All x99 DMG issues must be reported via Email. The Email address that the issues must be reported to is: Akern@RampageDev.com. This will prevent confusion which seems to be taking place in regards to issue/non-issues regarding x99. Please list full systems specs or you will not receive a response.

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  1. Hi Andrew, i detailed a long descriptive post explaining my problems in the guide updates post but seems u have dissallowed it :/.

    Anyway, i have now again hit the same aptiofx mem map driver issue. I had the OSX install working for about a week, i had installed using clover LEGACY this time. but it seems maybe after an nvidia driver update, this install too has now stopped working…. please could you help solve this. as i have posted many times, and u have tried to assist but i am running into the same problem as others.

    My Hardware :
    Asus X99 – Deluxe
    Nvidia GE force GTX 970 EVGA
    2 SSDS, SAMSUNG 840 and 850 pro (one for windows one for osx)
    Intel i7 5820K
    Corsair vengence 16gb ram 4 slots.
    1 blu ray LG DVD writer connected also via the sata ports.

    I followed your install directions to the tee. recently tried the legacy clover install, all was fine , and now back to same problem, and seems like ths was after nvidia driver updated.. not sure. But whatever the case, the problem appears after nvidia retail web driver install. that is certain. (ive installed like 15 times.) please could you give me some serious help, im past being the ultra noob whos doing this the first time, maybe at semi noob only ;).

    I remember when i was having the problem at first u had asked me to update my mobo bios. now all that is done and im still running into this.

    I have emailed you from android DOT ember at gmail DOT com.




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