have to use Chameleon.

    • You don’t understand Clover so please don’t state that you need to use Cham.

      You failed to enable injection of your GPU in the Clover menu thus not allowing your system to boot. If you enable injection for your said GPU then you will not have any issues. I will not support Cham as it will create issues for users including yourself. Please follow the install and post install instructions in regards to x99 found here on Rampage Dev.

  5. Nick Smith
    December 28, 2014 at 2:10 pm
    Do Not,
    I was answering the suggestion Nick Smith, the Bluetooch to work through BTfirmware:

    “José, you must run the bluetooth fix, the file is in the x99 DMG, files -> tools -> Community Drivers and Patches -> Asus Bluetooth fix.
    Install the BTFirmwareUpload kext file, restart and check bluetooth again.
    Thank you.”

  6. José, I di use the X99deluxe having everything working perfect. So on BT: have you followed the read me on the x99.dmg? In clover to put first time any kext you need at the right place on the efi. Also have you installed all the kexts at s/l/e using i.e. kexthelper? Has the btfix been loaded? (open Terminal and enter kextstat, check the list for any kext, you have put into s/l/e, esp.the asusbtfix.kext. Is it there?) if not, pls re-install.
    On lan. What kext you have installed? Intele1000e.kext? Is it there? (use kextstat) also, pls check the MTU size and if there are conflicting IP Adresse. Use DHCP renew in preference/network. Does that change anything? Does WLAN work? So in clover, where the machine stops?


    Here are the Kexts I´m using. The IntelE1000e.kext is edited for the LAN controller on the ASUS X99.
    Let me know if it works


  8. Lan works, not the kexts of DMG, which is version 2.1.4, if not one to edit, starting from version 3.1.0.
    SSDT is installed on EFI / CLOVER / ACPI / PATCHED


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